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Lesson 1.1  Sports Stars

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Section I

Put a () for the correct and () for the incorrect statements.

  1. A school-going girl writes the diary account. ()
  2. The boy was so inspired by Mithali that he was happy for his sister to play cricket. ()
  3. Mithali Raj is happy to be recognised as Tendulkar of Indian Women’s Cricket. ()
  4. Women should not be compared with men in cricket, says Mithali. ()
  5. Mithali Raj was not encouraged to play cricket by her family members. ()
  6. Mithali is one of the women players to score seven consecutive 50s. ()
  7. Mithali’s mother tongue is Telugu. ()


ConsecutiveOne after anotherஅடுத்தடுத்த

Section II

Answer the following briefly.

1. When did Usha Rani start playing Kabaddi?

Usha Rani started playing Kabaddi in her school days.

2. What did she sell to support her family?

Usha Rani sold flowers to support her family.

3. Find out the idiom that relates to ‘whatever the circumstances’, from the first paragraph.

The idiom is ‘rain or shine’.


Shanty townA poor areaஏழை மக்கள் வாழும் பகுதி
ProminentNoticeableதெளிவாக தெரியக்கூடிய
DeterminedWill poweredமன உறுதியுடைய

Section III

Complete the mind map given below.

  1. She is the first Indian woman to win Silver medal in 2016 Rio Olympics.
  2. She learned the basics of the sport from Gopichand’s Badminton Academy.
  3. Willingness, hardwork, and commitment made her fulfill her desire.
  4. Gopichand observed her attitude and the never-say-die spirit in her.
  5. Her inspiration was Pullela Gopichand, Champion of England open Badminton.


CommitmentDedicationஅர்பணிப்பு உணர்வு
Never-say-dieDon’t stop tryingஒருபோதும் விடாத (தொடர் முயற்சி)
CivilianOrdinary peopleசாதாரண குடிமக்கள்


I. Identify the sports and the sports personalities from the lesson and fill in the table.

SportsName of the Player & Field of sportsAwards
Usha Rani, Kabbadi
  • Gold medal in Asian Games 2018
P.V.Sindhu, Badminton
  • Silver medal in Olympics 2016
  • Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award (2015)
  • Padma Sri (2015)
  • Arjuna award (2013)
Mithali Raj, Women Cricket
  • Padma Sri award (2015)
  • Arjuna award for Cricket (2003)

II. Read the questions related to the three sports stars you have read about and tick the appropriate boxes.

1. Who won the Olympic 2017 silver medal in badminton?
2. Who is the role model for her siblings?
3. Whose mother tongue is Tamil?
4. Whose attitude is ‘never-say-die spirit’?
5. Which player works in the Police Department?
6. Which player holds the record for the highest individual score in cricket?

III. Think and answer.

1. Women / Men can achieve anything, provided they put their heart and soul into it. Discuss in the class. Do you think being a man or a woman makes a difference?

All great men have been successful. They are remembered for their spectacular achievements. But that success comes to those who are sincere, hardworking, dedicated and committed to their goals. They should not give up. So women / men can achieve anything, provided they put their heart and soul into it.

No, I don’t think being a man or a woman makes a difference. Because the success of every action is mostly depend on the person’s attiude. It is not the sex that determines. So nothing is impossible for those who never give up.

2. How can you balance your academic goals and your passion for sports or arts?

I am very much interested in dance/music/cricket. For this I have to spend a lot of time for my practice. And I have to attend many events then and there. I also know the value of my academics also. I prepare a schedule for my practice and studies which never disturbs each other. I request our school headmaster and my teachers to let me do my practice. I prove them my talent. I can get a big support from my family. Thus by proper planning and getting all the support from my well wishers, I can balance my academic goals and passion for dance/music/cricket.


A. Match the sport and the equipment.

  1. Football – Bow and Arrow
  2. Tennis – Club
  3. Golf – Net
  4. Volleyball – Racquets
  5. Archery – Helme

Ans : 1-E, 2-D, 3-B, 4-C, 5A

B. Find the names of twelve sports and games from the grid.

Table TennisSumoTennisChess

C. Tick the meaning of the italicised word.

1. Being compared to Sachin is an absolute privilege.

  1. honour
  2. right
  3. favour
  4. disadvantage

Ans : honour

2. The boy was taken by surprise when he learnt about Mithali Dorai Raj.

  1. affected
  2. moved
  3. amazed
  4. upset

Ans : amazed

3. Usha Rani had to struggle all through her life.

  1. fight
  2. duel
  3. fun
  4. work hard

Ans : fight

4. Usha Rani is expert at giving leads.

  1. clumsy
  2. sharp
  3. skilled
  4. bad

Ans : skilled

5. No opponent is too big to defeat.

  1. competitor
  2. rival
  3. helper
  4. enemy

Ans : enemy

D. Fill in the blanks with the opposites of the words given in brackets.

  1.  We should learn from our failure (success).
  2. Children don’t like to read uninteresting / boring (interesting) books.
  3. Be different / restricted (general) when you are telling us what you need.
  4. The teacher asked the children to stop (start) talking.
  5. The new boss decided to reject (appoint) the lazy workers.

E. Listen to your teacher and number the pictures accordingly.

  1. 4. Snorkeling and scuba diving
  2. 1. White Water Rafting
  3. 2. Paragliding
  4. 3. Skiing

Write ( T ) if the statement is True and ( F ) if the statement is False.

  1. Himachal Pradesh is an ideal place for paragliding. ( T )
  2. Skiing offers opportunities to delve into oceans. ( F )
  3. Paragliding is also a recreational adventure sport. ( T )
  4. Scuba Diving has a huge following all over the world. ( F )
  5. The most suitable period for Skiing is from March to June. ( F )


F. Look at these images of different kinds of sports. Identify and name as many as you can with your partner

1. Football2. Weight Lifting3. Cycling4. Swimming
5. Skiing6. Horse Riding7. Basket Ball8. Running
9. Gymnastics10. Tennis11. Rowing12. Golf

G. Present your sport to the class in four to five sentences.

These phrases will help you.

  • I like to play Cricket
  • I play Cricket regularly with my friends.
  • Cricket is an indoor / outdoor game.
  • Cricket game requires 11 players.
  • Cricket has been played with cricket bat, ball, stumps, bails, helmet, gloves, protective pads, sight screen, boundary or few of these equipments.
  • Cricket generally played in a court/ground.
  • I enjoy playing Cricket game.

Use Grammar

H. Look at the picture and fill in the blanks with suitable words.

1. There is a big ground in my school.(common, sufficient, elevated, fair, yellow, muddy, small)
2. The dark sky looks beautiful at night.
(starry, starlit, entire, distant, vast, cloudless, wintry, luminous, quiet, silent)
3. The tray has healthy vegetables.

(fresh, green, raw, few, organic, useful, favorite, tropical, nutritious, colorful)

4. It is a hot day.
(sunny, cloudy, terrible)
5. The girl gave her friend a beautiful smile.
(sweet, big, happy, friendly, bright, warm, pleasant, gentle, soft, cheerful, dazzling, lovely, pretty)

When there are two or more adjectives together, they appear in the following order.

QuantityOne     Five     Nine
Quality or OpinionBrave     Great     Amazing
SizeSmall     Tall     big
AgeOld     Young     Adult
ColourPurple     Dark     Green

H. Put the words in correct order and rewrite each sentence.

1. They have a post-box. (Red, Small, Rectangular)

  • They have a small rectangular red post-box.

2. I have sticks. (Long, Two, Brown)

  • I have two long brown sticks.

3. Find me the brushes. (New, Five, Yellow)

  • Find me the five new yellow brushes.

4. Mahesh is a boy. (Thin, Tall, Clever)

  • Mahesh is a tall thin clever boy.

5. It is a plate. (Round, Pink, Small)

  • It is a small round pink plate.

I. Refer to a dictionary for the meanings and circle the odd one.

  1. Tiny – Small, Enormous, Little, Puny.
  2. Ample – Great, Plentiful, Generous, Restricted.
  3. Kind – Harsh, Concerned, Charitable, Gentle.
  4. Honest – Reliable, Trusty, Sincere, Deceitful.
  5. Cheerful – Bright, Low, Gay, Contented.

சில பயனுள்ள பக்கங்கள்