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Lesson 1.2  My Hobby: Reading 

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Lesson 1.2 > My Hobby: Reading

Warm up:

1. What are your leisure time activities? Why do you do them?

ஓய்வு நேரத்தில் உனது செயல்கள் என்னென்ன?

I listen music. It gives me happiness.

நான் இசை கேட்பேன். அது எனக்கு மகிழ்ச்சி தருகிறது.

2. Do you read books? What types of books do you read?

புத்கதங்களை வாசிப்பாயா? எந்த விதமான புத்தகங்களை வாசிப்பாய்?

Yes. Children’s comic books

ஆம்.  சிறுவர் படக்கதை புத்தகங்களை வாசிப்பேன்.


Ajarslightly openசற்று திறந்திருக்கும்
Cackleinformal laughமுறைசாரா சிரிப்பு
Constructingestablish / createநிறுவ / உருவாக்க

1. Comprehension Questions.

1. What is the hobby of the poet?

Reading is the hobby of the poet.

2. What does ‘ajar’ mean?

Ajar means ‘slightly open’.

3. Can the poet fly without wings?

The poet says that he can fly without wings by reading books.

4. What can children do to society if they read?

The children can construct a powerful society, if they read.

5. What is theme of the poem?

To develop the reading habit is theme of the poem.

2. On the basis of your understanding of the poem, tick the most suitable option to complete the statements.


  1. wastes my time.
  2. helps me think deeply about every thing.
  3. keeps me busy.
  4. help me in thought breeding.þ

My hobby

  1. arguing in the court.
  2. working in hospitals.
  3. taking me far and near. þ
  4. selling goods in a wholesale market.


  1. helps me to weep and cry.
  2. lets me fly without wings. þ
  3. works in fields to produce food.
  4. helps me asleep quickly.


  1. blesses the children who read.
  2. helps the children to construct society. þ
  3. blesses the teachers who teach.
  4. blesses the Farmers who produce food.

3. Complete the table given below in order to understand the poem better.

The poet mentions uses of readingThe lines in the poem describe the useThe rhymes used in the linesMeaning of the line
Thought breedingIt helps me
In thought breeding.
reading-breedingReading helps the poet think a lot
Opens rations doorsIt keeps my rational
Doors ajar
Far-ajarIt opens the poet’s rational mind slightly.
Fly without wingsWithout wings
It lets me fly.
Cry-flyReading enables the poet to fly without wings.
Constructing societyIf all the children could read, In constructing a vigorous society,Read-succeedChildren can construct a powerful society, if they read.

Answer the following:

a. Identify the rhyme scheme of the given short poem.

My dog likes bones,

He eats them up,

He’s very sweet,

He’s just a pup. – Rhyme Scheme: a b c b

b. Complete this rhyme on your own with a abab rhyme scheme.

Peas porridge hot,

Peas porridge cold,

We have in the pot

You drink it with bold


சில பயனுள்ள பக்கங்கள்