Tamil Nadu 5th Standard English Book Back Solution | Why Question | Lesson 1-2

Lesson.1 Learn Always

Why Question Book Back Answer

Lesson.1.1> Learn Always – Why Question


  • Soft – smooth
  • Blow – a sudden
  • Shine – bright
  • Pour – flowing

A. Match the following.

1. flowknow2
2. growweek3
3. seekblow1

B. List questions to which you seek answer using ‘Why?’

Why Question - List questions to which you seek answer using 'Why

Let Us Know

Let us learn the describing words.

The above sentences tell about how he rides his bicycle. Such words that describe an action or verb are called adverbs.

An adverb describes a verb and tells how, when, where and how often.

She walks slowly. How does she walk?___________

Ans : She walks slowly

He joined the duty yesterday. When did he join his duty?________

Ans : He joined the duty yesterday.

He looked everywhere. Where did he look?___________

Ans : He looked every where 

He ate biscuits twice a day. How often did he eat?_________

Ans : He ate many biscuits

A. Choose the correct answer

Ans : angrily
walks fastwalks beautifullywalks harshly 
Ans : walks beautifully
reads sadlyreads joyfullyreads angrily
Ans : reads joyfully
speaks silently speaks rarelyspeaks loudly
 Ans : speaks loudly
Why Question - Choose the correct answer
celebrate sadly celebrate celebratecelebrate cheerfully
Ans : celebrate cheerfully

B. Circle and write the adverbs.

1. He laughed merrily. __________

Ans : merrily

2. We will leave today. __________

Ans : merrily

3. Suddenly the old man fainted. __________

Ans : suddenly

4. I’m waiting here. __________

Ans : here

5. I drink coffee thrice __________

Ans : thrice

C. Pick and write the adverbs to complete the sentences.

( loudly    beautifully   brilliantly   bravely   cunningly )

1. My dog barks __________.

Ans : loudly

2. She won the game __________.

Ans : brilliantly

3. She coloured the picture __________.

Ans : beautifully

4. The lion fought __________.

Ans : loudly

5. A jackal cheated the crow __________.

Ans : cunningly

Let Us Listen

Listen to the audio and fill in the blanks.

1. In North America football is known as __________.

Ans : Soccer

2. It is a game with two teams of __________ players.

Ans : Eleven

3. Fouls usually lead to a __________.

Ans : Yellow Card

4. Two yellow cards are equal to one __________.

Ans : Red Card

5. Yellow card is known as __________.

Ans : Caution

Let Us Speak

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