12th English Public Exam Question Papers with Answer Key March 2024

Attention all 12th standard students! We have an exciting update for you. The question paper and answer key for the 2024 English Public Exam are now available for download. This important resource includes the official question paper along with a comprehensive answer key that provides detailed solutions to every question in the English paper. Don’t miss out on this invaluable tool for exam preparation!

12th English Public Exam Question Paper 2024 with Answer Key

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You can get the 12th Standard English Public Exam Question Paper PDF easily. The exam was conducted today. The Answer Key for the same exam is available on this page too. Both the Question Paper and Answer Key are provided in PDF format.

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5th March 2024English Original Question Paper 2024Download PDF
5th March 202412th English Answer Key PDFDownload PDF

12th Standard English Public Exam Answer Key 2024

If you are a 12th-standard student who took the Tamil Nadu State Board English Subject Exam Answer Key in 2024, you can now access an answer key prepared by a team of experts. The answer key provides accurate answers and detailed explanations for every question on the exam. Students can use this answer key to check their responses and evaluate their performance.

PART -I Choose the most appropriate Synonyms of the words underlined in the following sentences.

1. When our ridicule overstepped the limits, Amma would pretend to chide us.

  1. scold
  2. tease
  3. thrash
  4. advise

Answer: scold

2. I experienced not only agony and fear but also anger.

  1. hatred
  2. hunger
  3. insecurity
  4. suffering

Answer: Suffering

3. The snow on this face was dangerous, but we persisted in our efforts to beat a trail up it.

  1. rejoiced
  2. focussed
  3. continued
  4. survived

Answer: continued

PART -I: Choose the most appropriate Antonyms of the underlined words in the following sentences.

4. We have a whole kingdom in which we rule alone …… be wise or ridiculous …. conventional or odd.

  1. inhuman
  2. abnormal
  3. unskillful
  4. illogical

Answer: abnormal

5. I opened it the way I had the first and its contents vanished

  1. overflowed
  2. developed
  3. shattered
  4. appeared

Answer: appeared

6. Everything is so difficult now, food is so scarce and dear.

  1. nutritious
  2. expensive
  3. adequate
  4. important

Answer: adequate

7. Choose the word that can be added after ‘good’ to form a compound word.

  1. will
  2. idea
  3. news
  4. deed

Answer: will

8. Choose the right combination of words used to form the blended word ‘staycation’.

  1. stray + education
  2. stray + allocation
  3. stay + location
  4. stay + vacation

Answer: stay + vacation

9. Choose the right expansion of the acronym ‘RAW’.

  1. Results and Analyses Wing
  2. Research and Analysis Wing
  3. Review Action Wing
  4. Resource Application Wing

Answer: Research and Analysis Wing

Fill in the blank with the appropriate word.

10. I do wish that Joel wouldn’t leave ________ of water on the landing!

  1. peals
  2. piles
  3. pails
  4. pales

Answer: pails

11. Replace the underlined word in the given sentence with its unclipped form.
The pleasant music at the party is spreading good vibes among the guests.

  1. vibrations
  2. vibratos
  3. vibriosis
  4. vibraphones

Answer: vibrations

12. Choose the word that has been misspelled.

  1. encouragement
  2. misapparopriate
  3. precautionary
  4. unambiguous

Answer: misapparopriate

13. Choose the right meaning of the idiom in the given sentence.

I did not become Lord Weston by twiddling my thumbs and hoping for favours.

  1. cheating others
  2. facing failures
  3. showing hatred
  4. being idle

Answer: being idle

14. Choose the word that cannot form a derivative with the suffix ‘-ship’.

  1. champion
  2. craftsman
  3. apprentice
  4. container

Answer: container

15. Choose the monosyllabic word from the given options.

  1. trifle
  2. alarm
  3. vague
  4. worthy

Answer: vague

16. The police seized a lorry loaded with smuggled goods. Replace the British English word with its equivalent in American English.

  1. caravan
  2. truck
  3. tanker
  4. wagon

Answer: truck

17. Fill in the blank with the suitable sentence connective. It’s already very late and you can’t leave now. , it is raining heavily.

  1. Moreover
  2. Nevertheless
  3. Consequently
  4. Meanwhile

Answer: Moreover

18. Replace the phrasal verb with the most appropriate single word.
The soft snow made a route …. which sometimes held my weight but often gave way suddenly.

  1. crumbled
  2. expanded
  3. hardened
  4. splashed

Answer: crumbled

19. The task force managed to complete the project on time many challenges. Choose the suitable prepositional phrase to fill in the blank.

  1. in favour of
  2. in lieu of
  3. in honour of
  4. in spite of

Answer: in spite of

20. Identify the right pattern of the following sentence.
We must not throw garbage on the streets.

  1. SVOC
  3. SVOA
  4. SVAA

Answer: SVOA

21. “A film the mother-eagle’s eye
        When her bruised eaglet breathes:”

(a) Explain the comparison made in these lines.

The boy was wounded on seeing him his eyes became soft

(b) Pick out the words in alliteration.

bruised breathes

22. “… while on lower boughs
        His puny offspring leap about and play”

(a) Whose offspring is mentioned here?

African baboon’s / monkey’s offspring

(b) Where is playing?

under the bee

23. “Life is hard; be steel; be a rock.”

(a) How should one face life?

Like a rock / Steel

(b) Identify the figure of speech used here.


24. ”….I mete and dole
      Unequal laws unto a savage race,
      That hoard, and sleep, and feed, and know not me.”

(a) Who is the speaker here?


(b) What does he say about his subject?

Ulysses was a great hero. He longs for adventure and travel to new place and that he wasn’t and idle man.

25. “How can this shameful tale he told?
       I will maintain until my death”

(a) Which aspect of the tale is considered shameful?

the greedy disloyal disloyal warder who received gold as bribe

(b) Mention the figure of speech used here.

Rhetorical Question

26. “Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel
       Seeking the bubble reputation
       Even in the cannon’s mouth.”

(a) What are the distinguishing features of man in this stage?

Fourth state, a man is a soldier, who guard his country. His beard like a pard and aggressive and ambitious.

(b) Explain the phrase ‘bubble reputation.’

short lived glory

PART- II: SECTION – 2 Answer any Three Questions

27. After removing the shoes, the boy jumped into the river.
      (Rewrite as a compound sentence)

The boy removed hi shoes and then jumped into the river

28. My parents do not allow me to eat junk food.
      (Change into passive voice)

Eating junk food is not allowed by my parents to me

29. Mickey Mouse is one of the most popular cartoon characters among children.
      (Rewrite using the comparative degree of adjective)

Mickey mouse 1s more popular among children than other cartoon characters.

30. Change into reported speech.
      Weston : Did you open the door to the gardener ?
      Roger : No, my lord. I spoke through the shutter.

Western asked roger whether he open the door to the gardener

Roger replied that he didn’t. He spoke to through the shutter.

PART- III: SECTION-1 – Explain any two of the following with reference to the context.

31. “His youthful hose, well sav’d, a world too wide
        For his shrunk shank; ….”

32. “What could they offer us for bait?
      Our captain was brave and we were true…”

33. “How dull it is to pause, to make an end,
      To rust unburnished, not to shine in use!”

SECTION-2: Answer any two of the following questions in not more than 30 words each.

34. Why does Orwell prefer a cylindrical teacup to a flat one ?

35. What were the various jobs undertaken by Nicola and Jacopo ? What made them work so hard?

36. How was the chair made and how did the villagers react to it ?

SECTION-3: Answer any three of the following.

37. Create a catchy slogan for each of the following topics.

  1. Blood Donation
  2. Importance of Education
  3. Textile Showroom

38. Write atleast 5 different ways of keeping your eyes healthy and maintaining good eyesight.

  1. Stay Hydrated
  2. Protect your eyes from UV rays
  3. Regular eye checkup
  4. Eat healthy food
  5. Eat vitamin A rich foods

39. Choose the right word from the list and complete the proverbs given below.

(a) Bare words buy no _______.

  1. butter
  2. beauty
  3. barley

Ans : barley

(b) The squeaky wheel gets the ______ .

  1. grease
  2. glue
  3. gelatin

Ans : grease

(c) Keep your friends close, and your_____ loser.

  1. relatives
  2. enemies
  3. neighbours

Ans: enemies

12th Tamil Public Exam Answer Key

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