8th Std Science Term 3 Solution in English | Lesson.9 Visual Communication

Lesson 9. Visual Communication

Visual Communication Book Back Solution

Lesson 9. Visual Communication

I. Choose the best answer.

1. The Keyboard shortcut is used to copy the selected text

  1. Ctrl + C
  2. Ctrl + V
  3. Ctrl + X
  4. Ctrl + A

Ans : Ctrl + C

2. The Keyboard shortcut is used to cut the selected text

  1. Ctrl + C
  2. Ctrl + V
  3. Ctrl + X
  4. Ctrl + A

Ans : Ctrl + X

3. If the ruler is not displayed in the screen, __________ option is clicked. 

  1. View –> ruler
  2. View –> task
  3. File –> save
  4. Edit –>paste

Ans : View –> ruler

4. How many types of page orientation are there in Libre office Writer?

  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4

Ans : 2

5. The menu used to save the document is

  1. File –> open
  2. File –> print
  3. File –> save
  4. Edit –>close

Ans : File –> save

II. Answer in brief:

1. What is the use for Text document software?

Writer (word processor) is a feature rich tool for creating letters, books, reports, newsletters, brochures and other documents.

2. What is selecting text?

  • Even though the document is built up by typing one character at a time, while editing and formatting one always work with words, lines, paragraphs and sometimes with the whole document.
  • For this purpose one should learn how to select the text.
  • Once the text is selected, change can be made to that text. Te text can be moved, copied and made as bold.
  • The font and colour of the text can also be changed. For selecting text, the mouse or the keyboard can be used.

3. How to close a document?

Close the current document by selecting File Close command on the menu bar or click the Close icon if it is visible on the Standard toolbar.

4. What is right alignment?

When the paragraphs in words are aligned, right sides are symmetrical. This is called right alignment

5. How to open an existing document?

To open an existing document, do any one of the following methods:

  • Click the Open File button on the menu bar.
  • Choose File→Open command from the menu bar.
  • Press CTRL+O keys on the keyboard. Each of the above method will show the Open dialog box. Choose the file and click the Open button

6. Define Copying the Text

  • The text to be copied is selected.
  • Edit → Copy is selected or is clicked.
  • The insertion point is selected where the copy of the text should appear and is clicked.

The following keyboard shortcuts can also be used for copy and paste:

Ctrl + C → to Copy

Ctrl + V → to Paste


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