Tamil Nadu 5th Standard English Book Back Solution | The Witty Sparrow | Lesson 1-3

Lesson.1 Learn Always

The Witty Sparrow Book Back Answer

Lesson.1.3> Learn Always – The Witty Sparrow

A. Choose the best answer

1. All the animals called the sparrow ________.

  1. queen
  2. madam
  3. princess

Ans : madam

2. The brown sparrow laid ________ eggs.

  1. four
  2. six
  3. three

Ans : three

3. ________ lies stretching in the river.

  1. crocodile
  2. snake
  3. tortoise

Ans : crocodile

4. Sparrow tied the elephant and the crocodile with a ________.

  1. rope
  2. cloth
  3. creeper

Ans : creeper

5. The sparrow solved the problem with her ________.

  1. cunningness
  2. intelligence
  3. braveness

Ans : intelligence

B. Number the pictures and in correct order of the story

C. Try your own

The Witty Sparrow - Try your own

D. Speak and win.

Join in either group and speak using 4 to 5 sentences to win.

I support the sparrow for her intelligence. It was very good at planning and executing her plan. she managed to solve the problem despite being very smallI oppose the elephant as it is very rude. It is very arrogant about his strength and did not respect small creations.

Let Us Read Aloud

Read the passage 3 times and colour a camel for each time.

Once two merchants lost a camel. They met a boy who was passing by and asked him if he had seen it. The boy said he had not seen the camel. He asked, “Was your camel blind in the right eye?”. “Yes, he was”, said the merchants. “Was it lame in one left foot?”, asked the boy. It was!”, said the merchants. “Was it’s front tooth missing?” asked the boy.” yes” they said. “Did it have honey on one side and wheat on the other?”. “yes!,” they answered. “Please take us to it.”

“But, I have not seen your camel,” said the boy “and I do not know where it is”. The merchants got angry and said, “Really! How could you tell us everything about our camel?” “That is my secret”. said the boy.

The merchants took him to the king. The boy told the king that he had not seen it. Then, the king asked him how he knew so much about it. The boy said that the camel had eaten grass only on the left side of the path. So he knew that it was blind. The marks of its one left foot were faint. This showed that the camel was lame. While eating grass, it had not eaten the grass in the middle. So he learnt that it had lost its front teeth. There were ants carrying grains of wheat on one side of the path and flies eating honey on the other.

The Witty Sparrow - Read the passage 3 times and colour a camel for each time

Find and write the clues.

1. Clue for blind eye _______________

Ans : The Camel had eaten grass only on the left side of the path

2. Clue for lame _______________

Ans : The mark of its one left foot was faint.

3. Clue for lost teeth _______________

Ans : It had left a little turf in the middle

4. Clue for the load on the camel _______________

Ans : It was because of ants carrying grains of corn on one side of the path and flies eating honey on the other.

Let Us Write

Dialogue Writing

We already know to write dialogues. Let us quickly recap the four steps to write a dialogue:

Step 1 : Look at the question and understand the topic.
Step 2 : Read the dialogues and understand what they are talking.
Step 3 : Think what you will say if you were talking.
Step 4 : Write it.

Now, can we try to write the dialogues on our own?

Write the dialogue and complete the story.

The Witty Sparrow - Write the dialogue and complete the story

I Can Do

A. Answer the following.

The Witty Sparrow - Answer the following

Name of the object In your mother tongue Use in a sentence
Chocolateமிட்டாய்Chocolates are very tasty

B. Fill in the blanks with to, too and two.

a. I need ___ write _____ pages on this topic.

Ans : to / two

b. These clothes are ______ expensive.

Ans : too

c. Donald ran _____ kilometers.

Ans : two

B. Tick the correct word

The Witty Sparrow - Tick the correct word

The Witty Sparrow - Tick the correct word

This box is too heavy to lift.We bought two pens .

D. Recite any four lines of the poem with correct intonation.

E. Match the rhyming words.

1. softa. week
2. blowb. know
3. growc. hot
4. seekd. flow
Ans : 1 – c, 2 – d, 3 – b, 4 – a

F. Circle and write the adverbs from the sentences.

1. The boy speaks loudly. __________

Ans : loudly

2. She speaks English fluently. __________

Ans : fluently

3. Our mum spoke to us angrily. __________

Ans : angrily

4. The painter paints wonderfully.__________

Ans : wonderfully


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