6th Std Social Science Term 1 Solution | Lesson.2 Human Evolution

Lesson.2 Human Evolution

6th Standard Social Science Guide in English | Human Evolution

Lesson.2 Human Evolution

I. Choose the correct answer

1. The process of evolution is __________________.

  1. direct
  2. indirect
  3. gradual
  4. fast

Ans : gradual

2. Tanzania is situated in the continent of __________________.

  1. Asia
  2. Africa
  3. America
  4. Europe

Ans : Africa

II. Match the statement with the Reason. Tick the appropriate answer:

1. Statement: Migration of man of different Parts of the world resulted in changes of physic and colour

Reason: climatic changes

  1. Statement is correct.
  2. Reason is wrong.
  3. Statement and Reason is correct.
  4. Statement and Reason is wrong.

Ans : Statement and reason is correct.

III. Find out the wrong pair:

  1. Australopithecus – Walked on both legs
  2. Homo habilis – Upright man
  3. Homo erectus – Wise man
  4. Homo sapiens – Less protruding face

Ans:  Australopithecus – Walked on both legs

IV. Fill in the blanks

1. ____________________ unearthed the footprints of humans in Tanzania.

Ans : Arthopologists

2. Millions of years ago, our ancestors led a __________________ life..

Ans : Nomadic

3. The main occupations of the ancient humans were ________________ and ________________

Ans : Hunting and Gathering

4. The invention of made ________________ farming easier.

Ans : plouglil

5. Rock paintings are found at ________________ in Nilgiris.

Ans : Karikaiyaur

V. State True or False

1. Anthropology is the study of coins.

Ans : False

2. Homo erectus (Java man) had the knowledge of fire.

Ans : True

3. The first scientific invention of humans was wheel.

Ans : True

4. Goat was the first animal to be domesticated by humans.

Ans : True

VI. Answer in one word:

1. What method is used to find out the age of the excavated materials?

Radio carbon dating method.

2. What did early humans wear?

Hides of animals and banks of trees and leaves.

3. Where did early humans live?

In caves.

4. Which animal was used for ploughing?

Oxen were used for ploughing

5. When did humans settle in one place?

River side farming stage

VII. Answer the following:

1. What is evolution?

Evolution is the process through which the human kind changes and develops towards an advanced stage of life.

2. Write any two characteristics of Homo sapiens?

  • Homo sapiens were wise men
  • They migrated out of eastern Africa settled in different parts of the world.
  • Their lifestyle also evolved and they made if suitable to the environs in which they lived.

3. Why did humans move from place to place?

Humans kept on moving in search of food.

4. Describe the ancient methods of hunting?

  1. Collective hunting: went as a group and hunted the prey.
  2. They dung a pit and trapped the animals and hunted.

5. Why were axes made?

The axes were made to cut trees, Remove barks, dig pits, hunt animals and remove the skin of animals.

6. How would you define archaeology?

  1. Archaeology is the study of pre-historic humans.
  2. Excavated material remains are the main source for archaeological studies.

7. What do you know about anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of humans and evolutionary history.


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