Tamil Nadu 6th Standard English Book Term 1 I DREAM OF SPICES Solution | Lesson 3.2

Lesson 3.2  I Dream Of Spices

6th Standard English Book Term 1 - I Dream Of Spices Book Back Answers

Lesson 3.2 > I Dream Of Spices


Cinnamonthe bark of a tree that gives a delicious flavour to food
garlica small bulb with a strong taste use in cooking
rattle offrecite
sesame seedsgingelly seeds
ouchsound that expresses pain


A. Answer the following questions.

1. Who is Raj?

Raj is a little boy.

2. Where did Raj’s mother send him?

Raj’s mother sent him to the Muthu’s shop.

3. Who is Muthu?

Muthu is the owner of the shop.

4. What did mother ask Raj to buy?

Mother asked Raj to buy cinnamon, betel leaves and ginger and garlic.

5. What did Raj buy?

Raj bought sesame seeds, onions, tomatoes and pickles.

B. Choose the correct answers.

1. Mother called …………

  1. Muthu
  2. Raj
  3. Ram

Ans : Raj

2. Mother did not ask for ……

  1. cinnamon
  2. cardamom
  3. betel leaves

Ans : cardamom

3. Raj did not buy …………

  1. Onions and sesame
  2. ginger and garlic
  3. tomato and pickles

Ans : ginger and garlic

C. Find an example of alliteration in the poem.

Alliteration: is repetition of the consonant at the beginning of two or more words in a line.

Example: mother twists my ears.

  • ginger – garlic
  • so – shops
  • sesame-seeds

D. Tell the story of the poem in three or four sentences with the help of the pictures given below.

  1. Raj’s mother sent him to the Muthu’s shop.
  2. She asked him to buy cinnamon, betel leaves, ginger and garlic.
  3. But he had forgotten those and bought sesame seeds, onions, tomatoes and pickles.
  4. Mother twisted his ears when he had returned home.

E. Read the jumbled lines from the poem and rearrange them in correct order.

  1. My mother would say:
  2. “Little boy Raj…
  3. Go to Muthu’s
  4. and get some
  5. cinnamon, betel leaves
  6. and ginger and garlic”
  7. And so I go to the shops
  8. singing all the way
  9. and when Muthu asks me
  10. what I’d want
  11. I rattle of a list
  12. “Sesame seeds, onions
  13. tomatoes and pickles
  14. and back home
  15. my mother twists my ear
  16. ouch!

F. Fill in the blanks with different words and write your own poem.

Your Title for the poem : I Dream of Nuts
My father would say:
“Little girl Samrithi
Go to Jothi’s
And get some
Ground nut, pea nut
Cashew nut and betel nut
And so I go to the house
dancing all the way
and when Jothi asks me
what I want
I rattle off a list:
greens, beans
Melon and pumpkin
And back home,
father twists my ears

சில பயனுள்ள பக்கங்கள்