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12th Standard English Book Unit 1.1 Two Gentlemen of Verona Book Back Answers

Unit 1.1 > Two Gentlemen of Verona

Warm Up

Life is full of ups and downs. It has pleasant surprises as well as rude shocks. Nevertheless, every incident offers a lesson for us to learn and evolve into better individuals.

Mention some unexpected challenges or adversities one could face in life.

Loss of the bread winnerSudden floods
EarthquakeLoss of limbs

What qualities do you think one should possess to handle hardships and overcome them?

Confidence and hard work Hard work and team spirit
Presence of mind and courage Quick to respond with optimism


  • shrug – raise one’s shoulders slightly and momentarily
  • tunic – a loose outer garment without sleeves
  • slackened – reduced
  • demeanour – appearance and behaviour
  • artless – innocent, guileless
  • hawk – sell things crying out loudly, going from place to place
  • deserted – uninhabited, unoccupied
  • emigrate – take up citizenship of another country
  • vexation – annoyance
  • vestibule – lobby
  • chatter – a series of short, quick high-pitched sounds
  • intrude – enter without permission
  • rubble – debris, broken bricks

1. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each based on your understanding of the story.

a) Whom did the narrator meet at the outskirts of Verona?

The narrator met two brothers, Nicola and Jacopo at the outskirts of Verona.

b) Why did the driver not approve of the narrator buying fruits from the boys?

The boys looked very shabby and the driver thought that the fruits might not be neat and clean. So he did not approve of the narrator buying fruits from the boys.

c) The boys did not spend much on clothes and food. Why?

Though the boys earned enough money, they did not spend much money on clothes and food because they had to pay every week for the treatment of their sister.

d) Were the boys saving money to go to the States? How do you know?

The boys did not have any idea of going to the States. They told the narrator they had some other plans for the money they earned.

e) Why did the author avoid going to Lucia’s room?

The author saw the boys talking to their sister in the hospital. He avoided going inside the room because he decided not to interfere in the family get-together.

f) What was Lucia suffering from?

Lucia was ailing from tuberculosis of the spine.

g) What made the boys join the Resistance Movement against the Germans?

The boys lost their father and the house because of the war. When the Germans started ruling them, they hated them. So they joined the Resistance Movement against the Germans.

h) What made the boys work so hard?

Their wish to cure their sister of tuberculosis made them work so hard.

i) Why didn’t the boys disclose their problem to the author?

The boys wanted to keep their family matter with themselves. So they did not disclose their problem to the author.

2. Answer the following questions in three or four sentences each.

a) Describe the appearance of Nicola and Jacopo.

Nicola and Jacopo were brothers. Nicola was 13 and Jacopo seemed to be 12. They looked shabby with a worn jersey and a shortened army tunic. They had brown skin, tangled hair and earnest eyes. The author was strangely attracted towards them.

b) What were the various jobs undertaken by the little boys?

They sold fruit to the tourists. They shined shoes at the public square. They guided the tourists to different tourist centers. They sold newspapers.

c) How did the narrator help the boys on Sunday?

On every Sunday the boys used to travel to a village Poleta, 30 kilometres from their place. They usually hired cycles to go there. Jacopo asked the narrator to take them to Poleta in his car. He readily accepted and took them to Poleta in his car.

d) Who took the author to the cubicle?

When the author and the boys reached a good-looking villa the boys went inside. Out of curiosity the author followed them. He rang the bell and a nurse opened the door. Now he realised that it was a hospital. The nurse took him to the cubicle.

e) Describe the girl with whom the boys were talking to in the cubicle.

The two boys were sitting near a girl of about twenty. She wore a pretty lace jacket. Her eyes were soft and tender. She resembled the two boys. The nurse informed the author that she was Lucia, the sister of those boys and she was being treated for tuberculosis.

f) Recount untold sufferings undergone by the siblings after they were rendered homeless.

They lost their father in the War. They had a comfortable life before the death of their father. Shortly after they lost their house in bombing. So the three children were thrown into the street. They all suffered from near starvation and severe cold. For few months they lived in a make –shift shelter they managed to build. Then the girl was affected by tuberculosis.

g) The narrator did not utter a word and preferred to keep the secret to himself. Why? Substantiate the statement with reference to the story.

The boys did not want to reveal that they were earning to treat their sister suffering from tuberculosis. When the narrator went to Poleta with the boys he came to know about their problem. Once he asked the boys whether they were earning to emigrate to the States, they said they had some other plan. So the narrator understood they wanted to keep it as a secret. He did not want to spoil their dignity and intrude into their private lives.

3. Answer the following in a paragraph of 100–150 words each.

a) What was the driving force that made the boys do various jobs?

Before the war, Nicola, Jacopo and their sister-Lucia had a cultured family. They always led a comfortable and respectable life. Their father was a famous singer. He was killed in the early part of the war. A bomb destroyed their home. So, they were rendered homeless. They lived among rubble for months. They had exposure to the cold winter. The boys grew to hate the Germans. When the resistance movement started, they joined it. Their sister was suffering from tuberculosis of spine. She was admitted at hospital in Poleta. So they decided to earn money to pay for the medical expenses. They did various jobs to meet out these expenses. The blend of young boys’ love towards their sister and their continuous miseries was the driving force that made the boys do various jobs.

b) How was the family affected by the war?

Before the war, Nicola, Jacopo and their sister Lucia had a cultured family. They always led a comfortable and respectable life. Their father was a famous singer. He was killed in the early part of the war. A bomb destroyed their home. So, they were rendered homeless. They lived among rubble for months. They had exposure to the cold winter. They suffered from starvation. The boys grew to hate the Germans. When the resistance movement started, they joined it. Their sister was suffering from tuberculosis of spine. She was admitted at hospital in Poleta.

c) Write a character sketch of Nicola and Jacopo.

Nicola: Nicola was 13 years old. He wore shabby dress. He had brown skins, tangled hair and dark earnest eyes. Nicola’s smile was steady and engaging. There was seriousness in his boyish face .He answered the narrator’s few questions. He took care of his younger brother kindly. He did not disclose his problems to the narrator. He was self-reliant. He disliked troubling others with any plea. He was very affectionate to his sister –Lucia. She was suffering from tuberculosis of spine. He worked hard with his brother to pay her sister’s medical treatment fee. He met his sister every weekend. He was more matured than his brother. Jacopo: Jacopo was 12 years old. He wore shabby dress. He had brown skins, tangled hair and dark earnest eyes. Jacopo was lively as a squirrel. There was seriousness in his boyish face. He was taken care fondly by his brother- Nicola. He requested the narrator to drive them off to Poleta, when he was asked any help.

Both brother’s had more self pride and self respect. They faced more miseries even during childhood. So, they were more matured. The narrator wanted to help them but they refused except going in his car to Poleta. The narrator wanted to know about their plans behind earning money. But they told nothing to him. It may be because they trusted no one or they were self reliant.

d) What message is conveyed through the story “Two Gentlemen of Verona”?

“Two Gentlemen of Verona” is a story of two young brothers. The two brothers were selfless, kind and hard-working. They sacrificed their boyhood joy for their sister. They were the victims of war. The invasion of the Germans devastated their family, killed their father and orphaned the three. Then, they were about to starve and became homeless. They had to look after their ailing sister Lucia. War had strengthened their attitude to life. They were graceful, dignified and smooth in moving with others. They showed sense of integrity and maturity to others. They teach us to be devoted which justifies ‘Fortune always favours the brave’ and ‘Tough times never last but tough people do’. So the message conveyed to us through the story is, ‘love, devotion, sacrifice, sincerity and maturity never last soon but last long’.

e) Justify the title of the story “Two Gentlemen of Verona”.

One who is simple, innocent, loyal, respectful, humane, law-abiding, hard-working, honest, soft spoken etc is a gentleman. In this story, “Two Gentlemen of Verona”, the two orphaned boys Jacopo and Nicola possess the above qualities. They had lived with their father- a widower and with their sister, Lucia. During the German invasion, their home was destroyed by a bomb. Their father was killed in a war. Their sister was suffering from Tuberculosis. So she was hospitalized. They sold wild strawberries, shined shoes, hawked newspapers, conducted tourists round the town and also ran errands for the tourists. Thus they earned money and paid for their ailing sister. They never earned for themselves. Love towards their sister, sacrifice of childhood joy and dedication towards work attracted the author to call the boys ‘Gentlemen’.

f) Adversity brings out the best as well as the worst in people. Elucidate this statement with reference to the story.

In “Two Gentlemen of Verona”, adversity brings out the best as well as the worst in two brothers namely Nicola and Jacopo. Generally, boys during childhood, love playing. The two brothers are not able to think about fun. They are made responsible at young age. They experience more problems. They are not able to eat and dress properly. So adversity has brought out the worst in the brothers. Both the brothers have been lifted to noteworthy level due to adversity. They attract the narrator through their great manners. They are willing to sacrifice their life for their sister. Had they not faced adversity, they would not have been more matured. Because of adversity, they show their affection and hard-working attitude. Adversity initiated them to be more hopeful of betterment in life. They behaved like gentlemen. So the author was happy to call them Gentlemen. Hence, adversity has the power to bring out both the best as well as the worst in people.

g) Which character do you like the most in the story and why?

Of the characters mentioned in this short story, I like Nicola the more because he looked matured, gentle, genteel, humane, moral, uncomplaining, lovable, devoted, etc. He was the elder of the two orphaned siblings. He was more matured than his brother. He was 13 years old. He wore shabby dress. He had brown skins, tangled hair and dark earnest eyes. Nicola’s smile was steady and engaging. There was seriousness in his boyish face .He answered the narrator’s few questions. He was kind to his younger brother and elder sister. He did not disclose his problems to the narrator. He was self-reliant. He disliked troubling others with any plea. He was very affectionate to his sister –Lucia. She was suffering from tuberculosis of spine. He worked hard with his brother to pay his sister’s medical treatment fee. He met his sister every weekend.


a) Read the following words taken from the story. Give two synonyms and one antonym for each of these words. Use a dictionary, if required.


Homophones and Confusables

i) Given below is a list of common confusables. Distinguish the meaning of each pair of words by framing your own sentences.

a) emigrate – immigrate

v My friend wants to emigrate from India.
v He wants to immigrate to Australia.

b) beside – besides

v I was sitting beside my friend.
v People choose jobs for other reasons besides money.

c) judicial – judicious

v The minister is facing a judicial enquiry.
v Education should be the judicious mixture of skill and knowledge.

d) eligible – illegible

v He is eligible to enter the university.
v His handwriting is illegible so we cannot read the letter.

e) conscience – conscious

v As he did not receive any bribery his conscience is clear.
v He is conscious of the mistake he committed.

f) industrial – industrious

v Japan is an industrial country.
v Ant is known to be the most industrious of all insects.

g) eminent – imminent

v Her humbleness stands out in the most eminent way among her peers.
v A new trade agreement between India and China is imminent.

h) illicit – elicit

v He was caught by the police because he sold illicit liquor.
v The teacher elicited the answer from the student.

i) prescribed – proscribed

v Doctor prescribed medicine for the child.
v The two organisations were proscribed by law.

j) affect – effect

v The severe cold affects the child.
v The child is cured because of the effect of the medicine.

k) aural – oral

v The patient received something to assist her aural functioning.
v Oral medicine is prescribed for the child.

l) born – borne

v She has borne the adversity with dignity.
v She was born in Ireland.

(ii) Fill in the blanks with suitable homophones or confusables.


c) Give the meanings of the following phrasal verbs and frame sentences using them.

1. cut offto remove something by cutting
The branch was cut off from the main tree.
2. come uponmeet someone by chance
I came upon my English teacher in Chennai.
3. put outstop something burning
The fire fighters put out the fire.
4. draw upstop
A taxi drew up outside the hotel.
5. pass outgive something to each member of a group.
The examiner passed out the question papers to all the students.
6. take offstart flying; remove clothing
The flight took off at the right time.
As soon as I reached my house I took off my coat
7. turn awayrefuse permission
The reporters who came to interview the Prime Minister were turned away.
7. stand byrefuse permission
My friends stood by me all the time.
A boat was standing by in case of emergency.
9. bank ondepend on
The whole team is banking on him to win the match

d) Read the list of words formed by adding suffixes.


Form two derivatives from each of the following words by adding prefixes and suffixes.



Now, you are going to listen to the cautionary instructions that are given to the general public living in flood-prone areas. Listen carefully and complete the following sentences.

a) The announcement was made by the Department of __________________

Ans ; Disaster Management.

b) Widespread heavy rains are expected from the early hours of ___________.

Ans ; Sunday

c) The public is asked to find out the locations of _____________ .

Ans ; the closest flood shelters available and routes to reach them.

d) An emergency kit should contain water bottles, biscuit packets and a ___________ .

Ans ; whistle to signal for help

e) A list of _______________ should be displayed on the wall.

Ans ; emergency telephone numbers

f) Important documents can be secured by keeping them in a _________ case.

Ans ; waterproof

g) Damage to refrigerators can be avoided by _____________________ .

Ans ; leaving their door open.

h) Mobile phones should be charged to enable the marooned to contact their friends, relatives and _________________.

Ans ; emergency services

i) __________ should be placed in the toilet bowls to prevent sewage inflow.

Ans ; Sand bags

j) Listen to the _________________ and follow the instructions implicitly

Ans ; periodic news updates


Read the passage given below and make notes.

To match the best cities across the world, the Government of India initiated ‘smart cities’ to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people. The agenda under smart city promises to resolve urban sustainability problems. Urban forests provide a range of important ecosystem services that are critical for the sustainability of cities. Urban forestry, which is defined more as ‘Management of Trees’ contributes to the physiological, sociological and economic well-being of the society. Mangroves, lakes, grasslands, and forests in and around our cities, act as sponges that absorb the air and noise pollution and they present themselves as our cultural and recreational hotspots. However, these spots are rapidly being reclaimed and replaced in the name of development. Presence of urban green has shown to increase the economic value of the place.

Urban forests contribute to reduce the cost of building storm water drain systems for municipalities and neutralizing urban heat island effect. Plants not only provide shade but also help in regulating the micro-climate. They help regulate energy budgets, improve air quality, and curtail noise pollution. Trees, herbs, shrubs and grasses arrest sedimentation and prevent other pollutants from entering our water systems. This will give a chance for our urban lakes and rivers to recover and help improve aquatic ecosystems. Biodiversity also gets a boost through the urban forests and helps create corridors connecting the forest areas. High biodiversity areas can also help to build resilient ecosystems. Availability of forests within our urban areas gives an opportunity for children to connect to the natural environment and learn about native species.

Smart City

1. Initiation by Indian Government

a) Economic growth
b) Urban sustainability

2. Urban forestry

a) Management of trees
b) Act as sponges to absorb pollution

3. Benefits of urban forestry

a) Regulate micro-climate
b) Arrests sedimentation and pollutants



12th Standard English Book Unit 1.1 Two Gentlemen of Verona Book Back Answers

The following tasks are for strengthening your understanding.

Task 1

Tick the correct options and complete the dialogue.

A: Hello, What do you watch / are you watching?

B: A programme about the Jalian WalaBagh Massacre, which I recorded last night. I study / I’m studying about it this term.

A: All that I know / I’ve known about it is that hundreds of people died / had died in it.

B: Yes, it was much, much worse than anyone has expected / had expected. It went on / has gone on for hours. Do you want / Have you wanted to watch the programme with me?

A: No, thanks, I’ve got to do some veena practice. I’ve just remembered / I just remembered that we’ve got a concert tomorrow, and I don’t have / haven’t had time to practise my new piece this week.

B: OK. I’ve already done / I already did my practice, so I’ve got time to watch TV. See you later.

Task 2

Complete the sentences with the correct tense form of the verbs in brackets.

a) Tell (tell) me exactly what happened (happen) last night.

b) Mrs. Mageshwari is my maths teacher. She has been teaching (teach) me for four years.

c) I had never (never) think of a career in medicine before I spoke to my Biology teacher but now I seriously (seriously) it.

d) Oh no! I have forgotten (forget) to bring my assignment! What am I going to do? This is the second time I have done (do) this!

e) I can’t remember what my teacher said (say) yesterday about our homework. I did not listen (not listen) properly because Hussain was talking (talk) to me at the same time.

f) Last year we went (go) on a school trip to Kanyakumari. We had (have) a very interesting time.

g) At the moment I am thinking (think) about what course to pursue next year but I haven’t make (not make) a final decision yet.

h) I get (get) up at 7 every morning but this morning I slept (sleep) for a long time and I did not get (not get) up until 8.

Task 3

Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in the brackets.

a) Every one ________ when the earthquake hit the small town. (sleep)

Ans ; was sleeping

b) Evangelene __________ her job a couple of years ago. (quit)

Ans ; quit

c) Where ______________ your last holidays? (you spend)

Ans ; did you spend

d) I think Suresh _______ for Tiruvallur next morning.(leave)

Ans ; will leave

e) I was angry that I ________ such a mistake. (make)

Ans ; made

f) My mother was tired yesterday because she ________ well the night before (not sleep)

Ans ; had not slept

g) Her parents __________ in Coimbatore for two weeks from today. (be)

Ans ; will be

h) Nothing much ____________ when I got to the meeting. (happen)

Ans ; had happened

i) Scientists predict that by 2050, man __________ on Mars. (land)

Ans ; will have landed

j) Sh! Someone ____________ to our conversation! (listen)

Ans ; is listening

k) The plane _________ off in a few minutes. (take)

Ans ; will take

l) They __________ about me when I interrupted their conversation. (talk)

Ans ; were talking

m) Justin and his parents __________ in an apartment right now because they can’t find a cheap house. (live)

Ans ; are living

n) Rajini Prem’s family _____ in Chengalpet now. (be)

Ans ; is

o) Yusuf _______ to the movies once in a while. (go)

Ans ; goes

p) This ________ an easy quiz so far. (be)

Ans ; has been

q) Our team _________ any games last year. (not win)

Ans ; did not win

r) We ______ a wonderful film in the cinema last night. (see)

Ans ; saw

s) Hurry up! The movie ________ . (already, begin)

Ans ; has already begun

Modal Auxiliaries

Modal Auxiliary is a special auxiliary which is used to denote a particular mood or expression of the subject.

There are 13 Modal Auxiliaries (four of which are quasi-modals / marginals).

mustused toought todare
needused to
shouldwillought to

The following table will help you understand better.

Modal Auxiliaries

canability : I can speak English.
permission : Can I go to the library?
request : Can you wait a moment, please?
offer : I can lend you my pen.
couldability : (past) I could speak English.
polite request : Could you wait a moment, please?
maypossibility : It may rain today.
permission : May I go to the cinema?
mightpossibility (less possible than may) : It might rain today.
mustforce, necessity : I must go to the supermarket today.
recommendation : You must read the new novel by Bhagat.
shallsuggestion : Shall I carry your bag?
shouldadvice : You should drive carefully on the highway.
obligation: You should switch off the lights when you leave the classroom.
willwish, request, demand, order : Will you please shut the door?
prediction, assumption : I think it will rain on Friday.
spontaneous decision : Can somebody take me to the hospital? I will
wouldwish, request : Would you shut the door, please?
habits in the past : Sometimes he would bring me some flowers
Ought toduty : You ought to submit your assignment on time.
moral obligation : We ought to help the needy.
necessity : We ought to hire some furniture for the party
Used tohabits in the past : My grandfather used to walk for long hours when he was young.
Need tonecessity : I need to buy a packet of milk.
moral obligation : We need to keep our environment clean.
Dareboldness : I dare not go out in the dark.
challenge : How dare you enter my room?

Task 1

Fill in the blanks with modal auxiliaries.

a) The candidates …………….. answer five out of ten questions.

Ans ; must

b) How …………… you open my bag?

Ans ; dare / can

c) Tajudeen ……………… finish this work by Monday.

Ans ; will

d) ……………….. I go to school today?

Ans ; Can / Shall

e) I wish you ………. tell me the truth

Ans ; would

f) Poonam ………….. not catch the bus yesterday.

Ans ; could

g) People who live in glass houses ……………. not throw stones.

Ans ; should / must

h) You ……………….. not go to the market as I have brought vegetables.

Ans ; need

i) …………….. you have taken all this trouble?

Ans ; Must

j) You …………….. be joking.

Ans ; must

k) I tried to climb up the tree, but …………….. not.

Ans ; could

l) Hima Das ran so fast that she ……………… win the medal.

Ans ; would

m) You …………….. lead a horse to water, but you ………….. make it drink.

Ans ; can,  cannot

n) I …………….. like to have a cup of coffee.

Ans ; would

o) My grandfather …………….. visit this temple when he was young.

Ans ; used to / would

Task 2

Complete the following sentences with modals using the clues given.

a) You ……………….. help the needy. (moral obligation)

Ans ; must / ought to

b) If I were you, I ……………. not behave like that. (conditional sentence)

Ans ; would

c) I ………….. never tell a lie. (determination)

Ans ; will

d) My uncle …………… have reached by now. (possibility)

Ans ; might / may

e) The patient is critical. He ……………… be taken to the hospital.(compulsion)

Ans ; must

f) I …………… to play hockey when I was a student. (past habit)

Ans ; used to / would

g) You ……………… not attend my class. (order)

Ans ; should / must

h) He ……………. come today. (remote possibility)

Ans ; might

i) You …………… follow the traffic rules. (regulation)

Ans ; must

j) He …………… play the match. (willingness)

Ans ; will

k) You ………………… not waste time on it. (necessity)

Ans ; need

l) Had the doctor come in time, he ……………… have saved the patient.(probability)

Ans ; might / would

Reported Speech

Task 1

Read what these people say and rewrite as sentences.

1. I am very busy.

Ans ; Raja said that he was very busy.

2. I have completed my work.

Ans ; Satya said that she had completed her work.

3. I don’t like to go out.

Ans ; Johnson said that he did not like to go out.

4. I have just come back from Chennai.

Ans ; Rehana said that she had just come back from Chennai.

5. I am learning English.

Ans ; Akshita said that he was learning English.

6. I bought a pen yesterday.

Ans ; Madhu said that he had bought a pen the previous day.

7. We will go for shopping tomorrow.

Ans ; Joseph and Mary said that they would go for shopping the next day.

8. We can’t attend the party.

Ans ; Afsar and Ayesha said that they could not attend the party.

9. How are you?

Ans ; Satish asked how he was.

10. I am fine. Thank you.

Ans ; Victor said that he was fine and he thanked him

Task 2

Read the following dialogue and complete the report in the space provided.

a) Priya : Where are you going?

Vijay : I am going to the Railway station.

Priya : Why are you going there?

Vijay : I want to receive my uncle who is coming from Bangalore.

Priya asked Vijay (a) where he was going?

Vijay replied (b) that he was going to the railway station.

Priya further inquired (c) why he was going there?

Vijay stated that (d) he wanted to receive his uncle who was coming from Bangalore.

b) Teacher : Why are you late?

Divya : I missed the bus.

Teacher : You should have reached the bus stop on time.

Divya : My grandmother is ill. So, I had to take her to the doctor.

Teacher : I am sorry. What ails her?

Divya : She has high fever.

The teacher asked Divya why she was late. Divya replied that (a) she had missed the bus. The teacher told her that (b) she should have reached the bus stop on time. Divya said that her grandmother was ill so she had to take her to the doctor. The teacher felt sorry and further asked her (c) what ailed her. Divya explained that she (d) had high fever

Task 3 

Rewrite the following passage in indirect speech.

Pradeep got out of bed with much excitement. “It is going to be a lovely sunny day,” he remarked to his sister Varshini.

“Just let me sleep a bit longer, Pradeep,” Varshini begged, “and since you are feeling so enthusiastic,” she suggested, “Why don’t you go and help mother in cooking?”

“Sure, I will”, said Pradeep. “Can I help you, mum?”, he said to his mother.

“Yes, of course. There are idlis and vadas on the dining table. Have your breakfast.”

“Thank you, mum; I’ll surely help you by eating them.”

Pradeep got out of bed with much excitement. He remarked to his sister Varshini that it was going to be a lovely sunny day. Varshini begged him to let her sleep a bit longer. She suggested why he did not go and help mother in cooking since he was feeling so enthusiastic. Pradeep said that he would and asked the mother whether he would help her. She said that he could and added that there were idlis and vadas on the table and asked him to have his breakfast. He thanked his mother and said that he would surely help her by eating them.


a) Read the following letter carefully, discuss with your partner and answer the questions.


I request you to publish the following letter in your daily to address an important issue which needs immediate redressal.

During week ends motorcyclists are seen racing on the East Coast road and the Old Mahabalipuram road of Chennai. The amateur racers are risking their own lives and of the public as well. They are fearless and irresponsible, not knowing the price of human lives. Risking others and their lives for their pleasure is highly condemnable.

Even school students indulge in such activities and cause fatal accidents. The racers have started occupying the lanes and streets of busy localities. As such, the violation of traffic rules often results in loss of young lives. Such reckless riders who violate traffic rules should be punished severely.

As a responsible citizen of the society, I request the authorities concerned to take appropriate measures to put an end to this menace.

Yours truly,



a) Who is the sender of the letter?

Srivatasav is the sender of the letter.

b) Who is the receiver?

Editor of a daily is the receiver.

c) What is the issue?

Motorcycle racing is the issue.

d) What is the request of the sender?

The request of the sender to the authorities concerned is to take appropriate measures to put an end to the motorcycle racing.

e) Who will take steps after reading it?

The traffic police will take steps after reading it.

b) You have chosen Computer Science in the Higher Secondary Course. Write a letter to your friend giving reasons for your choice. Read the clues given in brackets to complete the letter.

Dear Sundar, (Greeting),

Hope you are doing well. (enquire about his well being). I would like to say that I have chosen Computer Science in the Higher Secondary Course. Firstly I want the course to help me for my future. (reason for your choice of group). I wish to become a Software Engineer… (state your ambition). We come to hear a lot of instances of wrong ideas and anti-social elements spoiling the society. (discuss recent unhealthy happenings in social media and the society). These have made me select the course so that after knowing the system well I will be able to find out something to stop such things. (demand or need of this profession). I have plans to pursue MS in US. (higher studies or specialization).

All the best for your CA preparation. Convey my regards to all at home.

Yours lovingly,

(your name)


a) You had been to your Grandma’s house during the summer holidays. You enjoyed your stay in her company. Write a letter to your Grandma stating how much you miss her after returning to your home.

24, Arunai Colony,
July 8, 2020.

Dear Grandma,

I hope you are doing well and your knee pain is ok now. I thank you for the wonderful time I had with you during my summer holidays. The place itself is wonderful but your affection and concern made my life very pleasant. Our walk around the garden is memorable and I will cherish such experience throughout my life. You made me plant 10 saplings and I watered them every day. The green fields around the house are still in my mind. It was a fine experience to watch the harvesting process. It was a real learning for me. Now I miss you a lot. I am waiting for my next chance to be with you.

Yours lovingly,

b) You are the Head of the English department in a renowned institution. You are invited to preside over the inauguration of the English Literary club in your alma mater. Respond to the letter you have received either accepting the invitation or expressing your inability to attend the function.

Date : July 8, 2020


Prof. Rajendran,
H O D English,
St. Mary’s College of Arts and Science,


Alpha Higher Secondary School,

Respected Sir,

I was very happy to receive the invitation from you to inaugurate Literary Club in my school. It is my pleasure to visit my alma mater after 22 years. I am sure I will have nostalgia when I visit the school. I am happy to accept the invitation and it is my pride to visit my alma mater.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

c) Write a letter to the Headmaster of your school requesting him to help you obtain a duplicate mark sheet of class XII, which you lost while travelling.


Kannan G,
21, Amirtha Colony,
July 21, 2020.


The Headmaster,
Govt. Higher Secondary School,

Respected sir,

Sub: Requisition for duplicate mark sheet – Reg.

I was a student of your school in 2012 doing my Std XII – First Group. My name is G. Kannan, my class no. was 12 and my Exam register no was 6759231. I am sorry to inform you that I lost my mark sheet when I was travelling to Chennai. I made a complaint to the police and the FIR copy is attached with this letter. I request you to give a duplicate mark sheet.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

d) Write a letter to AZ Company requesting them to replace the defective juicer that you bought recently. Include the following details: the problem, date of purchase, receipt number, model and warranty.


Rajkumar S,
34, II Cross Street, NSN Colony,
July 15, 2020.


The Manager,
AZ Company, Market Street,


I bought a juicer from your shop on 13th July 2019. Now I have found out that it is very defective and I cannot use it at all. The actual problem is in its motor. So I want to exchange this and give me a new piece. I will give the details about the juicer.

v Date of purchase – July 13, 2019

v Receipt No. – J 92340

v Model – 45562

v Warranty – one year

Please do the needful to exchange the juicer.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

e) You wish to become a pilot. Write a letter to a college enquiring about the details of the Pilot training course offered by the college. Include the following details in your enquiry: duration of the course, fee structure, scholarships, hostel facilities and placement details.


S. Saravanan,
12 – III cross street,
NSK Township,
March 8, 2020.


Dean of Studies,
VST College of Technology,
Salem Main Road,


I have completed BE in Aeronautical Engineering. Now I am interested to pursue a course in Pilot Training. I am happy to know that you have a training centre in your college. I would like to know some details about the course.

v Duration of the course

v Fees structure

v Any scholarship available. If so what are the requirements?

v Hostel facilities

v Placement details

Will you please send me the details at the earliest?

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,

f) Write a letter to the manager of Waves Furniture Company ordering furniture for a coaching centre. Include the following details: description of the furniture, number of pieces, mode of payment, time and delivery options.


N. Malika,
24 – III Cross Road,
N S K Coaching Centre,
June 22, 2019.


The Manager,
Waves Furniture Company,
Bridhavan Road,
Tirunelveli – 3.


We are in need of some furniture for our coaching centre. I am giving the details of the required furniture.

v Office tables: 3” x 4” with three drawers in the right side – 2

v Executive chairs – 2

v Students’ writing table – 40

v Chairs for the students – 40

We will send you a cheque on the receipt of the consignment. Delivery can be done via parcel service. We should be much obliged if you could send us the furniture at the earliest.

Yours faithfully,

g) Write an application for the post of Personal Secretary to the Managing Director of a company. Include the following details: Educational qualification, experience, various other qualifications required for the post.


G. David,
12 – Selvanagar,
K T Colony,
Salem 12.
June 11, 2020.


The Managing Director,
Rainbow Industries,
Coimbatore – 17.


Sub: Application for the post of Personal Secretary – Reg.

Ref: Your ad/in the Hindu dated 10th June.

I completed my MBA with HR as my specialization in 2015. I have come to know that you have a vacancy for the post of Personal Secretary. As I have qualifications and experience for the post I would like to apply for the post. I am giving a short resume of mine.


NameG. David
Mobile No.9444788736
Educational QualificationB.A English Literature from University of Madras – 2013

MBA from Madras University – 2015

Experience1. SNF Industries, Erode for 2 years

2. Gupta Metal Services, Madurai for 1 year

3. Fine Boards Info, Trichy – till now

Other qualificationTally completed

Computer knowledge in Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PPT.

If I am given a chance to work under you I will do my best to the satisfaction of my superiors.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

h) Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper about the nuisance created by the roadside vendors blocking the pavements and occupying the parking zone.


V. Andrews,
7 – West Street,
Arasar Colony,
Erode – 2.
July 14, 2020.


The editor,
The Hindu,
Coimbatore – 1.


I request you to publish the following letter in your daily to address an important issue which needs immediate redressal.

Many roadside vendors occupy the road side for their business. It is accepted that they too need a place to sell their goods and earn their living. But it should not be at the risk of others’ life. In our area most of the vendors have taken the parking zone for their business. So the two wheeler riders have no proper place to park their vehicles. They park their vehicles in such a way that it gives trouble to the pedestrians and other cars and autos. So the municipal authorities should take necessary action to solve this problem.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

i) Write a letter to your relative or friend who is admitted in the hospital for treatment of jaundice. Advise him/ her not to worry about the illness and be positive. Assure him/her of your psychological and financial help during the crisis.

32, Weavers’ Colony,
Salem – 13.

August 14, 2020.

Dear Aunt,

I am sorry to hear that you have been admitted in hospital for the treatment of jaundice. It is heartening to know that you are improving day by day. These days jaundice is not a very dangerous disease. The important point is that it should be diagnosed properly. In your case it was done well and your case is not the B type. So you need not worry about it. I am sure you will be out of hospital within few days. Of course you have to be careful about your food hereafter. Your liver should not be affected again. I am sure people at home will take care of you. You have to take rest some time. You can come home and stay with us for a month or so. If you have any financial crunch please let me know. It will be taken care of. We all pray for your speedy recovery.

Yours lovingly,

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