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Lesson 3.2  Your Space

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harsh rough கடுமையான
doth does செய்யும்
whisper low voice கிசு சிசு, இரகசியமாக
accents emphasise வலியுறுத்தங்கள்
anxious feeling worried or showing worry கவலைப்படுதல் (or) கவலையை வெளிப்படுத்துதல்
grieve be sorrowful துக்கமாக இருத்தல்
depart leave/go விடு/போ
endure suffer patiently தாங்க
toiled worked hard கடினமான உழைத்தவர்
vain producing no results வீண்
stubborn one refusing to change one’s opinion பிடிவாதமான
strife disagreement கருத்துவேறுபாடு
eternity without end முடிவில்லாமல்

A. Answer the following questions in a sentence or two.

1. Why should we speak gently?

We should speak gently because it is better to rule over people by love than fear.

2. What do you infer about speaking with others from this poem?
We must speak gently with others.

3. What are the disadvantages of speaking harshly?

It can destroy the good things and bring a bad name to us. These are the disadvantages of speaking harshly.

4. Why does the poet tell us to speak gently to young children?

We have to speak gently to young children because we can gain their love and affection.

5. How should you speak with old people?

We must speak gently and don’t sadden their already care-worn heart.

B. Read the poem and fill in the blanks with the correct option.

soft vain fear joy love harsh
heard toiled mild good sand life

1. It is better far to rule by ________, than ___________.

Ans ; love, fear

2. Teach it in accents ________ and ________.

Ans ; soft, mild

3. Let no _________ tone be __________.

Ans ; harsh, heard

4. They may have ______ in _________.

Ans ; toiled, vain

5. The __________, the _______, which it may bring.

Ans ; good, joy

6. The ________ of _________ are nearly run.

Ans ; sand, life

C. Pick out the words which rhyme with the given words and write similar rhyming words on your own

1. far mar scar
2. fear here near
3. low flow no
4. kind bind mind
5. remain gain slain
6. they may lay

D. Take a stanza from the poem. Write it in the blanks and find the rhyme scheme.

Lines from the poem Rhyme scheme (a/b/c/d)
Speak gently! – He who gave his life a
To bend man’s stubborn will, b
When elements were in fierce strize a
Said to them, ‘peace, be still’. b


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