Tamil Nadu 6th Standard English Book Term 3 Brought to Book Solution | Lesson 2.3

Lesson 2.3  Brought to Book

6th Standard English Book Term 3 - Brought to Book Book Back Answers

Lesson 2.3 > Brought to Book


wreckworn out
stentorianextremely loud
ponderousdull and lacking grace
lumberedwalked or moved clumsily
verdicta judgement or opinion
agitatedtroubled emotionally
anticipationexpectation or hope
franticallyin an uncontrolled manner
choresa routine duty or task
bedraggleduntidy or messy

A. Answer the following questions

1. Why was Mahesh brought to court?

Mahesh did not take care of his books, school bag, pencil box, pencils and notebooks. He handled them badly. So he was brought to court.

2. Was Mahesh punished for the ill-treatment of his belonging ? Why?

No, Mahesh was not punished for the ill-treatment of his belongings. At the request of Ms. English Mahesh was given a second chance to mend his ways.

3. Why did the fellow brothers of Mr. Geography laugh at him?

Mr. Geography had no cover. The ‘contents’ page was hanging on its last threads. So the fellow brothers of Mr. Geography laughed at him.

4. What made Justice Mathematics turn red with anger?

The Master Notebook complained that Mahesh threw him against the wall angrily. On hearing this Justice Mathematics turned red with anger.

5. How was the court different from other courts?

In that court the punishment was decided by the victims. If the verdicts were more than one the final judgment was decided by majority.

6. Why did they decide to forgive him? Who initiated the suggestion?

They decided to forgive him because Mahesh should be given a second chance. Ms. English initiated the suggestion.

7. Was it real or a dream? How could you say?

It was a dream. The mother of Mahesh roused from sleep saying that he would be late to school.

B. Read the lines and answer the questions.

1. “You have to undo what you have done. Do you understand?”

a. Who said these words to whom?

Justice Mathematics said these words to Mahesh.

b. What was he asked to undo?

Mahesh had ruined the looks of Ms. English. So he asked to undo it by setting it right.

2. I especially envy my brother who blessing to Shobitha.

a. Who is the envy of whom?

His brother who belonged to Shobitha is the envy of Mr. Geography.

b. Who does he envy his brother?

Shobitha covered Mr. Geography’s brother neatly. She handled him gently and he looked as was
bought just then. So Mr. Geography envied his brother.

3. “I don’t mean to interrupt, Your Honour, it is just that I feel that everyone deserves a second
chance and after all, this is Mahesh’s first offence, he deserves a little consideration.”

a. What do these lines tell about the speaker?

These lines tell us that the speakers is gentle, sympathetic and forgiving.

b. Who does the word ‘I’ refer to?

‘I’ refers to Mr. English

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