Tamil Nadu 5th Standard English Book Back Solution | The New Start | Lesson 2-3

Lesson.2 We are one

The New Start Book Back Answer

Lesson.2.3> We are one – The New Start

A. Fill in the blanks

1. Tenzin is from ______ .

Ans : Tibet

2. Tenzin’s family first lived in ______.

Ans : Himachal Pradesh

3. If we didn’t have boundaries, we don’t need _______.

Ans : Military

4. ________ fights with everyone in school.

Ans : Nimmi

5. Miss Malliga teaches _______.

Ans : computers

B. Answer the questions.

1. Who helped Tenzin in learning English words?

Julie helped Tenzin in learning English words.

2. Name the places that Tenzin’s family lived in.

Tenzin’s family moved around Tibet, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Mysore, Gurupura and Kollegal

3. What are the difficulties they faced in India?

They were not able to understand the system in India. They did not know how to get a house. They found shopping for food the most difficult job.

4. Why did Tenzin cried every day?

Tenzin cried every day because he did not understand anything in the school.

5. Why it is important for people to live without boundaries?

Every year they need to go the government office to get their book signed. If they missed that, they would have to leave India.


1. Who helped Tenzin’s family?

The Refugee Relief Group helped Tenzin’s family.

2. Where is Binsa from?

Binsa is from Nepal.

3. How Tenzin’s family were looked at?

Tenzin’s Family were looked at like aliens.

4. What does Tenzin want people to realize?

Tenzin wants to help people realise that we are all one

C. Try your own.

The New Start - Try your own

D. Speak and win.

Join in any group. Pick and support or oppose any one of the characters. Say some sentences for the one you support and say some sentences against the other one, to win.

I support Tenzin because he loved his native place. He is a kind hearted boy and wants to see the world as one country.I oppose people because they make boundaries and separate us. They don’t realize that we are one.

Let Us Read Aloud

Read the passage 3 times and colour the dove for each time.

A leader and his followers went to Ooty. They shared stories to forget thigh pain from their tired legs. They decided to take some rest. When they were crossing a river, the leader saw a poisonous scorpion floating in the river. It was going die in the water. The leader wanted to save it but it bit him. Seeing this, the followers asked him the reason of why he tried helping it even if it bite him. The leader said that helping others is the nature of human and biting is the nature of the insect.

The New Start - Read the passage 3 times and colour the dove for each time


1. Where were they going?

They were going to Ooty.

2. What did the leader see on the river?

The leader saw a poisonous scorpion on the river.

3. What is main idea of the text?

We should help others always.

Let Us Write

How to write a paragraph

We already know to write a paragraph, what are the parts of a paragraph? ___________, ___________, ___________ and ___________. Today, we will learn to write paragraphs with not 3 but 5 details. Can we try?

Write a paragraph on the topic ‘Park’.

The New Start - Write a paragraph on the topic ‘Park’

  • Park is a beautiful place.
  • It is a place full of fun and entertainment.
  • We can see swing, seesaw and slides in the park.
  • We have to keep the park neat and clean.
  • Children should not go alone and visit the park.

I Can Do

A. Answer the following.

The New Start - Answer the following

Name of the object In your mother tongue.Use in a sentence.
Fridge (Refrigerator)குளிர்விப்பான்Fridge is used to protect the food.

B. Match the clipped words.

The New Start - Match the clipped words

1. Photoa. mathematics
2. Mathb. centum
3. Centc. photograph
Ans : 1 – c, 2 – a, 3 – b

C. Fill the blank with the clipped word.

1. We bought a new ____________. (refrigerator)

Ans : fridge

2. He broke his _____________. (spectacles)

Ans : specs

3. We visited the ____________. (zoological park)

Ans : zoo

D. Circle the pronouns.

The New Start - Circle the pronouns

E. Fill in the blanks with pronoun.

1. Every morning, I brush my teeth and stare at _______ in the mirror.

  1. himself
  2. herself
  3. myself
  4. itself

Ans : myself

2. The children made holiday decorations by _______.

  1. itself
  2. themselves
  3. theirselves
  4. ourselves

Ans : themselves

F. Recite any 4 lines of the poem with intonation.


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