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Lesson 2.3 Man Overboard

7th Standard English Book Term 3 - Man Overboard Book Back Answers

Lesson 2.3 > Man Overboard


A. Complete the following statements.

1. Everyone in the ship started to pray because _____________________

Ans ; of the threatening message about the brewing storm in the Indian Ocean.

2. Vasantha’s imagination run wild because _____________________

Ans ; she recalled the incident that her class teacher told.

3. Vasantha made a lot of noise because a _____________________

Ans ; man tumbled into the wild waves of the sea.

4. Vasantha could not see the rescue operation because _____________________

Ans ; it was far away from her.

5. The captain presented a gift to Vasantha because _____________________

Ans ;  of her intention to act quickly in alerting the crew.

B. Identify the speaker / character.

1. Don’t worry, Madam, it’s only a warning.

A gentleman to an old lady

2. A man fell into the sea. Please save him.

Vasantha – the little girl

3. Stop ship. Drop anchor. Quick!

The Captain

4. He’ll have to be given artificial respiration and kept warm

The Nurse

5. Wake up, child

A sailor

C. Book Talk!

Read the story once again and fill in the boxes.


  • Beginning: Vasantha explores the ship, warning about the storm is heard.
  • Middle : She finds a man tumbled into the sea, cries for help.
  • End : The man is rescued, Vasantha is applauded and the captain gifts her.

  • When : One fine morning
  • Where: On the waters of the Indian Ocean on the way to Singapore from Madras

  • Vasantha: The little girl playing the main role.
  • Captain : Captain Lindsay, a kind hearted gentleman.
  • Others : A man retching on the rails, who was rescued, An old lady who prays, a gentleman who consoles the old lady.

  • Describe the problem in the story:
    • A huge wave lashed the ship and the man retching on the rails tumbled into the wild sea.

  • Describe the solution:
    • Vasantha alerted the crew, the man was rescued and given first-aid.

  • Describe the problem in the story

    • A huge wave lashed the ship and the man retching on the rails tumbled into the wild sea.


In each question below, there is a sentence in which some parts have been jumbled up. Rearrange these parts which are labelled P, Q, R and S to produce the correct sentence. Choose the proper sequence.

1. When he

P : did not knowQ : he was nervous and
R : heard the hue and cry at midnightS : what to do
  1. RQPS
  2. QSPR
  3. SQPR
  4. PQRS

Ans ; RQPS

2. They felt safer

P : to watch the mountainQ : of more than five miles
R : as they settled downS : from a distance
  1. RPSQ
  2. RSQP
  3. PQSR
  4. PRSQ

Ans ; RQPS

3. If you need help

P : promptly and politelyQ : ask for attendants
R : to help our customersS : who have instructions
  1. SQPR
  2. QPSR
  3. QSRP
  4. SQRP

Ans ; QSRP

4. He knew that

P : and then to save himselfQ : was to save all the lives
R : entrusted to his careS : the duty of a captain


Ans ; SQRP

5. With her body

P : dragging her unwilling feetQ : weak and infirm
R : doubled with ageS : she persisted in her mission
  1. PQRS
  2. QPRS
  3. RQPS
  4. SRPQ

Ans ; PQRS

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