Tamil Nadu 5th Standard English Book Back Solution | The Two Pigeons | Lesson 1-3

Lesson.1 Hospitality

The Two Pigeons Book Back Answer

Lesson.1.3> Hospitality – The Two Pigeons

Let Us Understand

A. Write true or false

1. The pigeon started to worry for her friend.

Ans : True

2. They would rest on the tree.

Ans : True

3. The bird catcher’s clothes were dry.

Ans : False

4. The pigeon flew away for dry twigs.

Ans : True

5. The bird catcher let the pigeon jump into the fire.

Ans : False

B. Fill in the blanks

1. The pigeon returned home when it started to _______.

Ans : rain

2. The bird catcher had a pigeon in his _______.

Ans : cage

3. The bird catcher decided to sit under the ________.

Ans : tree

4. The hen-pigeon got dry _______for the bird catcher.

Ans : twigs

C. Identify the charactor or the speaker.

1. “I hope he is safe.”

Ans : Wife pigeon

2. “Do not feel sad dear.”

Ans : Husband pigeon

3. “I will camp here for the night.”

Ans : Bird catcher

4. “Oh no! What shall I do now?”

Ans : Wife pigeon

5. “I was cruel and selfish.”

Ans : Bird catcher

D. Answer the following questions.

1. What did she whisper?

She whispered to herself that her husband was never late to home.

2. Where did the bird catcher sit?

The bird catcher sat under the tree.

3. Why did the bird catcher need fire?

The bird catcher wanted fire because it was a wet and cold night.

4. Who is the guest?

The bird catcher is the guest.

5. What will you do if someone ensnares birds?

I will ask him to set it free because birds too have a family.


1. What would the birds do in the night?

During night, they would lock their wings and sleep.

2. What did the bird catcher search for?

The bird catcher searched for dry twigs.

3. What did the pigeons present to the bird catcher?

The pigeons presented him nuts, fruits and seeds to eat.

Let Us Read Aloud

Many animals lived in a big forest. An elephant had a small piece of land. She grew many vegetables and fruits in it. She took great care of the garden, but it gave food that was just enough for her. One summer, the forest was dry, as it did not rain. All the trees and plants were dry and the forest looked brown. All the animals felt hot. Many animals moved to another forest. The elephant somehow got water for just one watermelon plant which had only one watermelon in it. A rabbit who had three babies came there in search of food. She saw the watermelon and went near it. “Stop!” said the elephant. The moment the elephant saw her babies, she took pity and gave the watermelon. That night it rained heavily in the forest. Soon the garden was full of vegetables and fruits. The elephant shared them with all.

The Two Pigeons - Read the passage three times and colour a watermelon for each time

A. Choose what the elephant did.

The Two Pigeons - Choose what the elephant didThe Two Pigeons - Choose what the elephant did

B. What is the main idea of the story?

a. If we help someone, we will receive twice in return.
b. During difficult time, we should save for ourselves.
c. Praise others to get your way.

Ans : a

Let Us Write

Read the two letters below.

18 April, 2019.

Dear Grandma,

Thank you for the gift. It was nice.

Yours lovingly,


25 October, 2019.

Dear Grandma,

Hi! How are you? I hope this letter finds you in good health. Thank you for the wrist watch presented to me for my birthday. It is very light and waterproof! It is useful to know the time during my exams.

Yours lovingly,


Discuss which letter you enjoyed reading? Why?

Moorthy is an old man. He comes to the park every day. He tells exciting stories to the children who play there. After playing, children sit around him to hear stories of ’kings and queens’ and ’monkeys and lions’. You are one of the children who love his stories.

Write a letter, thanking Moorthy thatha. You can use the key words below.

15 April, 2019.

Dear Grandpa,

How are you? You are lovely. You told us excellent, terrific stories when we went to the park. They were so enjoyable and we had good fun after hearing your stories. We are always thoughtful about it. Thank you very much.

Yours lovingly,


lovely     excellent     interesting     enjoyable     fun     thank     thoughtful

I Can Do

A. Answer the following.

The Two Pigeons - Answer the following

Name of the objectIn your mother tongueUse in a sentence
Cage கூண்டுBirds are kept in cages.

B. Tick the correct suffix.




C. Recite the poem ‘Mother Nature’.

D. Write the correct forms for the present perfect tense.

1. They ______ (start) playing.

Ans : have started

2. She ______ (write) a letter.

Ans : has written

E. Write a thanking letter for your aunt for the time you spent at her home during holidays.

Dear aunty,

I am fine here. How are you there? I hope you are also fine. I feel very happy that you gave me a chance to visit your home and enjoy holidays. It was really awesome and fun to stay with you. I would never forget your love and affection you showed on me. I really miss you a lot now. Hope to see you soon.

Yours lovingly,



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