Tamil Nadu 7th Standard English Book Term 2 Alice in Wonderland Solution | Lesson 1.3

Lesson 1.3 Alice in Wonderland

7th Standard English Book Term 2 - Alice in Wonderland Book Back Answers

Lesson 1.3 > Alice in Wonderland

Read and understand

A. Identify the character / speaker.

1. I must find out why he’s in such a hurry!

Ans ; Alice

2. Go to my cottage and fetch my gloves and fan.

Ans ; White Rabbit

3. Oh no, I’ll never get back to the right size.

Ans ; Alice

4. One side makes you big, the other side makes you small.

Ans ; Caterpillar

5. I’ll see you later at the Queen’s croquet game.

Ans ; Cheshire cat

6. You may stay if you answer my riddle.

Ans ; Mad Hatter

7. Wake up. You’ve been sleeping for too long.

Ans ; Alice’s sister

B. Discuss and Answer.

1. Why did Alice follow the rabbit?

Alice wanted to find out why the rabbit disappeared in a hole. So she followed the rabbit.

2. Do you think this was a good idea?

No, I do not think this was a good idea.

3. Why can’t Alice get through the little door into the garden?

As Alice is too big, she can’t get through the little door into the garden.

4. Why does Alice drink from the bottle that says ‘DRINK ME’ and why does she eat from the cake that says ‘EAT ME’?

Because of her curiosity, Alice drinks the entire potion. Being hungry, she eats the cake.

5. How does Alice feel after all these changes?

Alice feels that she has grown larger than the house.

6. What do you think is going to happen next?

I think another magic is going to happen next.

C. Think and Answer.

1. What challenges does Alice face and how does she overcome them?

As the rabbit’s hole dropped, Alice fell into the hole. She came upon a three legged table. She drank the magical potion. It changed her into the size of a doll. She ate a magical chocolate there. Later she grew up to her original size. Alice could not answer the hare’s ambiguous puzzle. Soon the Queen called Alice to play croquet with her. But Alice could not win. So the Queen ordered to take off Alice’s head. Then Alice’s sister told her to wake up. It is all nothing but a dream. As it is a dream, she overcomes those challenges.

2. Have you ever had a strange dream? Share your dream in the class.

I am going to tell you about my strange dream. Yesterday I went to bed and everything was calm. I fell asleep and in a moment I appeared in blackness. I called if someone could hear me but no one answered. I walked and walked until I saw a light. I went towards it and again I appeared in a forest with the bird singing and dancing. I listened to it, but then in a moment all went into flames. A voice screamed so loud that I fell down. I stood up and ran into the light. Again and again I appeared in a strange place. Now I was in a cup filled with coffee. I tried to get out but I couldn’t. Then I appeared in the blackness again and I went into a green light. Suddenly I was in a bathtub filled with ducks. I scratched my head and asked myself how this was possible. Then I woke up. I was all sweaty and I laughed quietly to myself.

D. Role play: Put students in pairs to role a conversation between:

Alice and her sisterAlice and White Rabbit
Alice : What are you reading, sis?

A.sister : It is an interesting story.

Alice : But there is no pictures in it.

A.sister : Yes, it’s a novel. I can comprehend.

Alice : It is a bore one. I am going to sleep.

A.sister : Get up Alice, Why are you shouting ‘leave me’ ‘leave me’?

Alice : Sorry, sis. It’s a dream.

A.sister : What dream?

Alice : A queen ordered to take off my head in my dream. That’s why I shout.

A.sister : Oh! Naughty girl. Get ready to school

Alice : Hai, Rabbit. What is this place called?

W.Rabbit: Welcome, Little angel. It is called Wonderland.

Alice : Oh, I see. What is special here?

W.Rabbit: You can enjoy candies and juices here.

Alice : Wow! Then?

W.Rabbit: Lot of beautiful places to play.

Alice : Good! Some else?

W.Rabbit: Lot of friends like me to play with you

Alice : I love this wonderland, so much Rabbit.

W.Rabbit: Me too, Alice.

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