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10th English : The Night The Ghost Got In

10th Standard English Book Unit 2.1 Book Back Answers. Lesson The Night The Ghost Got In Answers

Unit 2.1 > The Night The Ghost Got In


hullabaloo (v)lot of loud noise made by people who are excited.ஆரவாரக் கூச்சல்
patrolman(n)a patrolling police officer.ரோந்து செல்லும் அதிகாரி
attic(n)a space or room inside or partly inside the roof of a buildingமேல் மாடியிலுள்ள ஒரு சிறு அறை, உப்பரிகை
slamming(v)shutting a door or window forcefully and loudly.படாரென்று ஓசையுடன் மூடு
intuitively(adv.)without conscious reasoning, instinctivelyஉடனடியாக ஏற்படும் மன உணர்ச்சி, உள்ளுணர்வு
whammed(v)struck something forcefullyவேகமாக அடித்தல்
bevelled(v)reduced to a slopping edgeசாய்கோணமாக அமைந்த, சரிவாக்கப்பட்ட
rending(v)tearing to piecesபிள, கிழி
 yanked(v)pulled with a jerkதிடீரென இழு,
zither(n)a musical instrument consisting of a flat wooden sound box with numerous strings stretched across it, placed horizontally and played with fingersஇசைத்தட்டம், உலோகத் தந்திகளை உடைய இசைக் கருவி வகை
guinea pig(n)a domesticated tailless South American rodent originally raised for foodகிளி, பன்றி
hysterical(adj.)affected by wildly uncontrolled emotionஇசிப்பு நோய் (அ) மிகை உணர்ச்சிக் கோளாறால் பாதிக்கப்படுகிறது
creaking(v)making a squeaking sound when being movedகீரிச்சென சப்தம் செய்
indignant(adj.)feeling or showing anger or annoyance at what is perceived as unfair treatmentகோபமும் வெறுப்பும் கொண்ட
holster(n)a holder made of leather for carrying handgunகைத்துப்பாக்கி வைக்கும் தோலுறை
rafter(n)a beam forming part of the internal framework of a roofதராய், கைம்மரம்
deserter(n)a person who leaves the armed force without permission.வேலையை விட்டுப் பொறுப்பில்லாமல் ஓடியவர்

A. Answer the following questions in a sentence or two.

1. Why was the narrator sorry to have paid attention to the footsteps?

When the narrator was taking bath at 1 O’Clock he beard some footsteps downstairs. He assummed that it was of his brothers and father and later as bugalars. The narrator was sorry to have paid attention because he was confused at these footsteps sound.

2. Why did Herman and the author slam the doors?

When the two boys heard the sound quickened as if they were coming up the stairs, they felt the sound had headed straight for them. So the boys ran back to their rooms and slammed the doors behind them.

3. What woke up the mother?

The slaming doors wokeup James and Herman’s mother, who came downstairs concerned and confused. She asked them about their behaviour and they told about the sound they had heard.

4. What do you understand by the mother’s act of throwing the shoe?

When she heard the boys answer, she also became afraid and immediately assumed there were burglars in the house. So she grabbed a shoe and tossed it out of the closed window.

5. Why do you think Mrs. Bodwell wanted to sell the house?

Bodwell had been in a bad way and was subjected to mild attacks. When they heard the sound of James’ mother in and afraid tone, Mrs Bodwell decieded to sell the house and go back to Peoria.

6. How did the cops manage to enter the locked house?

The police arrived promptly and they began at the front door. They shot streaks of gleam up from the flashlight and asked them to open the door. Finally, the cops put their shoulders to our big heave fron door with its thick beveled glass and broke in.

7. Why were the policeman prevented from entering grandfather’s room?

The policemen heard the small silence and heard a creaking sound in the attic. The author thought to tell them about and realized that it would be bad if they burst in on grandfather’s room unannounced. So the Policemen were prevented from entering grandfather’s room.

8. Who used the zither and how?

Onw of the cops found Zither which had been won in a pool tournament. The guinea pig would never sleep anywhere except on the Zither.

9. Mention the things that the grandfather imagined.

When the cops entered granfather’s room, he was going through a phase in which he imagined that he was in a war. There were General Meade’s men attack them. He believed the cops had retreated them as deserters

B. Answer the following questions in about 100-150 words.

1. Describe the funny incident that caused the confusion in the house.

James Thurber was a cartoonist, humour writer and a journalist, famous for his work in the 20th Century. The story begins with young James Thurber, who is the narrator, hearing foosteps as he takes a bath. It was around one O’clock in the morning. Everyone was asleep. His brother was in bedroom down the hall, his mother upstairs and his grandfather in the attic.

At first, James thought the footsteps might belong to his father and brother who were supposed to be back late in the evening. It wasn’t his brother’s or father’s. He thought it was the sound of burglars. The two boys waited at the top of the stair. Listening for the sound of the steps. After waiting for a fe moments the boys heard the foot steps and were alarmed. suddenely, they heard a sound running up the staris. They both ran inside the room and found nobody outside.

The Slamming door wokeup James and Herman’s Mothers. She also heard the sound and assumed it to be robbers. For seeking help from the neighbours she threw a shoe at the closet window. Bodwell came to the wind furiously, After some intial confusion, he began to understand that there were no burglars in this own house and that he should call the police for the Thurbers. The Confusion of sound of robbers made a fonfusion around the house

2. Narrate the extensive search operation made by the policemen in the house.

The police arrive promptly and swarm the house, opening cupboards and drawers searching for intruders. James, who still wearing only a towel, is thoroughly questioned by and officed who consider him a suspicious character. His mother tells him to put on his clothes on and teh investigation continues.

“The Police are on hand in a commendably short time: a ford Sedam full of them, two on motorcycles, and a patrol wagon with about eight in and reporters”

The police then come to the room of Jame’s grandfather. At this time james tells the reader that his grandfather has been going throught fits where he believes he is in the war and that General Meade’s men are deserting under fire from Stonewall Jackson. When the police come through the attic door, thhey immediately realize that Jame’s grand father is a part of the family. His grandfather is convinced that the police are deserters and after some yelling, shoots one of them with his gun.

“When I got to the  attic, things were pretty confused. Grand father had evidently jumped to the conclusiong that police were deserets from meade’s army”

Ultimately, the police found no burglars in the house and were confused as to how one of their men was wounded. The family returned to their respective bedrooms. After the incident the policeman found no robbers and returned.


C. Look at the following expressions from the text. With the help of your teacher rewrite them in standard English. One has been done for you.

‘Musta got away – whatt’d he like?Must got away – what was he like?’
Must got away – what was he like?’Look here, Joe.
‘No sign o’ nothing’No sign fo anything
‘Back t’ the lines ye goodaam’Back to the lines of a goodman
‘What was the idee of all them
cops tarryhootin’ round the house last night.’
what was the idea of all the crops trying to shoot in a round the house last night

D. Complete the given tabular column with the suitable plural forms.

  1. chair – chairs
  2. box – boxes
  3. eskimo – eskimos
  4. lady – ladies
  5. radius – radii
  6. formula – formulae
  7. child – children
  8. deer – deer
  9. loaf – loaves
  10. hero – heroes


E. Listen to the story and answer the following.

1. The rich man was from….

  1. Nagaland
  2. Thailand
  3. Finland

Ans : Thailand

2. Where did Chulong catch the bird?

He caught the bird in a bush

3. Why did Chulong catch the bird?

It was beautiful and a rare one

4. What will happen to the bird in imprisonment?

It will lose its beauty and sweet voice.

5. What did the bird suggest Chulong, in  exchange for its freedom?

It would teach three simple and useful rules.

6. Does Chulong want to earn money honestly?

No, he doesn’t want to

7. What were Chulongs plans for the the bird?

With the help of the bird he wanted to make money.

8. Who is wise according to you?

The bird is wised

9. Is the bird a crow?

Yes, the bird was a crow

10. What are the three rules given by the bird?

The first rule is “Never Believe everything other say” The second rule is “Never be sad about something you do not have” The third rule is “Never throw away what you have in your hand”


F. Read the incident again and answer the following questions.

1. What was the writer always asked to do whenever he planned to go abroad?

Whenever the writer planned to go aborad, people asked him to bring back a vaccine for a course.

2. What did Gilson want the writer to bring for him?

Gilson wanted the writer to bring him a tie with a small embroidered G of a any color

3. When did the writer remember the fact that he had to buy something for Mr. Gilson?

When they were to leave on the Tuesday morning and when he saw the airport, he remembered about the tie.

4. Why were the other passengers in the flight gazing at the writer?

The other passengers in the flight gazed at the writer because of his late arrival. The departure had been delayed because of him.

5. What is the humour element in the above incident?

The other passengers in the above incident asked him whether he had found his tie. When he reached for the paper bag to show the ties, he realized that he had left it in the taxi


A. Nagarajan and Dhanalakshmi want to buy a new house. They have come to see a house for sale. Complete the conversation below by adding a, an or the.

Nagarajan : Well, here we are, No.8, Kaveri Street. I think this is the house we saw online. What do you think of the location?

Dhanalakshmi : It is in a nice neighbourhood. And it’s close to the railway station.

Nagarajan : And the bus stop is not too far away.

Dhanalakshmi : How many rooms are there?

Nagarajan : There are three rooms, a kitchen, and a balcony.

Dhanalakshmi : There is a lawn behind the house, right?

Nagarajan : That’s right the lawn is actually quite large. Did you see any photos of the living room, online? What does it look like?

Dhanalakshmi : The living room looks great. It looks bright and airy. It
has a nice view of the hills. But the kitchen looks a little small.

Nagarajan : And, I remember you said there isn’t a storeroom, right?

Dhanalakshmi : No, but there is an attic, where we can a store things.

Nagarajan : I hope this house is a better option.

Dhanalakshmi : Lets wait for the real estate agent. She said, she would be here at three o’clock.

Nagarajan : Look there she is!

B. Few articles are missing in the given passage. Edit the passage given below by adding suitable articles where ever necessary.

My neighbourhood is a very interesting place. My house is located in an apartment building downtown near many stores and offices. There is a small supermarket across the street, where my family likes to go shopping. There is also a post office and a bank near our home. In our neighbourhood there is a small, Green Park where my friends and I like to play on weekends and holidays. There is a small pond near the park and there are many ducks in the park. We always have a great time. In addition, there is an elementary school close to our
home where my little brother studies in third grade. There are so many things to see and do in my neighbourhood. That’s why I like it. It’s really a great place.

C. Fill in the blanks by choosing the most appropriate prepositional phrase from the given options.

1. Everything falls to the ground _______ earth’s gravitational pull.

  1. in addition to
  2. because of
  3. cause of

Ans : because of

2. The trial was conducted ___________ the procedure of law.

  1. in accordance with
  2. due to
  3. despite of

Ans : in accordance with

3. There is a temple right ________ my house.

  1. in back of
  2. apart from
  3. in front of

Ans : in front of

4. As a ________ of his hard work, he achieved the target.

  1. instead of
  2. result of
  3. apart from

Ans : result of

5. Failure is often the __________ negligence.

  1. effect of
  2. consequence of
  3. reason of

Ans : reason of

6. Children are given toys ____________ sweets on Children’s day.

  1. on top of
  2. in addition to
  3. due to

Ans : in addition to

7. The parents must be informed ___________ any indiscipline conduct of their wards.

  1. because of
  2. in case of
  3. in spite of

Ans : in case of

8. He didn’t turn up ____________ his busy schedule.

  1. consequence of
  2. due to
  3. except for

Ans : due to

9. Global warming is ______________ the green house emission.

  1. an effect of
  2. in spite of
  3. in addition to

Ans : an effect of

10. ______________ several warnings, he continued to swim.

  1. due to
  2. in spite of
  3. because of

Ans : in spite of

D. Edit the following passage by replacing the underlined incorrect words with correct prepositional phrases.

1. Janu is studying in class X. In the event of the teachers

  • According to the teacher’s report, Janu is studying in class X.

2. she is a disciplined student. In addition to her poverty, she

  • Inspite fo her proverty, she is a disciplined student.

3. is always neat. Many students like her in case of

  • Many students like her because of her neatness

4. her simplicity. According to her studies, she also

  • A part from her studies, she also looks simple

5. participates in sports. She gets on with everyone in case of

  • For the sake of participating in sports, she gets on with everyone.

6.age and gender in the school. In opposition to taking leave, she ensures

  • In order to take leave, she ensures with age and gender in the school.

7. that she completes the work given before she goes to school next day.

  • In the event of completing the work given before, she goes to school next day

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