7th Std Science Term 3 Solution in English | Lesson.6 Visual Communication

Lesson 6. Visual Communication

 Visual Communication Book Back Solution

Lesson 6. Visual Communication

I . Choose the correct answer.

1. The Keyboard shortcut is used to copy the selected text

  1. Ctrl+c
  2. Ctrl+v
  3. Ctrl+x
  4. Ctrl+A

Ans : Ctrl+c

2. The Keyboard shortcut is used to cut the selected text

  1. Ctrl+c
  2. Ctrl+v
  3. Ctrl+x
  4. Ctrl+A

Ans : Ctrl+x

3.  How many types of page orientation are there in Libre office Writer?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4

Ans : 2

4. If the ruler is not displayed in the screen, _______ option is clicked.

  1. View -> ruler
  2. view -> task
  3. file -> save
  4. edit ->paste

Ans : View -> ruler

5. The menu is used to save the document

  1. File -> open
  2. file -> print
  3. file -> save
  4. file ->close

Ans : file -> save

II. Answer the following Questions.

1. What is the use for Text document software?

Text document software is a feature rich tool for creating letters, books, reports, newsletters, brochures and other documents

2. What is selecting text?

  • Even though the document is built up by typing one character at a time, while editing and formatting one always work with words, lines, paragraphs and sometimes with the whole document.
  • Once the text is selected, change can be made to that text.
  • The text can be moved, copied and made as bold.
  • The font and colour of the text can also be changed.
  • For selecting text, the mouse or the keyboard can be used

3. How to close a document?

Close the current document by selecting File –> Close command on the menu bar or click the close icon if it is visible on the standard toolbar.

4. What is right alignment?

  • By default, word aligns paragraphs to the left.
  • We can align paragraphs in word, so the right sides or symmetrical.
  • This is called right alignment.

5. How to open an existing document?

To open an existing document, do any one of the following methods:

  • Click the Open File button on the menu bar.
  • Choose File –> Open command from the menu bar.
  • Press CTRL+O keys on the keyboard. Each of the above method will show the Open dialog box. Choose the file and click the Open button


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