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Lesson.3 Our Nation

Patriotism Book Back Answer

Lesson.3.2> Our Nation – Patriotism


  • boundaries – a dividing line
  • core – our true self (value system)
  • foreign – distant (like a part of a different thing)
  • integrity – the state of being wholesome
  • Proud – feeling honoured
  • inner – inside
  • dislike – hate
  • stick – paste
  • Divide – Separate

A. Match the following

Patriotism - Match the following

1. treat everyonea. love each of her child
2. nationb. no inner boundaries
3. kindc. not divided as people
4. countryd. alike
Ans : 1 – d, 2 – b, 3 – a, 4 – c

B. Answer the following questions.

1. How should we treat everyone?

We should treat everyone alike.

2. What is our core?

To love every one is our core.

3. How do we keep our integrity?

By loving one another and not hating anyone. We keep our integrity.

4. How can we make our nation proud?

If we learn to be kind, we can make our nation proud

5. A country should have inner boundaries. Justify.

Though we are different people, speak different language, we are children of one mother.


1. How is our nation divided?

Our nation is divided when seen as persons.

2. What should we learn?

We should learn to be kind.

C. Find the rhyming words from the poem.

  • alike – dislike
  • crowd – proud
  • core in – foreign
  • country – boundary

Let Us Know

What are prepositions?

Prepositions are words that help us know the position of things.

Try this?

Patriotism - Try thisThe cat is ______ the box.

But, did you know prepositions also help us know the nature of time?

Let us learn prepositions of time.

onUsed for days of weekHe bought a bike on Friday.
Used for datesMy birthday is on 3rd of November 2013.
inUsed for monthsMy birthday is in September.
Used for seasonsThe river goes dry in the summer.
Used for yearsI was born in 1979.
Used for parts of the dayI have a test in the afternoon.
atUsed for clock timesI get up at 7’o clock.
Used for nightThe stars shine at night.
Used for meal timesJane went home at lunchtime.

A. Put the given time expressions in the correct columns.

( winter,  morning,  2’ o clock,  evening,  1947,  March,  Sunday,  15th August,  4.30 PM,  wedding day )

morning2’O clockSunday
winter4.30 p.mWedding day
march15th August

B. Complete the following sentences using the prepositions on, in and at.

1. The summer vacation ends _____ Monday.

Ans : on

2. I will meet you _____ 7.30.

Ans : at

3. I don’t drive _____ night.

Ans : at

4. My birthday falls ____ September.

Ans : in

5. Birds migrate ____ spring and autumn.

Ans : in

6. Her birthday is _____ 6th April.

Ans : on

Additional Exercises

1. We had lunch ____ 11.30.

Ans : at

2. He came ____ 7 o’clock.

Ans : at

3. He got up early ____ the morning.

Ans : in

4. My sister was born ____ 1989.

Ans : in

5. The meeting is ____ Tuesday.

Ans : on

6. Her birthday is ____ 6th April.

Ans : on

C. Circle the prepositions.

Patriotism - Circle the prepositions

The meeting starts at 10’o clock in the morning, on Wednesday, on 22nd of march, in 2019.

D. Fill in the blanks using on, in and at.

My child was born at 2.30, in the afternoon, on Friday, on 17th of August, in 2016.

Help the space ship reach the correct planet.

Patriotism - Help the space ship reach the correct planet

Patriotism - Help the space ship reach the correct planetPatriotism - Help the space ship reach the correct planetPatriotism - Help the space ship reach the correct planet
8’o clockthe eveningTuesday
5.30 a.m20135th May
dinnerApril8th July

Let Us Listen

(Student Activity)

Tick the correct one after listening the movie clip.

Patriotism - Tick the correct one after listening the movie clip

Let Us Speak

Is there any place near?

Patriotism - Is there any place near

Boy : Excuse me, sir.
Man : Yes, what can I do for you?
Boy : Is there any hospital near by?
Man : Yes, there is one hospital here.
Boy : How far is the hospital?
Man : It is not far, may be about 200 meters.
Boy : Could you please guide me?
Man : Go straight, take a right at the junction, a few steps ahead you will find the hospital on the right.

Structures that are useful to this situation:

Patriotism - Structures that are useful to this situation

How can I help you?

Could you please tell me the way to _____? (a hospital)

How to go to ____? (hospital)

How do I get to _____? (junction)

Where is the address?

It will take you 10 minutes to walk there.
It is far.You better take auto/bus.Can I drop you there? I am going that way.

Sorry I don’t know, please ask someone else.

Turn right/left.


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