7th Std Science Term 2 Solution in English | Lesson.6 Digital Painting

Lesson 6. Digital Painting

igital Painting Book Back Solution 2021 - 2022

Lesson 6. Digital Painting

I . Choose the correct answer.

1. Tux paint software is used to ……………

  1.  Paint
  2. Program
  3. Scan
  4. PDF

Ans : Paint

2. Which toolbar is used for drawing and editing controls in tux paint software?

  1. Left Side: Toolbar
  2. Right side : Toolbar
  3. Middle : Tool bar
  4. Bottom : Tool bar

Ans : Left Side: Toolbar

3. What is the shortcut key for undo option?

  1. Ctrl + Z
  2. Ctrl + R
  3. Ctrl + Y
  4. Ctrl +N

Ans : Ctrl + Z

4. Tux Math software helps in learning the ………………

  1. Painting
  2. Arithmetic
  3. Programming
  4. Graphics

Ans : Arithmetic

5. In Tux Math, Space cadet option is used for …………

  1. Simple addition
  2. Division
  3. Drawing
  4. Multiplication

Ans : Simple addition

II. Answer the following Questions:

1. What is Tux Paint?

Tux Paint is a free drawing program designed for young children.

2. What is the use of Text Tool?

Text tool is used to type texts.

3. What is the Shortcut key for Save option?

Ctrl + S

4. What is Tux Math?

Tux Math is an open source arcade – style video game for learning arithmetic.

5. What is the use of Ranger?

Ranger is used to do addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to ten.

6. Write the names of the tools used in the machine and their shortcut keys

Tool NameKeyboard Shortcut Key 
SaveCtrl + S
UndoCtrl + Z

7. Write about the benefits of Undo

This tool is used to cancel a command given earlie

8. Write about the uses of shapes

This tool is lets you draw some simple filled, and un-filled shapes.

9. Write about the title screen

Math Command Training Academy: choose this to go to a list of over fifty prepared lessons, starting with simple typing of single digit numbers, and progressing to multiplication and division involving negatives and “missing number” questions (e.g. “-17 x ? = 119”). The player wins if the question list is completed successfully. Successfully completed lessons are indicated with a flashing gold star.

10. What are the main screen sections?

Title Screen

When Tux Paint first loads, a title/credits screen will appear. Once loading is complete, press a key or click on the mouse to continue. (Or, after about 30 seconds, the title screen will go away automatically.)

Main Screen

The main screen is divided into following sections:

Left Side: Toolbar

This toolbar has the control options to draw and to edit images.

Middle: Drawing Canvas

This is the largest part of the screen dedicated to draw and edit images.

Right Side: Selector

When a tool is selected from the left side tool bar, the right side bar will display the options associated with the specific tool. (E.g.- When the line tool is selected, the right side bar shows the various lines available. When the shape tool is selected, different shape options can be seen on the right side.)

Lower: Colors

A palette of available colors are shown near the bottom of the screen.

Bottom: Help Area

At the very bottom of the screen, Tux, the Linux Penguin, provides tips and other information while you draw.


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