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Lesson 1.1 Adventures of Don Quixote

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Lesson 1.1 > Adventures of Don Quixote


hilariousamusing, entertainingபொழுது போக்கான
ogresmonster, giantஅரக்கன்


Answer the following questions

1. What kinds of books did Don Quixote like to read? What were these books like?

Don Quixote liked to read about knights and squires. These books were about courageous knights and their incredible adventures.

2. What effect do the things Don Quixote reads have on him?

Being inspired by adventure stories, Don Quixote forgot to eat or sleep. He imagined himself as a knight. Therefore, he set on a journey with a squire.

3. Why didn’t Don Quixote believe Sancho Panza when Sancho told him the ogres were actually windmills?

Though Sancho told that the ogres were actually windmills, Don Quixote’s curiosity to fight with an ogre made him not believe Sancho.

4. Why do you think Sancho continued to journey on with Don Quixote after the windmill incident?

Don Quixote told Sancho that people would write of their exploits in future. So Sancho continued to journey on with him.

5. When Don Quixote sees the cloud of dust on the plain in the distance, what does he think causes it?

Don Quixote thought that they were the armies of many nations.

6. Sancho sees two clouds of dust, leading him to conclude that there are two armies. What does Don Quixote think will happen next?

Don Quixote thought that the people would welcome them cheerfully.

7. What is the reaction of the shepherds when they see that Don Quixote is attacking their sheep?

The shepherds pelt stones on him thinking that Don Quixote was crazy.

A. Explain the difference between these words by making sentences. One is done for you.

1. see/sea

Ans ; Can you see the birds flying over the sea?

2. knight/night

Ans ; I saw a knight last night.

3. right/write

Ans ; Choose the right answer to write.

4. arms/alms

Ans ; His arms never stretch out for alms.

5. fair/fare

Ans ; The fare of the airline is very fair.

6. here/hear

Ans ; I can’t hear the sound from here.

7. heard/herd

Ans ; He heard the sound of the herd of the sheep.

8. our/hour

Ans ; Our principal usually arrives an hour before the prayer.

9. no/know

Ans ; No, I don’t know.

10. not/knot

Ans ; I do not know how to unite the knot.

B. Read the following sentences and write the meaning of the italicised words. One is done for you.

1. The bandage was wound around the wound.

  • wound – past tense of ‘wind’
  • wound – injury

2. There is a fair Arts and Craft fair this weekend.

  • fair – beautiful, pretty, lovely
  • fair – market, exhibition

3. The woodcutter saw a huge saw in his dream.

  • saw – looked (past tense of ‘see’)
  • saw – a tool for cutting wood

4. Write the right answers on the right side.

  • right – correct
  • right – right hand side

5. The well was dug by a well-known king.

  • well – a place where water is stored
  • well – famous, familiar

6. We have march-past in March.

  • march – walk, parade
  • March – month

7. Can you get me a can?

  • can – modal verb (ability)
  • can – tin

8. How long will the live fish live without food?

  • live – alive
  • live – present tense form (reside)

9. She has tears in her eyes as she tears old photos.

  • tears – drops come from eyes
  • tears – split, cut

10. I will be second in line if I wait one more second.

  • second – coming after the first, subsequent
  • second – division of an hour

C. Divide each word by putting slash (/) symbol between each syllable. On the space provided, write how many syllables each word has. Use a dictionary of you’re not sure where to divide the syllables.

1. adventuread / ven / ture3 syllables
2. courageous cou / ra / geous3 syllables
3. incrediblein / cred / i / ble4 syllables
4. knightknight1 syllable
5. hilarioushi / lar / i / ous4 syllables
6. excitementex / cite / ment3 syllables
7. peasantpeas / ant2 syllables
8. imagineim / ag / ine3 syllables
9. shepherdshep / herd2 syllables
10. entreaten / treat2 syllables

D. Listen to your teacher reading on Adventure Trips. Visualize the activities. Draw the scenes in the given boxes.

Water ActivitiesBonfire
Rock ClimbingMountain biking


Solve the crossword puzzle using superlative adjectives.


2. The ——- man ever whose age has been verified is Jiroemon Kimura

Ans ; oldest

4. Antarctica is the ——— continent in the world

Ans ; coldest

6. The elephant is the —— animal in the world

Ans ; heaviest

8. Mount Everest is the ——- mountain in the world

Ans ; tallest

Across :-

1. Deserts are the ———– places on Earth

Ans ; driest

3. Russia is the ———- country in the world

Ans ; largest

4. Mercury is the ——– planet to the sun

Ans ; closest

5. Vatican City is the —— country in the world

Ans ; smallest

6. Diamonds are the —— material in the world

Ans ; hardest

7. The cheetah is the —— animal in the world

Ans ; fastest

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