Tamil Nadu 4th Standard English Book Back Solution | Save Wisely | Lesson 2-3

Lesson.2 Savings

Save Wisely Book Back Answer

Lesson.2.3> Savings – Save Wisely

A. Fill in the blanks.

1. Every year the children visit the __________.

Ans : grand parents.

2. At the end of the festival , Kamali and senthil saved _______.

Ans : around three hundred rupees.

3. Savings is done after fulfilling the ___________.

Ans : basic needs

4. Senthil bought a __________ from his savings.

Ans : latest camera

5. Kamali gave her savings to _________

Ans : father

B. Answer the following questions.

1. What did the children buy with money they have?

The children bought toys, chocolates, sweets or packed food items.

2. What did the grandfather announce?

The grandfather announced that children should save the money they get for one year and spend it purposefully.

3. What happened to Jayan?

Jayan got sick due to food poisoning

4. What did Kamali get as gift?

Kamali got a brand flute as a gift.

5. What will you do with your savings?

I will buy a brand new mobile from my savings.


1. Who were the youngest of the kids?

Rajan and Mole were the youngest of the kids.

2. Who opened an account in the post office?

Senthil opened an account in the post office

3. Was Kamali happy to help her father?

Yes, Kamali was happy to help her father

Let Us Read Aloud

Read the passage three times on your own. Colour a Piggy bankeach time you read.

Piggy bank is a coin box used by children. The real use of a piggy bank is to store coins. Piggy banks look like pigs. They come in many shapes and sizes. In Tamil, they are known as Hundial. It is a red, mud pot. We can drop the coins into the pot. Once the pot is full, we must break the pot and use the coins. Start saving with your hundial today!

Save Wisely - withdrawal form

1. Hundial is an ________ pot.

Ans : earthern

Save Wisely
2. Mostly piggy banks looks like

Ans : pigs

Save Wisely

The main idea of the passage is _______

  1. to buy a piggy bank.
  2. to save.

Ans : to save

Let Us Write

This month you have managed to save Rs. 100 from your pocket money. Fill out the challan to deposit it in your Savings Account at the post office.

Save Wisely - post Office Savings Account

Fill up the withdrawal form to withdraw Rs. 200 from your Savings Account.

Save Wisely - withdrawal form

Let Us Write

A. Fill in the blanks.

1. Moles dig __________ to catch worms.

Ans : tunnels

2. Leaf cutter ants drink ________.

Ans : leaf sap

3. Kamali gave her savings to _________.

Ans : her father

A. Join the word with the correct prefix.

Save Wisely - Join the word with the correct prefix

1. paida. un
2. sendb. dis
3. ablec. re
4. continued. pre
Ans : 1 – d, 2 – c, 3 – a, 4 – b

C. Write the rhyming word.

1. save – ________.

Ans :  gave

2. countries – ________.

Ans : pantries

3. larder – ________.

Ans : starter

D. Recite the poem with correct intonation.

E. Write the words given in the bracket in correct tenses.

1. I _______ (see) him accidently.

Ans : saw

2. We _______ (move) back to city yesterday.

Ans : saw

3. Rani _______ (meet) Rita tomorrow.

Ans : will meet

F. Write the past form of the verbs.

Save Wisely - Write the past form of the verbsrun – ran 
Save Wisely - Write the past form of the verbseat – ate
Save Wisely - Write the past form of the verbs swim – swam

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