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Lesson 1.2 The Crocodile

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Lesson 1.2 >  The Crocodile


What do crocodiles eat? Talk about it.

முதலைகள் என்ன சாப்பிடுகின்றன? அதனை பற்றி பேசு

Crocodile is a carnivorous reptile. They eat fishes, birds, small animals and even man. They live in the river, the rivers-dam the lakes etc. The live both on land and in water

முதலைகள் மீன்கள், பறவைகள், சிறுவிலங்குகள், மனிதனையும் கூட சாப்பிடும், அவை ஆறுகள், நதி, அணைக்கட்டுகள், ஏரி போன்றவற்றில் வாழும், முதலைகள் நீரிலும் நிலத்திலும் வாழ்கின்றன


dothan expression of old English for ‘does’does என்பதன் பழைய ஆங்கிலச் சொல்
improveto become better than beforeமுன்னேற்றம்
cheerful happyமகிழ்ச்சி
gentlysoftly, mildlyமிருதுவாக

A. Choose the rhyming words from the box and write them in the correct blanks. file din caws nail while paws mail thin

  1. claws, jaws, paws, caws
  2. grin, in, din, thin
  3. crocodile, Nile, file, while
  4. tail, scale, nail, mail

B. Read these lines and answer the questions given below.

1. How cheerful he seems to grin

Who does ‘he’ refer to?

He refers to the Crocodile

2. And pour the water of the Nile

What is the Nile? In which country is it?

The Nile is a river. It flows in Egypt. Here in this poem Nile refers to the tear drops of the crocodile.

3. And welcomes little fishes in
With gently smiling jaws!

Who welcomes the fish? Why?

The Crocodile welcome the fish to eat it.

Which line tells you that the crocodile is hungry?

The first line tells us that the Crocodile is hungry

C. Work in pairs. Share your answers with your partner.

1. What is the poem about?

The poem is about the Crocodile

2. How does the crocodile’s tail look?

The Crocodile’s tail looks shining

3. What does ‘improve his tail’ mean?

“Improve his tail” means that by pouring the water of the Nile on every scale in order to improve his tail.

4. How does he spread his claws?

He spreads his claws very neatly.

5. Why does he welcome little fishes?

He welcomes the little fishes to eat them

6. Which line talks about the crocodile’s mouth and his shape?

The last line talks about the crocodile’s mouth and his shape.


D. What does the poet say about the crocodile? Write in your own words. (in about fifty words)

The Crocodile is a large meat eating reptile living near rivers. The little Crocodile grows and develops his bright tail. The water of the Nile is poured on every scale of the crocodile. He appears cheerful when he grins. He welcomes fishes with his jaws open. An adult crocodile is very long and powerful.

சில பயனுள்ள பக்கங்கள்