11th English Public Exam Question Papers with Answer Key March 2024

Hello students, Here you can find the 11th English Public Exam Question Papers with Answer Key 2024. You can check your answer key with Exam Paper. It would be a useful resource for you and the next exam taker in 2025. While you using these for your preparation then only your English preparation will be complete. Ok, let’s see How to download the 11th English Public Exam Question Paper PDF and read Answekey online.

11th English Public Exam Question Paper with Answer Key 2024 PDF

11th English Question Paper 2024 PDF

From the table below you can download the 11th English Question Paper with Answer Key in PDF format.

Exam DateQuestion Paper DetailsPDF Link
7th March 2024English Original Question Paper 2024Download PDF
7th March 202411th English Answer Key PDFDownload PDF
7th March 202411th English Answer Key PDF (One Mark Only)Download PDF

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11th Standard English Public Exam Answer Key 2024

From the section below you can find the 11th Std Public Exam 2024’s English Answer Key. It contains accurate answers and detailed explanations for every exam question, allowing students to verify their responses and evaluate their performance.

Part – I: Answer all the Questions

Choose the appropriate synonyms of the underlined words in the following sentences.

1. There were content to work in Secludes spheres.

  1. uninformed
  2. isolated
  3. associated
  4. liberated

Answer: isolated

2. We regard a man who does not possess it as eccentric

  1. strange
  2. conventional
  3. persuasive
  4. reasonable

Answer: strange

3. A Career of rectitude sometimes has rewards

  1. wickedness
  2. honesty
  3. immorality
  4. iniquity

Answer: honesty

4. They consoled me and lauded me on the silver win.

  1. appreciated
  2. acclaimed
  3. criticised
  4. witnessed

Answer: criticised

5. I explained to her the close and venerable relationship between the names.

  1. respected
  2. valued
  3. confused
  4. unworthy

Answer: unworthy

6. She said her morning player in a monotonous sing song.

  1. interesting
  2. melodious
  3. loud
  4. unchanging

Answer: interesting

7. Choose the word that can be placed after the word spinning to form a compound words

  1. gate
  2. proof
  3. wheel
  4. piece

Answer: wheel

8. From a derivate by adding a suitable suffix to the root word aarrange.

  1. -ous
  2. -ful
  3. -ness
  4. -ment

Answer: -ment

9. Identify the pattern of the following sentence

Our Team won the overall title

  1. SVOC
  2. SVA
  3. SVC
  4. SVO

Answer: SVC

10. Choose the tetra – syllabic word

  1. advantage
  2. eradicate
  3. distinguished
  4. demonstrate

Answer: SVC

11. Fill in the blank with a suitable preposition

  1. in
  2. for
  3. on
  4. of

Answer: in

12. Choose the correct meaning of the idiom used in the given sentence,

  1. prepared
  2. reassured
  3. frightened
  4. unaffected

Answer: frightened

13. Fill in the blank with the correct tense form.

  1. had seen to
  2. have seen
  3. were seen
  4. saw

Answer: have seen

14. An ambidextrous is one who _________

  1. produce beautiful handwriting
  2. is able to use the left and right hands equally.
  3. speaks and understands many languages
  4. studies how people vote in elections

Answer: is able to use the left and right hands equally.

15. Choose the word that has been wrongly spelt.

  1. venerable
  2. indelible
  3. felecitation
  4. enunciated

Answer: felecitation

16. Choose the appropriate question tag for the following sentence.

Cities are increasingly becoming urbanised _______?

  1. are they
  2. do they
  3. aren’t they
  4. don’t they

Answer: aren’t they

17. Replace the underlined word in the sentence below with a phrasal verb.

The managing director of the company has postponed the meeting for a week.

  1. put up
  2. put off
  3. put out
  4. put down

Answer: put off

18. Choose the expanded form of NCC. 

  1. National Candidate Corps
  2. National Cadet Corps
  3. Native Cadet Corpse
  4. National Cadet Crops

Answer: National Cadet Corps

19. Choose the meaning of the foreign word in the given sentence.

The principal opened the envelope and found a bon voyage card.

  1. Anniversary war
  2. Invitation
  3. Remembrance
  4. Happy Journey

Answer: Invitation

20. Add a suitable prefix to form the opposite of the word audible.

  1. in
  2. un
  3. di
  4. non

Answer: in

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