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Lesson.1 Hospitality

The Gift Book Back Answer

Lesson.1.1> Hospitality – The Gift

My Little Pictionary

The Gift - My Little Pictionary

Gruel (n) : thin, watery porridge.

The Gift - My Little Pictionary

Guest (n) : the person who is invited to a function or to stay at one’s house

The Gift - My Little Pictionary

Twig (n) : small, thin branch of a tree or bush.

The Gift - My Little Pictionary

Disguise (v) : to change the appearance to hide identity

The Gift - My Little Pictionary

Shadow (n) : the dark area, seen under an object in light.


  • shrank – an adverse reaction
  • feeble – weak
  • denied – refused
  • shabby – worn out
  • reluctant – hesitant
  • persuaded – convinced
  • display – show
  • harsh – rude
  • slammed – banged
  • irritate – annoy
  • deny – reject
  • woke – getup
  • acquainted – know someone
  • reveal – show

Let Us Understand

A. Fill in the blanks.

1. The rich man ______ at the beggar.

Ans : shouted

2. A man in ______ clothes stopped near him.

Ans : shabby

3. The hut was very ______.

Ans : small

4. Kaliyan worked in a ______.

Ans : farm

5. The old man helped ______ and ______.

Ans : the poor / the needy.

B. Match the following

The Gift - Match the following

1. gardena. very small
2. trash canb. hungry and tired
3. old manc. well maintained
4. hutd. earthen pot
5. gruel –e. wasted food
Ans : 1 – c, 2 – e, 3 – b, 4 – a, 5 -d

C. Answer the following questions.

1. How did the rich man maintain his house?

The old man disguised himself as a begger.

2. Where was the old man sleeping?

The rich man maintained his house in such a way that it displayed richness.

3. What was the dish served to the old man?

The old man was sleeping under a tree.

4. Why did the old man need someone?

The dish that was served to the old man was gruel.

5. How did the old man disguise himself?

The old man needed some one because his wife and son had died two years back. He wanted someone to continue his service.


1. What was the reaction of the rich man?

The rich man got angry and shouted at the beggar.

2. How was the hut?

The hut was very small and barely enough for the family.

3. Was the old man content at the end?

Yes, the old man was content at the end.

D. Try your own.

The Gift - Try your own


E. Speak and win.

Join in any group. Pick and support or oppose any one of the characters. Say some sentences for the one you support and say some sentences against the other one, to win.

I support Kaliyan because he is very kind
to the beggar
I oppose the rich man because he was very rude  and ill treated the beggar

Let Us Build

The Gift - suffixes

A. Join the words and write the new word.

1. dance + er ____________

Ans : dancer

2. entertain + ment ____________

Ans : entertainment

3. fear + ful ____________

Ans : fearful

B. Add a suffix to each word and write it near its meaning.

The Gift - Form new words with appropriate suffixes Peace


The Gift - Form new words with appropriate suffixesDrive


The Gift - Form new words with appropriate suffixes Rest


The Gift - Form new words with appropriate suffixes gover


C. Add appropriate suffix to each word with the clues given.


( penny     beauty     develop     teach)


( ful     ment     er     less )

1. Make something better. ___________

Ans : development

2. A person one who teaches. ___________

Ans : teacher

3. Very pretty. ___________

Ans : beautiful

4. Having no money. ___________

Ans : pennyless

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