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10th English : The Story of Mulan

10th Standard English Book Unit 3.3 Book Back Answers. Lesson The Story of Mulan Answers

Unit 3.3 > The Story of Mulan


carving (v)an act of cutting a shape or pattern into wood or stone.மரம் அல்லது கல்லின் வடிவமாக செதுக்குதல்
robe (n) a long, loose outer garment reaching the anklesநீண்ட தளதள வென்று இருக்கும் அங்கி
kung fu (n)a chinese method of fighting that involves using your hands and feet and not using weaponsஆயுதமின்றி கை மற்றும் கால்களால் சண்டையிடும் சீன முறை
might (n)great and impressive power or strength, especially of a nation, large organization, or natural forceஒரு நாடு அல்லது பெரிய நிறுவனம் அல்லு இயற்கையின் சக்தியை காட்டும் மிக பலமான ஒன்று
bowed(adj)bending the body forwards from the waist, especially to show respect for someoneமற்றவர்களுக்கு மரியாதை செலுத்த உடலை முன்னோக்கி குனிதல்

A. Choose the best answers.

1. Mulan goes to the battle instead of her father because _________

  1. she wants to be a soldier.
  2. she was asked to join the army.
  3. her father is old.
  4. her brother is sick.

Ans : her father is old.

2. What did Mulan do before leaving the house?

  1. took leave from her mother
  2. cut off her hair
  3. prayed
  4. made a dress for war

Ans : cut off her hair

3. What is the story about?

  1. winning
  2. friendship
  3. women empowerment
  4. patriotism

Ans : patriotism

4. The emperor asked Mulan to stay with him in the palace as his ______

  1. wife.
  2. royal advisor.
  3. army general.
  4. friend.

Ans : royal advisor.

5. The emperor gave Mulan __________

  1. six horses and six swords.
  2. a death sentence.
  3. gold.
  4. six camels

Ans : six horses and six swords.

6. How did people of the village react to Mulan after her return from the battle?

  1. cheered her
  2. mocked her
  3. punished her
  4. scolded her

Ans : cheered her

B. Identify the character or speaker of the following lines.

1. I heard about it in town.

  • Mulan’s Father

2. I am your son now.

  • Mulan

3. The General is a woman?

  • Soldiers

4. Mulan, stay with me in the palace.

  • The Emperor

5. You are too kind sire.

  • Mulan

C. Answer the following questions in a sentence or two.

1. What was the emperor’s order?

The emperor’s order was that one man from each Chinese family to join the army

2. Where did Mulan’s father hear about the emperor’s order?

Mulan’s father heard about the emperor’s when he was in town.

3. Why couldn’t Mulan’s brother go to war?

Her brother was a child, So, Mulan’s brother couldn’t go to war.

4. Why did Mulan disguise herself as a man?

Mulan wanted to go to the war in her father’s place. She would like to do her part for China.. So, she disguised herself as a man.

5. How did the soldiers become sick?

In the army, a very bad fever spread through it. So, the soldiers became sick.

6. How would she be punished if found guilty?

She should die. This would be the punishment if found guilty.

7. Why did the emperor give her fine gifts?

The Emperor was glad that Mulan had ended the long war. So he gave her fine gifts.

8. How did the soldiers come to know about Mulan’s real identity?

The soldiers came to know about mulan’s real identity through the doctor.

D. Answer the following questions in a paragraph.

1. Sketch the character of Mulan.

Mulan is a character that is of a hero to all and superior in degree to other men. She is superior in this aspect due to the fact that she is willing to risk her life for her father and for her strong beliefs. If it was found that Mulan was a woman, the consequence would be death but to Mulan that didn’t matter. It’s the fact that she is willing to protect her father from the dangers of war that makes her a true hero to all. Under her training sessions of the war, she proves that women can do what men can. She is very passionate in protecting her country and her father. Mulan, won the battle for them. Though the Emperor appointed her as a royal adviser, she refused it. Instead, she preferred to go to her family. That shows, how much she was very close to her family

2. Do you agree with Mulan’s decision to go to war? Justify.

Yes, I agree with Mulan’s decision to go to war. When she heard the Emperor’s order, she convinced her father. She was even ready to cut off her long, black hair so that she could enter the army in the place of her father. She was daring. She did something nobody had ever thought that girls could do. She proved that girls could do the same thing that anybody else could do. I admire her! Mulan will always be a girl in Chinese history and that will never be forgotten

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