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Warm Up

A. Work in pairs. Look at the mind map below and add a few other features of democracy you can
think of. Share your answers with the class.

e.g. sharing and caring
Freedom of speech and writing
Right to ownership of property
Enjoying privacy
Freedom to follow any religion
Freedom to follow any political party

B. Given below is a list of items or features you find in a good school. Study the list and classify the items as individual and common.

textbooks – uniform – smart classroom – laboratory – competent teachers – library – mid-day meals – blackboard – stationery – playground – sports equipment-washrooms

textbooks, uniform, competent teachers, stationery, sports equipment.playground, smart classroom, laboratory, library, mid-day meals,blackboard, washrooms.

C. Who provides these common facilities? Tick the appropriate service.

v Parents (ü)
v Educational Institutions (ü)
vThe Department of Education (ü)
v Social Service Organisation (ü)
v Other agencies (ü)

The common facilities you enjoy such as the playground, classroom etc. help you achieve your academic, vocational or any other goal in life. They are the facilities created for students’ welfare by society.

D. Discuss the aspect with your partner and share your views on how students can give back to society. 

The common facilities provided by the society help the students achieve their goal in life. In return they should contribute their part for the welfare of the society. They should educate the people on how they can make use of equal educational and employment opportunities. They should make them aware of their political and economic rights, common law and judicial system.


  • conferred – granted a title degree, benefit or right
  • reiterate – say or do again
  • enunciated – spoke clearly
  • ruggedness – strength / roughness
  • repositories – storehouses
  • emissaries – deputies
  • eschewed – have nothing to do with / abandon
  • autocracy – government by one ruler
  • feudal – having nothing to do with the middle ages
  • confronting – aggressively resisting
  • secluded shares – isolated areas
  • cloistered – restricted / isolated
  • perseverance – continued effort, stead fastness
  • inherent – inborn
  • perils – dangers and risks
  • indebted – obliged to repay
  • tillers – person who produces crops / cultivation
  • toilers – hard workers
  • replenish – refill
  • despondent – depressed, frustrated
  • sermons – speeches on moral subject
  • endowed – gifted
  • crusade – campaign for a good cause
  • inheritors – successors
  • lustre – glow of reflected light

A. Based on your reading of the speech answer the following questions briefly in a sentence or two

1. Who does the speaker claim to represent?

The speaker claims to represent the common man.

2. Why are universities necessary for a society?

Universities are necessary for the society because they are the storehouse of knowledge. They are the developing ground for the representatives of thought, wisdom and service. . Through the Universities many individuals get themselves equipped for the task of bettering society.

3. What was the role of scholars and poets in olden days?

In olden days scholars and poets adorned the chambers of the kings and the big palaces. Their knowledge was meant for the kings and lords, not for the common man.

4. In what ways have universities improved the society?

Universities kindle the hope of the people. They teach the people patience and perseverance. The common man has become a powerful ruler. Universities have made him fit for the task of making democracy fruitful and effective.

5. Universities develop broad mindedness. How does Dr. Radhakrishnan drive home this idea?

Dr. Radhakrishnan says that in universities we can develop the true spirit of democracy. We learn to appreciate others’ view and adjust the differences through discussions.

6. What should be the youngster’s aim in life after their graduation?

The youngsters’ aim should be to obtain a decent living through their education.

7. How can a graduate give back to his/her society?

A graduate should realise that his higher education comes from the revenues collected from the common man. So the graduate should bring meaning to the life of common man. He/she has to bring hope and comfort into the afflicted people.

B. Based on your understanding, answer the following questions in three of four sentences each.

1. ‘Wisdom was meant for the mansion, not for the market place.’ What does the statement signify?

In olden days scholars and poets adorned the chambers of the kings and the big palaces. Their knowledge was meant for the kings and lords not for the common man. The eminent scholars never took interest in dealing with the problems faced by the common man.

2. According to the speaker, how should Universities mould the students of the present day?

According to the speaker, the universities should kindle the hope which demands patience and perseverance. It should instill faith and self-confidence. His confidence should bring out his inherent ability to take up his responsibilities in the society.

3. How does Aringar Anna highlight the duties and responsibilities of graduates to the society?

The education increases the responsibilities of the graduates to society. He has to take up social service to tone up the society. He has to bring hope and solace into the afflicted and depressed people.

4. Students are instilled with some of the essential values and skills by the universities. Enumerate them.

The universities instil in the students the essential values of uplifting the society. The students are made to realise that the development of society is their duty. The skills like being patient, taking up responsibilities, having confidence in themselves are given by the universities.

5. What are the hindrances a graduate faces in his/her way?

The world would darken his/her hope, disturb his/her determination. The graduates may face some practices which are different from what he has learnt. He may find the selfish people succeed and the hard workers suffer. His strong optimism will be discouraged and he will be forced to take ease and comfortable path.

C. Answer the following questions based on your understanding of the speech of Dr. Arigner Annadurai, adding your own ideas in a paragraph of about 100 – 150 words.

1. How do Universities mould students apart from imparting academic education to them?

Dr. C. N. Annadurai gave the convocation address at Annamalai University on November 18, 1967. In this address he enumerates the importance of universities and their part to play in the social development. The students who get graduated from universities receive not only academic education but also information which mould them for their life. They are trimmed and trained to do their prominent role in the society. What is given in universities like philosophy, politics and ethics is meant for him. Apart from this, universities are the storehouse of knowledge and the developing ground of wisdom and service. More and more individuals are getting trained to take up the responsibilities to develop the society in democracy. They are moulded to obtain a decent living. They are made to realise that money is not the only objective of education. They ought to give back to society what they receive from it. Their education is possible from the revenues collected from the common man. So they are moulded to give hope and comfort to the afflicted.

2. The common men contribute to the maintenance of institutions of higher education. Explain this statement.

Dr. C. N. Annadurai gave the convocation address at Annamalai University on November 18, 1967. In this address he enumerates the importance of universities and their part to play in the social development. He says that most of the money needed for maintaining institutions of higher education comes from the revenue collected from the common man. Man pays his tax and the government could run its projects only from the tax it collects from its people. Universities are run by the government in the same way from the tax money of the people. In this way the common men contribute to the maintenance of the institutions of higher education.

3. How does the speaker highlight the importance of giving back to the society?

Dr. C. N. Annadurai gave the convocation address at Annamalai University on November 18, 1967. In this address he enumerates the importance of universities and their part to play in the social development. He says that most of the money needed for maintaining institutions of higher education comes from the revenue collected from common man. Man pays his tax and the government could run its projects only from the tax it collects from its people. Universities are run by the government in the same way from the tax money of the people. So it has become the bounden duty of the graduates to give back to the society what it has given him. He has to refill the coffer which has become empty. He should tone up the society by showing brightness to the dark life of the people. He should bring solace to the afflicted people and hope to the depressed people.

4. You are one of the fresh graduates at the convocation function of the University. You had the rare privilege of listening to the enlightening speech of Dr. Arignar Anna. Write a letter to your friend describing the core ideas of his speech and the impact of the speech on you.

November 20, 1967.

Dear Sindhu,

I hope this letter will find you in good health. I am sure you are preparing for exam well. Two days back we had our convocation day. It was a proud moment for me to receive my Degree Certificate from our Chief Minister. I had the rare privilege of listening to the enlightening speech of our Chief Minster Dr. C.N. Annadurai. In his speech he clearly mentioned in the beginning that he represented only the common man. He explained the necessity of universities in our society. Universities are the storehouse of knowledge and developing ground for service to the society. I really liked one of his points. He said that the institutions of higher educations are maintained by the revenues collected from the common man. We get benefits from the hard work of farmers and labourers. So it is our duty to give back to the society. We should give hope to the afflicted people and solace to the depressed people. It was such a wonderful speech which I will never forget. I wish you all the best for your exam.

Yours lovingly,


A. Based on your understanding of paragraphs 6 and 7, complete the mind map:

B. Words belonging to different semantic field.

Now, read the following statements taken from Arignar Anna’s address:

‘The role of the universities today is not cloistered and confined as in the past.’

The highlighted word ‘universities’ is used in the field of education. Find other words pertaining to the field of education from the speech of Anna.

infrastructure, resources, schools, philosophy, politics, career, graduation, institution, convocation, theories, scholars, poetry.

C. Look at the following words and classify them according to their fields.

clinical, orthopedic, dividend, operations, fertile, Carnatic, diagnostics, industries, keyboard, hacker, desktop, vocal. cultivation, organic, unplugged, disease, harvest, livestock, motherboard, investment, internet, proxy, recycle, bin, orchestra, trade, hip-hop, uprooting, guitar, cure, contracts.


  • carnatic, vocal, unplugged, orchestra, hip-hop, guitar


  • fertile, cultivation, organic, harvest, livestock, uprooting


  • key-board, hacker, desktop, mother-board, internet, recycle bin


  • dividend, industries, investments, trade, contracts


  • clinical, orthopaedic, operations, diagnostics, disease, cure

D. Words with different functions.

Read the following sentence taken from the speech of Dr. Annadurai.

“It has to take into account the commonness but to trim and train, guide and lead him…”

Notice the use of the words trim, train, guide and lead. Some words can be used in different contexts,

so as to bring out their various meanings.

Do you want a trim? (noun)

Do you trim your hair regularly? (verb)

Choose the appropriate words to complete the sentences. The first one is done for you.


1. a. We usually book tickets for movies in advance.
b. Thirukural is my favourite book.

2. a. The frame of the photo is broken.
b. We frame questions on all topics.

3. a. My teachers guide me towards the path of success.
b. The tourist guide explained the historical importance of the site.

4. a. We enacted a humorous play in our school function.
b. The children play in the ground every afternoon.

5. a. My plan worked out very well.
b. We should plan our work well in advance.

6. a. The print is not clear; we cannot read the sentences.
b. We print wedding cards here.

E. A belief, attitude, theory, etc. that is referred to by a word ends with the suffix ‘-ism’. Here is a sentence from the speech of Dr. Annadurai: ‘I admit that the environment is such that even people with robust optimism will be discouraged and forced to take to the path of ease and comfort’. 

The meaning of the word ‘optimism’ is ‘the hopeful feeling that all is going to turn out well’. Match the ‘-ism’ words with the appropriate meanings.

1) e.g. love of country and willingness to sacrifice for itA) patriotism
2) a brutal, barbarous, savage act
B) nationalism
3) the doctrine that your country’s interests are superiorC) egocentrism
4) participating in sports as a hobby rather than for moneyD) feminism
5) belief that the best possible concepts should be pursuedE) criticism
6) a serious examination and judgment of somethingF) amateurism
7) habitual failure to be present at workG) barbarism
8) a doctrine that advocates equal rights forwomenH) idealism
9) concern for your own interests and welfareI) heroism
10) exceptional courage when facing dangerJ) absenteeism
Ans : 1 – A, 2 – G, 3 – B, 4 – F, 5 – H, 6 – E, 7 – J, 8 – D, 9 – C, 10 – I


Listen to the information about Vishalini and complete her profile with suitable words/phrases.

Vishalini, hailing from Tirunelveli in Tamilnadu is 11 years old. She is endowed with an outstanding computer and analytical skills. Her IQ is 225, higher than the previous score of 210. She has been the Keynote speaker in International conferences. At the Google India Summit, she was honoured as the youngest Google speaker. She is the recipient of 5 international awards. This child prodigy is considered a wonder girl.


Prepare a formal five minute speech on topic, ‘The importance of Education’ and deliver it at your School Assembly.

Respected chief guest of this day, our beloved principal, my dear teachers and my dear friends! Good morning to you all! I am Suresh from XI standard. It’s my privilege to stand in front of you to give a talk on the importance of education.

Education is a must for both men and women equally as both together make a healthy and educated society. It is an essential tool for getting bright future. It plays a most important role in the development and progress of the country. Citizens of the country become responsible for the better future and development of the country. Highly educated people become the base of the developed country. So, proper education makes the bright future of both, the individual and the country. It is only educated leaders who build the nation and lead it to the height of success and progress. Education makes people as perfect and noble as possible.

Good education gives many positives to life such as enhancement of the personal advancement, higher social status, sound social health, economical progress, pride to the nation and so on. It motivates us to set goals in life and makes us aware of many social issues. It makes us find solutions to solve problems-personal and public. Now-a-days, education has become very simple and easy because of the implementation of distance learning programmes. Modern education system is fully capable of removing the social problems of illiteracy and inequality among people of different race, religion and caste. Education moulds, shapes and chisels the people’s minds for the common cause and helps in removing all the differences in the society. It enables us to become a good learner and understand every aspect of life. It provides ability to understand all the human rights and carry out social duties and responsibilities towards country. It’s my pleasure to thank you all for patient listening.


A. Answer the following questions.

1. Who according to Gandhi can fight against evil and how?

Only heroes can fight against evils. Gandhi wanted to fight against evil with the help of the good.

2. What is Gandhi’s ideal?

Gandhi’s ideal is both against the cowardliness of hidden revenge and the cowed submissiveness of the terror-stricken.

3. According to Tagore, when will India get the opportunity to win the gift of freedom?

India will get the opportunity to win the gift of freedom when she can prove that she is morally superior to the people who rule her by their right of conquest.

4. How does Tagore acknowledge Gandhi’s noble work?

Tagore acknowledges Gandhi’s noble work by offering a poem on ‘Supreme Courage of Love.’

5. Find words from the passage which means the same as the following.

  1. a malevolent desire for revenge – vengefulness
  2. tactful – diplomatic
  3. despise – disdain

6. Find words from the passage which are antonyms of the following

  1. artificially × naturally
  2. strength × weakness


A. Report the following dialogue. 

Prabhu : What are you doing here, Kiran? I haven’t seen you for a few months.

Kiran : I have just come back from my native town Virudhunagar.

Prabhu : Did you enjoy your vacation?

Kiran : Yes. I love the place. It is a clean and busy town.

Prabhu : Where did you go and what did you see?

Kiran : I went to Courtallam falls in Tenkasi.

Prabhu : Share some pictures of your trip.

Kiran : Sure. See you later.

Prabhu asked Kiran what he was doing there. He added that he had not seen him for a few months. Kiran replied that he had just come from his native town, Virudhunagar. Prabhu asked whether he had enjoyed his vacation. Kiran said that he did and continued that he loved the place. It was a clean and busy town. Prabhu asked him where he had gone and what he had seen. Kiran replied that he had gone to Courtallam falls in Tenkasi. Prabhu asked him to share some pictures of his trip. Kiran assured him about it and bade him good bye.

B. Virat Kohli, the Man of the match and Man of the Series in the one–day International series between India and South Africa February 2018 had this to say during the post match presentation. India won the match by 8 wickets and won the series by 5 – 1, a historic win against South Africa in their home soil. 

Rewrite Kohli’s words in Reported Speech.

Kohli said that it had been a day he had felt good. Last game, he had not been in the right kind of mindset. That was a beautiful place to bat under light. That was the idea behind bowling first. He liked setting up for the short ball. It had been a blessing in disguise, and they had kept bowling short. He thought the pitch had got better to bat on under lights. It had been a roller coaster till then. People who were close to him deserved a lot of credit. Obviously everyone wanted to lead from the front and that was a wonderful feeling. He had got eight or nine years left in his career and he wanted to make the most of every day. It was a blessing that he was healthy and getting to captain his country. They had shown great character – especially the two young spinners. The way the series had gone augured well for them. They were looking forward to the T20s. The tour was not over yet. After losing the Test series he had been talking to them. He was there talking to them after winning the ODI series.

C. Read the given passages and rewrite them in direct speech.

1. The cyclist warned the driver not to move his car till the police arrived. The driver pleaded that it was not his fault; he was ready to pay a hundred rupees to repair the damaged cycle. The cyclist refused the money and insisted that the police be called.

The cyclist said, “Don’t move your car till the police arrive.” The driver said, “Please! It is not my fault; I am ready to pay a hundred rupees to repair the damaged cycle.” The cyclist said, “I will not acceptthe money. Let us call the police.”

2. The striking workers demanded an increase in salary and asked for the withdrawal of all cases. They threatened to continue the strike if the demands were not met. The manager insisted on them calling off the strike and invited them for a discussion. He agreed to listen to their demands.

The striking workers said, “There should be an increase in the salary. Withdraw all the cases. We will continue the strike if the demands are not met.” The manager said, “Call off the strike and come for a discussion. I agree to listen to your demands.”


E – mail 

a) Write an email to your uncle thanking him for the gift he had sent from abroad.

To : [email protected]
cc : [email protected]
Subject : Thanks for the gift
Dear Uncle,

I received the gift you had sent for my birthday. It is a wonderful expensive watch. All friends like it. Thank you for the gift and I am very happy to know that you remember my birthday. Though you are away from us you are always in our minds.



b) Write an email to a charitable trust for a scholarship.

To : [email protected]
cc : [email protected]
Subject : Requisition for a scholarship
Dear Sir,

I am Vanitha from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. I have completed my Std. X from a government school. I have got 489 marks in the board exam. As I am from a poor family I do not have enough money to continue my studies. My father receives only daily wages and the money he gets is just enough to feed all of us. I heard that your trust gives scholarship to the deserving students to pursue higher education. Will you please consider my case and grant me a scholarship to continue my studies.


Formal Letters


1. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the need to wear seat belt while driving.


G. Davidson,
257, 2nd Cross Street, Babur Colony,
Salem – 636 004.
August 28, 2018.


The Editor,
The Daily,
Salem – 636 001


Sub : Need to wear seat belt while driving – reg.

I would like to bring to attention the importance of seat belt while driving. Many drivers do not take this provision seriously though the car company has introduced many signals to use it. People have not understood the importance of the seat belt. The seat belt can save the life of the driver if the car meets with an accident. Now-a-days the hi-end cars come with many balloons to save the life of people inside the car. The balloons will open only when the seat belt is worn. So it is high time that the people took it seriously and wore the belt as we don’t live twice.

Please publish this letter in your letter to the editor column so that it will create awareness among the public.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,

2. Write a letter to the commissioner of the corporation complaining about the sanitary condition of the streets in your locality.


K. Kupusamy,
27, M G R Street,
Madurai – 10.
November 10, 2018


The Commissioner,
Madurai Corporation,
Madurai – 1.

Respected Sir,

Subject: Insanitary condition of the streets – reg.

I am living in ward no 31. We have many big and small streets in the residential areas. Some of the streets still do not have drainage system. Even if they have, the system does not work properly. Most of the time the drainage is full and the dirty water flows on to the streets. People have to walk on this dirty water. The corporation workers come once in a while but they do not clean it well. They say it is blocked in many places and they do not have proper facility to clean them. Moreover the dust bins are not cleared everyday. So people throw the garbage around the dust bin. Accumulated garbage breeds mosquitoes. They may cause dreaded diseases like swine flu, dengue etc. So please take some action to clean our street so that health hazards will be nipped in the bud.

Thank you,

Yours truly,

3. Write a letter to a sports company ordering sports items for the Physical Education Department of your school.



L. Murugan,
Sports Secretary,
St. Anne’s Higher Secondary School,
Nagercoil – 929 003.
December 8, 2018


The Manager,
Indu Sports Store,
Thirunelveli – 1.

Dear Sir,

Sub : Request for sending sports items – reg.

I would like to place the following order for our school Physical Education Department. Kindly send the items by the end of this month. Please ensure that the items are in good condition and are neatly packed.

  1. Cricket bats – medium size 22
  2. Cricket balls – cork 12
  3. Cricket balls – rubber 15
  4. Shuttle cock rackets 8
  5. Ball badminton rackets 10
  6. Shuttle cocks 2 cylinders
  7. Ball badminton balls 10
  8. Foot balls 5
  9. Basket balls 5

Kindly send particulars of your bank account for immediate online payment.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,

4. Write a letter to the Chief Reservation Supervisor of Railways requesting him to grant concession for your educational tour.


R. Ashwin,
GHSS, Tenkasi.
7th July, 2018.


The Chief Reservation Supervisor,
The Southern Railways,
Chennai – 600 001.

Dear Sir,

Sub : Request for concession for education tour – reg.

A team of fifty students of std XI and five teachers of our school are planning to go on an
educational tour to New Delhi in the first week of August 2018. They will return after a three-day visit.

I request you to grant concession for fifty members who wish to travel second class from Tirunelveli to New Delhi. I have enclosed a list of students and teachers with a bonafide certificate duly signed by me for your favour.

Thank you,

Yours truly,

R. Ashwin.

5. Write a letter to the curator of the museum seeking permission for a school visit.


T. Santhosh,
School Pupil Leader,
George Higher Secondary School,
September 20, 2018.


The Curator,
K S Museum,
Chennai – 5.

Dear Sir,

Sub : Request for permission for school visit – reg.

I am the School Pupil Leader of our school. We have proposed to visit your museum on
October 18, 2018. Forty students and four teachers will take part in the visit. I will be thankful to you
if you give permission to us. This visit will give us first hand experience. Please send the permission
letter to the above mentioned address.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,


a) Respond to the following advertisements.

Classified Advertisement

WANTED 100 part-time Graphic Artists
Experienced in Photoshop and InDesign- Salary negotiable.
Apply to: MM Graphics, Triplicane, Chennai – 5 or Mail your Resume to [email protected]

Part-time Graphic Artist

Date : 03.06.2019


P. Saravanan,
87, Gandhi Road,
Annamalai Colony,
November 8, 2018


MM Graphics,
Chennai – 5.

Dear Sir,

Sub : Application for the post of part-time Graphic Artist – reg.
Ref : Your ad in the Hindu dated 1st June 2019.

I have come to understand that you are in need of 100 part-time Graphic Artists for your company. I have taken certification in Photoshop and InDesign. I would like to apply for the post. I have five years experience in this field and even now I am doing the same job. If I am given the job I assure you that I will prove myself as a good employee. I have attached copies of all my certificates. Please consider my application for the post.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Block Advertisement
Female IELTS Teachers Required
Postgraduates in English with a minimum of 3 years experience.
Must be bold and confident
Good salary, transport and food allowance provided.
Apply to: Arv Institute of Languages, 149B, Bose Road, Coimbatore.

Ph: 98400 xxxxx
Email: [email protected]


Female IELTS Teachers

Date : 03.06.2019


Gita Doss,
122, Kavin Road, Hasthampatty,
Salem – 7.
November 28, 2018.


ARV Institute of Languages,
149B, Bose Road,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I saw your advertisement in the newspaper asking for female IELTS teachers and I would like to be considered as a candidate for the post. I have taken 8 bands in IELTS exam and at present I am handling classes for IELTS. TOEFL, and GMAT. I am a postgraduate in English I finished M.A. English in 2010 and I have M.Phil. also. I have more than 3 years’ experience in coaching IELTS students. I have attached copies of all my certificates.

I assure you that if I am appointed, I will do my best.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,


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