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Lesson 1.1 Journey by Train 

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Work in pairs. Choose six items which are essential for a camp. Rank their priority and justify your answer.

  1. Watch – It is used to keep the programme in a correct time.
  2. Torch – It is used at night.
  3. Tent – It is use to stay.
  4. Note  – It is used to write.
  5. Rope – It is used to fix the tent
  6. Hammer – It is essential for making tent

Section I


fertile territoryrich vegetated areaவளமான
locomotiverailway engineநீராவி எந்திர தொடர்வண்டி
horizonthe line at which the earth’s surface and the sky appear to meetதொடுவானம் / விரிந்த பார்வை
gazinglook steadilyஉற்று நோக்குதல்

Section II

Discuss and answer.

1. Why did the train stop in the middle of the forest?

The railway line was not finished. So the train stopped in the middle of the forest

2. Why was Sir Francis angry?

Sir Francis’ journey was interrupted as the railway line was not finished. So he was angry.


haltstopநிறுத்தம் / இடைவெளி
acaciaa thorny treeகருவேலமரம்
snappedbecame angryகோபப்படுதல்
furiousextremely angryகோபம்

Section III

Discuss and answer.

1. Which mode of transport did Fogg choose?

Fog chose an elephant, kiouni

2. Did he hire Kiouni? Why?

No, the elephant owner wanted a great bargain

3. Why was the elephant owner happy with the deal?

The elephant owner sold the elephant for two thousand pounds.  So he was happy


refusednot willingமறுத்து
howdahsa seat for riding on the back of an elephantயானை மீது அமரும் ஆசனம்
carpet bagMr. Phileas Fogg left London with very little luggage. All his money was in the carpet bag.படுக்கை பை
perchedpositionedநிலை நிறுத்தி


A. Fill in the table

Problems Faced By Mr. Fogg
And His Team
The train stopped in the middle of the forest.Mr. Fogg wanted to hire an elephant.
They couldn’t hire the elephant.They were read to buy the elephat for two thousand pounds.
They were in need of an elephant driverA young man offered his services for a generous reard.

B. Answer the questions briefly.

1. Who inhabited the jungles that the train passed through?

Snakes, tigers and elephants inhabited the jungles that the train passed through.

2. What was the reaction of the inhabitants?

The inhabitants stood gazing with sad eyes at the train as it passed

3. What did Mr. Fogg mean by, ‘it was foreseen’?

It meant the obstacle in between their journey. Mr. Fogg expected it already.

4. Describe the elephant driver in your own words.

The elephant driver was a skilled person. He had an intelligent face. He offered his services as a guide for a generous reward.

C. Think and Answer.

1. What qualities of Mr. Phileas Fogg are highlighted in this extract? Support your answer with suitable examples.

Mr.Phileas Fogg travelled through some parts of India. His assistant Passepartout and his friend Sir Francis travelled with him. Leaving Bombay, the train had passed through Salcette islands, Nassik, Khandesh, Burhampoor and Sutpour Mountains. The train stopped in the middle of the forest near the village Rothal. Because the railway line is not finished. At that time, the railways were being built in the country. Sir Francis and Passepartout got angry with the train conductor. However, Mr.Fogg was calm. He already expected these type of obstacles. He thought of other means of transportation to reach Calcutta. He was ready to give huge amount for the elephant ride. In addition, he was ready to offer a generous reward for the elephant driver. Because he was determined to reach Calcutta in time. Thus, Mr.Fogg was a genuine and generous traveler.


D. Fill in the blanks with correct travel words.


To make travel convenient, we must book tickets well in advance. Then we have to pack our things and schedule our trip. We have to reach the railway station in time and board the train in order to reach our destination.

E. Match the phrasal verbs with their meanings.

Section – A

Phrasal verbs

 Section – B


1. set outto go somewhere for a short break or holidayto begin a journey (பயணத்தை தொடங்குதல்)
2. pick upto begin a journey– to get someone from a place (ஓரிடத்தில்
3. get away to enter a bus, a train or a planeto go somewhere fora short break or holiday (சிறு ஓய்வு அல்லது விடுமுறைக்குப் பின் எங்கேயாவது செல்லுதல்)
4. see offto leave a bus, a train or a planeto go to the station to say good bye to someone (ஒருவரை வழியனுப்பச் செல்லுதல்)
5. get intoto go to the station to say good bye to someoneto enter a bus, a train or a plane (வாகனத்திற்குள் செல்லுதல்)
6. get offto get someone from a placeto leave a bus, a train or a plane (வாகனத்திலிருந்து வெளியே செல்லுதல்)


Refer to a dictionary. Find the meaning of the following words and write them down.

  1. journey – an act of travelling from one place to another, especially when they are far apart.
  2. picnic – an occasion when people pack a meal and take it to eat outdoors, especially in the countryside.
  3. pilgrimage – a journey to a holy place for religious reasons.
  4. tour – a journey made for pleasure during which several different towns, countries, etc.
  5. vacation – (in Britain) one of the periods of time when universities or courts of law are closed; (in the US) one of the periods of time when schools, colleges, universities or courts of law are closed
  6. excursion – a short journey made for pleasure, especially one that has been organized for a group of people.


Don’t saySayNote
Did you come in train? Did you come by train?Always use the preposition ‘by’ to indicate travel by a vehicle. (ஒரு வாகனம் மூலம் பயணம் செய்யும் போது “by” என்ற preposition பயன்படுத்த வேண்டும்
I came to office by walk.I came to office on foot.We can say ‘by car’ ‘by bus’. But we cannot say ‘by walk’ as walk is not a means of transport used to travel. We walk on our feet (வாகனம் மூலம் பயணம் செய்யாமல் நடந்து பயணிப்பதினை கூற “on” என்ற preposition பயன்படுத்த வேண்டும்.
The ship team of five sailors.The ship has a crew of twenty five sailors.The group of people who work in a ship is called ‘crew’ (கப்பலில் பணியுரியும் குழுவை “crew” என்றே அழைக்க வேண்டும்)


G. Listen to the teacher reading the Weather forecast and complete the report.

Name of the Cyclone is Gaja. It may affect the places North Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. Heavy rains are expected on November 14 and 15. It is 880 km east away from Nagapattinam.


H. Rewrite the story in the past tense.

The boy chased a cat. The cat climbed up the tree and purred from the branch of the tree. The cat jumped to another tree. The boy who was chasing the cat noticed a snake under the tree. He left his attempt to catch the cat and he ran home screaming for help.

I. Look at the picture and complete the following.

Nila told Miruthula that this hotel was famous for masala idli. Miruthula said that the idly was soft and spongy. Nila exclaimed with joyfully thai it was delicious too. She also said that they had added Kashmiri chilli. Miruthula said that her sister also liked that dish very much.


J. You are waiting to board a train in a railway station. The train is delayed by an hour. Write a paragraph about the crowded scene in the railway station based on your observation.

vendorstea vendorsshopsfamiliespiles of luggage
porterstrolleyscroll boardannouncementticket counter queue

I am on the way to Kerala with my family by train. We reach the station an hour early. But the announcement and scroll board inform us that the train is one hour late. I see a long queue in the ticket counter. After getting ticket, we all gather in the platform with piles of luggage. We get tea from the tea vendor and water bottle from the shop in the platform. Some porters are pushing trolleys here and there. There are lot of families waiting for the train in the platform like us.


சில பயனுள்ள பக்கங்கள்