Tamil Nadu 8th Standard English Book Term 1 Friendship Solution | Lesson 2.1

Lesson 2.1 Friendship

8th Standard English Book Term 7 - Friendship Book Back Answers

Lesson 2.1 > Friendship

Section -I


Complexes consisting of many different and connected parts பல பகுதிகளை கொண்டிருக்கும் வளாகம்
Demanded ask authoritatively கேட்டல்
Establishing set up on a firm and permanent basis நிறுவுதல்
Decided having clear opinion முடிவெடுத்தல்

Fill in the blanks

1. ___________ constructions was once a leading company.

Ans ; Vetri

2. He took a ________ to run his company.

Ans ; loan

3. Vetri’s friend is ___________

Ans ; Asif

Section -II

Boarded get on or into a vehicle வாகனத்தில் ஏறுதல்
Consoled comfort someone at the time of grief ஆறுதல் கூறுதல்
Competition an event or contest போட்டி
Exchanged give something and receive something பகிர்தல்
Effected cause a change in someone or something மாற்றத்திற்கு காரணமாக இருத்தல்

Say True or False.

  1. Keelakudi was the native of Vetri. – ( True )
  2. The school was a middle school. – ( True )
  3. Vetri and Asif were good in studies. – ( True )
  4. Vetri never visited Chennai. – ( True )
  5. Asif was a businessman. – ( True )

Section -III

Nervously in an anxious or uneasy manner பதற்றமாக
Astounded shocked or greatly surprised வாயடைத்துபோய்
Hesitatingly to be reluctant or wait to act because of fear தயக்கமாக
Dumbfounded speechless with amazement வாயடைத்துபோதல்
Dropped the act of a person or thing that drops கீழே விடுதல்

Read and Understand

A. Choose the correct answer.

1. Vetri went to Asif’s _________.

  1. home
  2. office
  3. room

Ans ; office

2. Vetri came to Chennai to visit his _______.

  1. father
  2. friend
  3. brother

Ans ; friend

3. Asif saw his friend through the ________.

  1. camera
  2. window
  3. glass

Ans ; camera

B. Choose correct synonyms for the italic word

1. Vetri constructed a bungalow.

  1. design
  2. build
  3. foundation
  4. destroy

Ans ; build

2. The brothers started a business, separately.

  1. apart
  2. alone
  3. united
  4. combined

Ans ; apart

3. I am living in the outskirts of the village.

  1. border
  2. outpost
  3. center
  4. region

Ans ; border

4. Asif quarreled with his friend.

  1. fight
  2. differ
  3. peace
  4. fun

Ans ; fight

5. He stood astounded.

  1. happy
  2. surprised
  3. shocked
  4. excited

Ans ; shocked

C. Choose correct Antonyms for the italic word.

1. The wife replied angrily.

  1. calm
  2. annoyed
  3. irritate

Ans ; calm

2. The vegetables look fresh.

  1. rotten
  2. dull
  3. new

Ans ; rotten

3. Vetri had a strong will to start a new business.

  1. desire
  2. thin
  3. weak

Ans ; weak

4. Vetri was surprised by his friend.

  1. unsurprised
  2. expected
  3. shocked

Ans ; unsurprised

5. He spoke nervously.

  1. Scared
  2. confident
  3. anxious

Ans ; confident

D. Answer the following questions in one or two words.

1. What was the name of Vetri’s company?

Vetri constructions was the name of Vetri’s company.

2. Why did he sell his properties?

He sold his properties to repay his loan.

3. Which was the home town of Vetri and Asif?

Keelakudi was the home town of Vetri and Asif.

4. When did Vetri receive a call from Asif’s office?

Two days after his visit, Vetri received a call from Asif’s office.

E. Answer the following questions in 100 words.

1. How Vetri lost his properties?

After his father’s death, Vetri’s brothers asked him to split the wealth, as they wanted to start their business separately. Vetri found difficult to run his business. He took loans and not able to repay it. To repay his loans he sold his properties. Thus, Vetri lost his properties.

2. What happened when Vetri met Asif?

Asif saw Vetri through his CCTV camera, and came out of his room and welcomed Vetri. They talked about their school days and the fun they had. Asif took Vetri to his house and gave lunch with affection.

3. How did Asif show his friendship?

Asif did not forget his friend Vetri. He patted his friend with kindness. He came out from his room and welcomed Vetri which shows his kind heart. He was very caring. Asif dropped his friend in the railway station, which shows his simplicity and the nature of giving importance to friendship. After two days, Asif gave the project to his friend.


Compound words

A) Match the following compound words and write them:

First word Second word
match mark
air cut
blood port
Pop gum
sky bank
hair blue
book corn
chewing box
Ans ; 1 – H, 2 – C, 3 – E, 4 – G, 5 – F, 6 – B, 7 – A, 8 – D

B. Choose the best answer to make a compound word

1. Which can be placed after ‘soft’?

  1. play
  2. ware
  3. run
  4. cycle

Ans ; ware

2. Which can be placed before ‘light’?

  1. try
  2. sun
  3. horse
  4. cat

Ans ; sun

3. Which can be placed after ‘safe’?

  1. chair
  2. guard
  3. shop
  4. van

Ans ; guard

4. Which can be placed after ‘blue’?

  1. cane
  2. print
  3. see
  4. land

Ans ; print

5. Which can be placed after ‘water’?

  1. food
  2. stick
  3. fall
  4. out

Ans ; fall

Singular plural

Write the plural form of the given words

Singular Plural
food food
radius radii
governor – general governors-general
syllabus syllabi
datum data
commander-in-chief commanders-in-chief
thesis theses
forum fora
cattle cattle
genius genii


Listen carefully to the passage given in QR code and answer the following questions

1. Whose speech is it?

It is the speech of Rahim.

2. What did Rahul engrave?

Rahul engraved Rahim’s help.

3. Who is lucky?

Rahul is lucky.

4. Who bagged ‘all-rounder’ award?

Rahul bagged ‘all-rounder’ award.

5. Whose birthday party is it?

It is Rahul’s birthday


Arrange the picture in order by writing the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the given boxes and write this familiar story in about 100 words.

Make use of the words given below.

thirsty village pitcher
disappointment pebbles water level

8th Standard English Book Term 7 - Friendship Book Back Answers

One hot day, a thirsty crow was in search of water in a village. It saw a pot. The water level was low. So the crow was disappointed. It saw some pebbles. It dropped the pebbles into the pot cleverly. The water level raised. The crow drank the water and flew away happily.


a. Fill in the blanks

Positive Comparative Superlative
tall taller tallest
smart smarter smartest
large larger largest
much/many more most
late later/latter latest

Let’s compare two things.

1. Which is faster a train or a plane?

Plane is faster than train

2. Which is cheaper gold or silver?

Silver is cheaper than gold.

3. Which is larger, city or village?

City is larger than village

4. Which is bigger, a sea or an ocean?

An ocean is bigger than sea.

5. Which is taller, a giraffe or a camel?

Giraffe is taller than Camel.

Let’s compare three things.

1. Town – city – village ( quiet )

  • Village is a quiet place.
  • Village is quieter than a town.
  • Village is the quietest place.

2. Istanbul – Moscow – London (populated )

  • Istanbul is a populated city.
    Moscow is more populated than Istanbul
    London is the most populated city.

3. Windy weather –warm weather – rainy weather ( good )

  • Rainy weather is good for us
  • Windy weather is better than warm weather
  • Rainy weather is the best weather

4. Ocean – river – lake ( deep )

  • A River is deep
  • A lake is deeper than a river
    An Ocean is the deepest of all

5. The USA – Russia – Spain ( large )

  • Spain is a large country
  • Russia is larger than Spain
  • USA is one of the largest country

6. The Mahanadi – The Cauvery – The Ganga ( long )

  • The Cauvery is a long river
  • The Mahanadi is longer than the Cauvery
  • The Ganga is the longest river

7. Chennai – Hyderabad – Bengaluru (modern)

  • Hyderabad is a modern city.
  • Chennai is more modern than Hyderabad.
  • Bengaluru is the most modern city.

Language Check Point

Incorrect Correct Explanation
Jim and me are going to the beach. Jim and I are going to the beach. Don’t use objective pronoun me. Use I as it plays a role of subject. ( Jim and I – plural subject so we
use are)
You better to consult a doctor. You better consult a
Don’t use infinitive ‘to’ after rather and better.
They selected him as a leader . They selected him a leader. as is not used with the verbs like selected, elected made, appointed , named and called .


சில பயனுள்ள பக்கங்கள்