Tamil Nadu 4th Standard English Book Back Solution | A True Friend | Lesson 1-3

Lesson.1 Affection

A True Friend Book Back Answer

Lesson.1.3> Affection – A True Friend

A. Name the character or speaker.

1. “Do you have a fever?” ____________.

Ans : The Teacher

2. “Did someone scold you?” __________.

Ans : Nandhini’s friend

3. “Why does Nandhini look so sad?” ___________.

Ans : Nandhini’s friend

4. “Are you alright?” ___________.

Ans : The Teacher

B. Answer the following questions.

1. Who were the friends referred in the story?

Nandhini and Pandi were the friends referred in the story.

2. How did they go to school?

They walked to the school

3. Why was the teacher annoyed?

The teacher was annoyed because Nandhini did not answer for attendance.

4. Did Nandhini have fever?

No, Nandhini did not have fever.

5. What was the reason behind Nandhini’s dullness?

The reason was Nandhini’s front teeth had gone missing.


1. How do we know that Nandhini and Pandi are good friends?

Yes, Nandhini and Pandi are good friends. They always took part in school activities together and helped each other in their lessons.

2. How did Nandhini answer the questions?

Nandhini answered the questions by shaking her head.

3. What did Pandi take out from his pag?

Pandi took out a rubber frog from his bag.

C. Number the actions of Pandi and Nandhini in order.

A True Friend - Number the actions of Pandi and Nandhini in order

  1. Nandhini and Pandi are friends.
  2. Nandhini looked terribly upset one day.
  3. She did not respond to Pandi’s play.
  4. Friends pestered her why she was upset.
  5. She did not respond to the attendance.
  6. Pandi threw a rubber frog on her.
  7. She burst into laughter and all knows the reason.

Let Us Read Aloud

A True Friend - Read the advertisement and answer the question given below


Answer the following questions

1. What is the advertisement about?

The advertisement is about LED T.V.

2. What is free, for LED TV?

Camera is free, for LED TV.

3. What is the size of the screen of the TV?

It is a 43″ screen.

4. When does the offer end?

It ends by 30th August.

5. What is the name of the dealer?

Bright Vision Televisions is the name of the dealer.

Let Us Write

Write a narrative paragraph on Kamarajar, using the given information and add more information on your own.

A True Friend - Kamarajar

King Maker Kamarajar was born on 15th July 1903. He was born in Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu. He is fondly called Karma Veerar. He served as Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu during 1954 – 1963. He is known for introducing reforms in Education and Mid day Meal scheme in Tamil Nadu. He was honoured with Bharat Ratna in 1976. He died on 2nd October 1975. He was known for his simplicity and integrity. He also served as INC President for four years between 1964 and 1967.

I Can Do

A. Fill in the blanks.

1. Meena went to _________ her father.

Ans : see off

2. Meena studies in _________ standard.

Ans : twelfth

3. Meena met the official after _________ years.

Ans : three

B. Punctuate the following sentences.

1. i play kabadi daily

I play Kabadi daily.

2. kaviya bought onion tomato and cucumber

Kaviya bought onion, tomato and cucmber.

3. who took care of meena

Who took care of Meena?

C. Match the rhyming word.

A True Friend - Match the rhyming word




1. deedsa. wealth
2. healthb. care
3. barec. needs
Ans : 1 – c, 2 – a, 3 – b

D. Recite the poem with correct intonation.

E. Tick the correct pictures.


in front ofA True Friend - Tick the correct pictures
betweenA True Friend - Tick the correct pictures
betweenA True Friend - Tick the correct pictures

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