Tamil Nadu 7th Standard English Book Term 1 On Monday Morning Solution | Lesson 1.3

Lesson 1.3 On Monday Morning

7th Standard English Book Term 1 - On Monday Morning Book Back Answers

Lesson 1.3 >  On Monday Morning


pantingbreathing quicklyவிரைவாக சுவாசித்தல்
snorta cry made to show unhappinessமகிழ்சியின்மையால் காட்டப்படும் அழுகை

A. Name the speaker.

Lines from the LessonSpeaker
“No never mind. It’ll be over by and by, maybe. Don’t call anybody.”Tom
“ It makes my flesh crawl to hear you. What is the matter?”Sid
“ Your tooth indeed! What’s the matter with your tooth?”Aunt Polly

B. Write True or False against each statement.

  1. Tom enjoyed Monday mornings as he had to go to school. ( False )
  2. Tom’s first groan woke up Sid from his sound sleep. ( False )
  3. Tom wanted to give his dog with one eye to the new girl who had come to town. ( False )
  4. Aunt Polly sent Sid to fetch the dentist. ( False )

C. Read the following passage and answer the questions.

Tom lay thinking. Presently it occurred to him that he wished he was sick; then he could stay home from school. He examined himself. He found no symptoms or sickness, and he investigated again. This time he felt he had a stomach ache, but it soon grew feeble, and presently died wholly away. He reflected further.

1. Why did Tom wish that he were sick?

Tom wished that he were sick as he could miss school and stay at home.

2. What was the result of Tom’s self-examination?

Tom examined himself to find any sickness in him but he found no symptoms or sickness.

3. What did he detect?

Tom detected a mild stomach ache which completely faded away.

D. Think and answer

1. How did Sid show his affection towards Tom?

Sid was worried and frightened, when Tom said he was going to die. He couldn’t bear to see Tom in pain He immediately ran to get Aunt Polly.

2. Did Aunt Polly believe Tom’s groaning? Why?

Yes, Tom’s suffering and groans appeared so genuine. So Aunt Polly believed Tom’s groaning.

3. What did Aunt Polly do to relieve Tom’s toothache?

Aunt polly tied the tooth to the bed post with the silk thread. Next she pushed a chunk of fire almost into the boy’s face. Thus she pulled out Tom’s tooth and relieved his toothache.

E. Choose the correct answer.

1. Tom pretended his toe was dying in order to ______________

  1. miss school.
  2. scare Sid.
  3. make Aunt Polly feel bad.

Ans ; miss school.

2. Aunt Polly pulled Tom’s tooth out with ____________________

  1. her fingers.
  2. a pair of pliers.
  3. a piece of thread.

Ans ; a piece of thread.

3. Tom was miserable on Monday morning because _______________

  1. he was sick.
  2. he hated going to school.
  3. Aunt Polly was sick.

Ans ; he hated going to school.


F. Draw a family tree showing the members of your family and write a sentence about the activities that your whole family does together. How does it help others in a family and what do you learn from this?

There are many fun things we do as a family. To name a few, we discuss family matters, we play interesting games, we chat and enjoy a walk in the evening, my favouite of all. These activities help bring the whole family together. It gives us all an opportunity to get to know each other better. It strengthens our family bonds. These activities have helped me understand the true love and care of a family. I’m truly grateful to god for having blessed me with a wonderful family


G. Give a relationship term for the clues given.

  1. siblings – brothers or sisters.
  2. kith and kin – Family and relations.
  3. a chip of the old block – similar in character to one’s father or mother.
  4. two peas in a pod – very similar in appearance or character.
  5. bread winner – Father.
  6. forefathers – Ancestors.

H. Arrange the words according to their degrees of meaning.

1. eager, thrilled, excited

Ans ; eager, thrilled, excited

2. old, aged, senior

Ans ; senior, old, aged

3. small, tiny, minute

Ans ; minute, tiny, small

4. worried, panicked, anxious

Ans ; worried, anxious, panicked

I. Think and Answer

1. X and Y are parents to Z. But Z is not the son of X.

Then what is Z to X? Z is the daughter of X.

2. Meera’s brother is the father of Aakash.

Then how is Aakash related to Meera? Akash is a nephew to Meera.


சில பயனுள்ள பக்கங்கள்