Tamil Nadu 4th Standard English Book Back Solution | Robot Expo | Lesson 1-3

Lesson.1 A World with Robots

Robots Expo Book Back Answer

Lesson.1.3> A World with Robots – Robot Expo

A. Choose the correct answer.

1. Anitha shares her experience about _______.

  1. book fair
  2. vacation
  3. robot expo
  4. dance program

Ans : robot expo

2. The robot that sat on her shoulder was a _______.

  1. ant
  2. butterfly
  3. puppy
  4. dragonfly

Ans : butterfly

3. Anitha’s friends wanted a _______ robot in their houses.

  1. butterfly
  2. ant
  3. cook
  4. fish

Ans : cook

4. Brain of a robot is the _______.

  1. controller
  2. mechanical part
  3. sensor
  4. camera

Ans : controller

5. A robot advised her to _______.

  1. keep silence
  2. use dustbin
  3. don’t spit
  4. wash hands

Ans : use dustbin

B. Answer the following questions.

1. Where did Anitha go?

Anitha went to the Robot Expo.

2. What did Anitha eat in the expo?

Anita ate an omelette.

3. What are the three parts of a robot?

There are three main parts in the robot.

  • First is the controller, it acts as the brain.
  • Second, is the mechanical parts that will help the robot move.
  • Third is the sensors that will help the robot sense walls and other things on its way.

4. What are mechanical parts?

Mechanical parts are the parts that help the robot move.

5. What robot will you make? Why?

I will make a robot which knows cooking. I will ask it to cook healthy foods with good hygiene and taste.

Let Us Read Aloud

Read the passage three times on your own and colour a key each time you read.

On Monday, the robot has to help its master get ready. It wakes up its master and offers a cup of tea. It prepares breakfast. Then it irons his dress and packs lunch for the master. The master has been searching for the car key for a long time. Finally, he finds it in the lunch box. The robot replies, “I kept the key safely.”

Arrange the pictures by using numbers.

Robot Expo - Arrange the pictures by using numbers

Answer the following.

1. What day is it?

It is Monday.

2. Where is the key?

It is in the lunch box.

Let Us Write

Application Form Annual Day Participation

Robot Expo

Note to the teacher : Make the children fill the application and teach the difference between writing name and signature. Prepare another application for participating in a robot expo for their portfolio.

I Can Do

A. Choose the correct option.

1. Vicky’s dad bought a trick robot.

  1. active
  2. lazy
  3. trick

Ans : trick

2. Vicky decided to sell the robot at the end.

  1. keep
  2. sell
  3. praise

Ans: b) sell

B. Tick the plural forms.

Robot Expo - Tick the plural formsRobot Expo - Tick the plural forms
Lady – LadiesLey – Keys

C. Write the plural word.

Robot Expo - Write the plural word
Catch – Catches
Robot Expo - Write the plural word
Berry – Berries

D. Connect the rhyming words.

Robot Expo - Connect the rhyming words

1. stronga. tall
2. callb. sack
3. backc. along
Ans : 1 – c, 2 – a, 3 – b

E. Circle the odd one out.

Robot Expo - Circle the odd one out

1. city, boy, book, Chennai

Ans : boy

2. Karikalan, Paari, Kumaran, king

Ans : Kumaran

3. boy, girl, man, Pooja

Ans : Pooja

4. mango, banana, fruit, apple

Ans : fruit

5. cow, tiger, lion, animal

Ans : animal

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