6th Std Social Science Term 1 Solution | Lesson.4 Ancient Cities of Tamilagam

Lesson.4 Ancient Cities of Tamilagam

6th Standard Social Science Guide in English | Ancient Cities o Tamilagam

Lesson.4 Ancient Cities of Tamilagam

I. Choose the correct answer

1. Which of the following region has a city more than 6500 years old?

  1. Iraq
  2. Indus Valley
  3. Tamilagam
  4. Thondaimandalam

Ans : Indus Valley

2. Which one of the following is a Tamil city?

  1. Iraq
  2. Harappa
  3. Mohenjo-Daro
  4. Kancheepuram

Ans : Kancheepuram

3. Which city is not related to the Bay of Bengal?

  1. Poompuhar
  2. Madurai
  3. Korkai
  4. Kancheepuram

Ans : Kancheepuram

4. Water management system of Tamils are known from

a. Kallanaib. Tanks in Kancheepuram
c. Prakirama Pandyan Tankd. River Cauvery
  1. a is correct
  2. b is correct
  3. c is correct
  4. a and b are correct

Ans : a and b are correct

5. Which is not the oldest city among the following ones?

  1. Madurai
  2. Kancheepuram
  3. Poompuhar
  4. Chennai

Ans : Chennai

6. Which city is related to Keezhadi excavation?

  1. Madurai
  2. Kancheepuram
  3. Poompuhar
  4. Harappa

Ans : Madurai

II. Match the statement with the Reason. Tick the appropriate answer:

1. Statement: Goods were imported and exported from the city Poompuhar.

Reason: Bay of Bengal was suitable for trading with neighbouring countries.

  1. Statement is correct, but reason is wrong.
  2. Statement and its reason are correct.
  3. Statement is wrong, but reason is correct.
  4. Both are wrong.

Ans : Statement and its reason are correct.

2. a. Thirunavukkarasar said “kalviyil karaiillatha”. This statement refers to the city Kancheepuram.

b. Hieun Tsang said, “Kancheepuram is one among the seven-sacred places of India”.

c. Kalidasa said, “Kancheepuram is the best city among the cities”

  1. only a is correct
  2. only b is correct
  3. only c is correct
  4. All are correct

Ans : All are correct

3. Find out the correct statement

  1. Naalangadi – Night shop
  2. Allangdi – Day-time shop
  3. Ancient Roman coin factory was found at Poompuhar.
  4. Pearls were exported from Uvari near Korkai.

Ans : Pearls were exported from Uvari near Korkai.

4. Find out the wrong statement.

  1. Megasthanese has mentioned Madurai in his account.
  2. Hien Tsang came to the Tamil city of Kancheepuram.
  3. Kovalan and Kannagi lived in Kancheepuram.
  4. Iraq is mentioned in Pattinapalai.

Ans : Pearls were exported from Uvari near Korkai.

5. Find out the correct pair

  1. Koodal Nagar – Poompuhar
  2. Thoonga Nagaram – Harappa
  3. City of Education – Madurai
  4. City of Temples -Kancheepuram

Ans : City of Temples -Kancheepuram

6. Find out the wrong pair

  1. Vadamalai – Gold
  2. Western Ghats – Sandal
  3. Southern Sea – Pearls
  4. Eastern Sea – Ahil

Ans : Eastern Sea – Ahil

III. Fill in the blanks

1. Kanchi Kailasanathar temple was built by ___________________.

Ans : Pallava king Rajasimtia. 

2. ___________________ is known as the city of temples.

Ans : Kanchi

3. Masathuvan means ___________________.

Ans : A big trader

IV. State True or False

1. Cultural relationship with the outside world developed in Poompuhar because of its trade relationship with it.

Ans : True

2. Women also purchased from Allangadi of Madurai without fear.

Ans : True

3. Many rock cut temples were made during the Pallava period.

Ans : True

4. Bodhi Dharmar belonged to Kancheepuram.

Ans : True

V. Answer in one word:

1. What do you know about the term ‘export’?

Export one goods and services produced in one country and purchased by the citizens of
another country.

2. Mention the epic and the sangam poem you read in this lesson.

  • The epic is silapthikaram or Manimegalai
  • The sangam literature is pattinappaalai.

3. Which is the oldest city in Thondai Nadu?

KAnchi is the oldest city in Thondai Nadu.

4. Point out any one difference between a village and a city.

A village will have a small group of settlements where as a city will have a large group of settlements.

5. Which civilisation is associated with the city Lothal?

The Indus valley civilisation is affected with the city Lothal.

6. Name the oldest civilization of the world

Mesopotamian civilisation is the earliest civilisation of the world.

VI. Answer the following:

1. Write a brief note on ancient cities of India.

  • Harappa and mohenjodano were prominent cities of ancient India.
  • They developed along the banks of the river Indus.
  • They were the symbol of urban civilization.
  • They had a very good town planning, well constructed house, well maintained drainage system.
  • They had very good civic sense.

2. Write a paragraph about the city Poompuhar with special reference to trade.

  • Poompuhar is a coastal town near the present day Mayiladuthurai.
  • If is located where the river Cauvery drains into the sea.
  • It was also a port town along the Bay of Bengal.
  • The party were established for facilitating maritime trade.
  • Even in times past, countries began to export their surplus products and import the scarce commodities by sea.

3. Mention the ancient cities of Tamil Nadu.

  • In tamizhagam the well known cities were Madurai, Kanchi and Poompuhar.
  • Poompuhar is one of the oldest towns in ancient tamizhagam.
  • Madurai has been one of the oldest cities in India.
  • It is known as “Sangam Valartha Nagaram”.
  • Kanchi is the oldest town in Thondai Nadu.
  • Scholars like Dharmabalan, Juthibalan, Sumathi and Bodhi Dharman were born in Kanchi.

4. Discuss the sources available to know about Tamil cities.

  • Tamil literature, accounts of foreign travellers and archaeological finds provide the information about the ancient towns of Tamizhagam.
  • Sangam Tamil literature pattinapalai and tamil epics silappathikaram and Manimegalai have reference about Poompuhar.
  • Madurai is proudly associated with three sangams.
  • The fame of Madurai can be attested from the account of the Greek historian megasthenes.
  • Chanakya mention about Madurai in his famous work Arthashastra.
  • Poet kalidas refers to Kanchi as the best of the towns.

5. Write about the kings who ruled Madurai.

Pandyas, the cholas and later the kalanras ruled Madurai, in the ancient. During medical times, later cholas and later pandyas followed by the Najaks ruled this Historic town.

6. Mention the other names of Madurai.

  • Sangam valartha Nagaram
  • Thoonga Nagaram (The city that Never sleeps)
  • Koodal Nagar is the other names of Madurai.

7. What is the difference between Naalangadi and Allangadi.


  • It is day market
  • It works only in the day time.


  • It is evening market.
  • It works only in the evening

8. Name the scholars who were born at Kancheepuram.

Scholars like Dharmabalan, Jothibalan, Sumathi and Bodhi Dharman were born in Kanchi.

9. Which is known as city of lakes? Why?

  • Water management played an important role in the agrarian society of those times.
  • Hundreds of lakes were created for storing water around the town of Kanchi.
  • These lakes were e=well connected with canals.
  • During the later period, kanchi came to be known as the district of lakes.

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