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Lesson 1.2 The Poem of Adventure

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Lesson 1.2 > The Poem of Adventure

Look at the pictures. Name the activities.


Discuss and Answer

1. What are the adventure activities of NCC?

Trekking, Scuba diving, Shooting are the adventure activities of NCC.

2. When can you join the NCC?

At the age of 12, I can join the NCC.

3. What is the motto of NCC?

Face Adventures and Serve the Nation- is the motto of NCC.

Think and Answer

1. Why do we need adventure in life?

We need adventure in life to see the world in a special way

2. Do you like adventures? Why?

Yes, I like adventures to become bold and brave.

3. Why does the NCC conduct adventure activities?

NCC conducts adventure activities to shed fear and to become strong and bold.


adroitகைதேர்ந்த, திறமையான

A. Read the lines and answer the questions.

1. Deep inside the mountain
the adventures hide themselves.

a) Where do adventures hide?

Adventures hide deep inside the mountain.

2. They are of all forms and shapes
They all have an excellent ending

a) What do have an excellent ending?

Adventures have an excellent ending.

3. when to fight for a righteous cause
one did gain considerable applause.

a) When will one get an applause?

When one fights for righteous cause, one will get an applause.

4. And in fighting for their country, faith and king
noble impressions on people’s minds would ring

a) What does ‘noble impression’ mean?

Noble impression means ‘virtuous feelings’.

b) Who can leave a noble impression?

One who fights for their country, faith and king, can leave a noble impression.

5. There are many legends based on their heroic exploitsa legacy of tales which have been told with much adroit

a) What does ‘heroic exploits’ mean?

Heroic exploits means daring adventures.

b) What are legends?

Legends are traditional stories.

B. Answer briefly.

1. What is an adventure?

Adventure is willing to try new or difficult things. It is exciting and often dangerous. Travelling, exploring, skydiving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, river rafting are some adventure games.

2. Describe the appearance of a knight.

Aknight is dressed in a tunic. He wears a suit of armour. He rides a good horse. He has a sword or lance.

3. What are the characteristics of an adventure?

Adventures are of all forms and shapes. They have an excellent ending. Adventures make us see the world in a special way.

C. Think and Answer.

1. Why does the poet ask us to imagine that we have tiny wings on our back?

Because we must take a new step then only we can bounce a bit.

2. Why should we fight for righteous cause?

Because one can gain considerable applause from the people. One can win the hearts and minds of the people.

D. Pick out the rhyming words.

i) Back in the days of old
when knights were bold
who with a sword or lance
in armour sought romance.

Rhyming words:

  • old – bold
  • lance – romance

ii) It was the age of chivalry
long ago in man’s history
when to fight for a righteous cause
one did gain considerable applause.

Rhyming words

  • chivalry – history
  • cause – applause

iii) It was ………….. We shouldn’t pause.

Rhyming words :

  • glory – worthy
  • maiden – laden
  • blows – foes
  • death – breath
  • yore – fore
  • struggle – juggle
  • king – ring
  • esteem – seem
  • exploits – adroit
  • vice – sacrifice
  • again – when
  • cause – pause

2. Write down the alliterated words.

i) because those ……….. special way.

Alliterated words:

  • live – lives
  • see – special
    world – way

ii) in a one ………….. defying death.

Alliterated words:

  • defying – death

iii) And in fighting ……… king

Alliterated words:

  • fighting – faith

iv) highlighting ……….. sacrifice.

Alliterated words:

  • virtue – vice
  • lessons – learnt


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