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Lesson 1.1  Who Owns the Water?

6th Standard English Book Term 3 - Who Owns the Water? Book Back Answers

Lesson 1.1 >  Who Owns the Water?


Look at the pictures, discuss in pairs, share your answers with the class.

During which season do you see a peacock dance?

Rainy Season

In which season can you see trees without leaves? Name the country where your can find this season.

Autumn, Canada

Which season is shown in this picture? What are the people doing?

Winter Season.

The People are warming themselves by lighting a fire

Which season is shown in this picture? How do you know?

Summer Season.

People are buying ice-cream.

They are quenching their thirst by drinking tender coconut water

Section I


outskirtsthe outer areas of a city or a town
parchedvery dry
desperationlosing hope
untenantednot occupied
rumpback part of a mammal’s body or the part of the body you use to sit
scrabbledmoved hands and feet around
rumblea low sound like thunder

put a () for the correct and (ý) for the in correct statements

  1. A tiny bird looked for a place to lay her eggs. ()
  2. The land was wet and green. ()
  3. The little bird found a shallow hollow in the ground. ()
  4. The eggs hatched and the babies flew away. ()
  5. The pit was comfortable for the wild bear to sleep in. ()
  6. The wild boar got up from its day bed because it was disturbed by another boar. ()

Section II


sniffedto breathe in air in a noisy way
whinedmade a high pitched cry
snarledmade a deep angry noise
soaked completely wet

Complete the sentences given below with words/ phrases.

  1. The wild dogs came to the spot to catch the wild boar.
  2. The rains came and poured for 3 day and nights.
  3. The whole earth smelled wet and fresh.
  4. The hole in the ground was filled with water.
  5. The buffalo wallowed in the hole.
  6. The hole became widened and grew.

Section III


wallowedto lie and roll in mud
multitudea large number of people
tilledprepared the land for crops
meagresmall quantity

Answer the following questions in one or two sentences.

1. Why did the farmer have to travel far?

The farmer had to travel far to get water for his thirsty crops.

2. What sight made the farmer thankful?

The sight of water with green grass, near his land made the farmer thankful.

3. Name the tools the farmer brought out. What did he do with them?

The farmer brought out his pickaxe and spade. He cleaned the buffaloes’
picnic spot into a perfectly decent little pond.

4. Why did the crowd gather by the side of the pond?

The crowd gathered by the side of the pond to see the priest wrinkle his
eyebrows and chant something serious, which nobody understands.

5. When did the richest farmer get upset? Why?

The richest farmer got upset, when the poor farmer called the village priest
to bless their fortune. He was upset because he was not invited for it.


A. Choose the correct answer and write it in the blank.

1. The little bird broadened the hole with her ___________

  1. beak
  2. claws

Ans : claws

2. The wild boar settled down scraping the hole into a _____________ to have a good sleep.

  1. pit
  2. hollow

Ans : hollow

3. The poor farmer’s crop was _______________

  1. meagre
  2. surplus

Ans : meagre

B. Ticke the correct answer

1. The boar slept sun until the fading sun told him it was time to get up. What
does the phrase until the fading sun mean?

  1. until evening  [  ]
  2. until sun fades in colour  [ ]

2.  The farmer was thankful at the sight of the verdant bowl because ___________

  1. it was a pond of water  [  ]
  2. he wanted green grass  [ ]

3. They all stood around the little jewel of blue means ___________

  1. They stood around the pond.  [  ]
  2. hey stood around the jewel which was blue.  [ ]

4.  The dry earth soaked up the moisture as a hungry puppy laps up milk.
It means ____

  1. The puppy was very hungry.  [ ]
  2. The dry earth absorbed the water very quickly.  [  ]

C. Fill in the blanks with words given in the box to make compound words.


1. Weusea on a rain_________  rainy day.

Ans : coat

2. The toy ___________  boat danced on the pond.

Ans : sail

3. We must drink tender _________ water in summer.

Ans : coconut

4. We can see a  _________bow after summer showers.

Ans : rain

5. Clean the ashes out of the _______ place

Ans : fire

D. Complete the following using their group names.

1. A of wolves went hunting in the forest.

Ans : pack

2. She bought a new of shoes for her birthday.

Ans : pair

3. A of fish swam past our boat.

Ans : school

4, A of bees had settled on a mango tree.

Ans : swarm

5. latea of grapes.

Ans : bunch

E. listen to the weather report. Read the questions given below, then listen to the weather report again and fill in the blanks.

1. Which season does the weather report show?

  • spring

2. What kind of a day is it?

  • clear warmy day

3. What is the temperature stated in the report?

  • 15% degrees

4. Tomorrow it may probably .

  • rain

5. The weather report suggests to use

  • umbrella, the next day


F. Fill in the blanks with suitabler linking words of conjunctions.

1. Our team played well ______ won the game. (but, because, and)

  • and

2. She slipped badly ______ she did not hurt herself. (but, and, or)

  • but

3. The box was heavy ______ he could not lift it. (so, because, and)

  • so

4. Rani was late to school ______ she misssed the bus. (because, so, and)

  • because

5. You can use a pen ______ a pencil for writing. (but, and, or)

  • or

G. Join the sentence of column A with B using the worlds given in the box

The clouds moved away
Velu thanked his friend
It rained heavily
Eat slowly
he helped Velu in time.
the sun came out.
you wil get choked.
the match continued.
  • The clouds moved away because he helped Velu in time.
  • Velu thanked his friend because the sun came out.
  • It rained heavily or you wil get choked.
  • Eat slowly because the match continued.

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