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Lesson 3.1 Being Safe

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Lesson 3.1 >  Being Safe

Warm up

Where is a safe place to cross?

சாலையை கடக்க பாதுகாப்பான இடம் எது?

Zebra crossing

பாதசாரிகள் சாலையை கடக்கும் பகுதி

What do you know about safety?

பாதுகாப்பு என்பது குறித்து நீ என்ன நினைக்கிறாய்?

According to me, to avoid distress is safety

என்னை பொறுத்தவரை, துன்பம் வராமல் தவித்துக் கொள்வதே பாதுகாப்பு.


Section – I


Bifurcatesdivide into two separate partsதனித்தனியாக இரு பகுதியாக பிரிதல்
Amusesto make someone laugh or smileசிரிப்பு உண்டாக்குதல்
Mergesjoin togetherஒன்றாக இணைதல்

A. State whether the following statements are true or false.

  1. Prasanth had gone to bring coffee to his friends. – ( True )
  2. Grandpa was so angry seeing Prasanth’s friends. -( False )
  3. Prasanth’s friend came on by walk. -( True )
  4. Teacher had taught about the rules of road safety. – ( True )

Section – II


Scorchingextremely hotஅதிக வெப்பமான
Sunscreena cream or lotion rubbed on the skin to protect it from the sun.வெப்பத்திலிருந்து பாதுககாக்க தடவும் ஒரு பாலேடு
Exhaustedfeeling tiredகளைப்படைதல்
Sun strokeunconscious or heatstroke brought about by excessive exposure to the sun.அதிக வெப்பத்தினால் வரும் மயக்கம்
Giddyhaving a sensation of falling down.கீழே விழும் மயக்க உணர்வு
Nauseatedsickening, stomach-turningஉடல் நலமின்மை
Street smartthe knowledge to be with diffi culties and dangers.கஷ்டங்கள், ஆபத்துகளை சமாளிக்கும் புத்திக் கூர்மை

A. Fill in the blanks.

1. They had come to play under the shade of big ______________.

Ans ; neem tree.

2. We should put on ________________ to avoid sun burn.

Ans ; sunscreen

3. __________________ is a more serious health related illness.

Ans ; Sun stroke

4. Mani’s mother had instructed him not to roam in sun light between ________ and __________.

Ans ; 10 am, 3 pm

5. Street smart means _____________________________________________.

Ans ; the knowledge to be with difficulties and dangers

Section – III


Fertilizerchemical or natural substance added to land to increase its fertility.உரம்
Antifreezea liquid that can be added to water to lower the freezing point.உறைதல் எதிர்ப்பு பொருள்
Hazardousrisky; dangerousஆபத்தான
Emergencyoften dangerous situation requiring immediate action.நெருக்கடியான சூழ்நிலை

Read and Understand

A. Choose the best answer

1. Grandpa got a call from _________ .

  1. his son
  2. wife
  3. his old friend

Ans ; his old friend

2. Medicine should be kept in __________ .

  1. fridge
  2. kitchen table
  3. locked cabinet

Ans ; locked cabinet

3. _________ automotive and gardening products should be secured.

  1. gardening products
  2. hazardous
  3. medicine

Ans ; hazardous

4. we should have _______ in our home itself to give medical treatment.

  1. first aid kit
  2. injection
  3. hospital

Ans ; first aid kit

5. Some house _______ and _______ are poisonous.

  1. used food and plants
  2. plants and dog
  3. plants and used button cell batteries

Ans ; plants and used button cell batteries

B. Choose the correct synonyms for the Italic word

1. Dixie was feeling very exhausted.

  1. joy
  2. wounded
  3. tired
  4. rejoiced

Ans ; tired

2. The neem tree was a big antique in his garden.

  1. modern
  2. ancient
  3. updated
  4. out dated

Ans ; ancient

3. Praveen got sun stroke.

  1. fever
  2. nerves
  3. unconscious
  4. tired

Ans ; unconscious

4. Heat exhaustion prevails.

  1. widespread
  2. not visible
  3. explosive
  4. hidden

Ans ; widespread

C. Choose the correct antonyms for the Italic word

1. Karan visited his ancestral village.

  1. offspring
  2. family
  3. house
  4. relative

Ans ; offspring

2. We should use our mobile safely.

  1. unsafe
  2. secure
  3. protect
  4. save

Ans ; offspring

3. Medicine should be stored.

  1. consumed
  2. deleted
  3. preserved
  4. registered

Ans ; deleted

4. The neem tree provided shelter to many birds.

  1. residence
  2. un protection
  3. home
  4. security

Ans ; un protection

5. It is a latest mobile.

  1. updated
  2. outdated
  3. new
  4. modern

Ans ; outdated

D. Answer the following in one or two sentences.

1. What is STREET SMART?

STREET SMART is the knowledge to be with difficulties and dangers.

2. Which should be used with adults supervision?

Mobile Phones should be used with adults supervision.

3. What according to grandpa is the most serious illness?

According to grandpa, Sunstroke is the most serious illness.

4. What is the must in every house hold?

A First Aid Kit is the must in every house hold.

E. Answer the following questions in 100 words.

1. How can you make yourself cyber safe?

We can make ourselves cyber safe by not posting our personal information, photos, vacation plans etc., in the social media.

2. What are the safety measures to be followed for sunstroke?

  • We should play under the shade of the tree.
  • We should not roam in sunlight between 10 AM and 3 PM.
  • We should take breaks by going indoors.
  • We should put on Sunscreen 15 to 20 minutes before.
  • We may avoid sun stroke, by following these safety measures.

3. Write about road safety rules.

  • We should be very careful while walking and crossing the roads.
  • We should use Zebra crossing while crossing the roads.
  • We should keep walking on right hand side, so that we can see the vehicles coming.
  • We should walk in a line one behind the other and not in groups.
  • We should not use a cell phone while walking on the road.


Syllabify the words

  1. Education – e-du-ca-tion
  2. School – school
  3. College – col-lege
  4. English – Eng-lish
  5. Fundamentally – fun-da-men-tal-ly
  6. Friend – friend
  7. Teacher – teach-er
  8. Simultaneously – si – mul – ta-ne-ous-ly
  9. University – u-ni-ver-si-ty
  10. Examination – ex-a-mi-na-tion


Listen to the teacher and answer the questions.

1. The ‘net’ in internet really stands for _______________

Ans ; network

2. A network is two or more computers connected together so that _______________ can be shared, or sent from one computer to another.

Ans ; information

3. ____________ is accessed through web pages that companies, organizations and individuals create and post.

Ans ; Information

4. ______________ may enjoy using it to do research for a school project, downloading your favorite songs or communicating with friends and family.

Ans ; You

5. ____________________  like a giant bulletin board that the whole world use.

Ans ; It’s kind of

Develop the following Hints.

1. Tortoise – hare – forest – Tortoise walking- seen by a hare- hare laughs – tortoise speed – Tortoise sad – bet – race – Tortoise moving- slow speed –Hare moves – fast – sleeps- tortoise – reaches winning point – first – Wins the bet.
A Tortoise and a hare
Once a tortoise and a hare lived in the forest. The hare saw the tortoise walking. It walked very slowly. So the hare laughed at the tortoise. So it was very sad. They bet on racing. Tortoise moved very slowly. Hare ran very fast. So the hare began to sleep. At that time the tortoise reached the winning point first. Finally the tortoise won the bet.
Moral: Knowledge is power.
2. Akbar – Birbal – courtiers jealous of Birbal – ask Akbar – test Birbal wiseness – Courtier puts a question – How many crows in Agra – Birbal asks for a week – everyday sitting on the terrace -looking at the crows- after a week – courtier asks – Birbal says 156757 crows – asks the courtier to check- Akbar laughs.
Birbal’s wiseness
Akbar was a king. Birbal was one of the courtiers of Akbar’s kingdom. As Birbal was very wise, the courtiers were jealous of him. One day Akbar asked his courtiers to conduct a test for checking his wisdom. The courtiers asked him how many crows are in Agra. Birbal asked them one week to count the crows. So he sat on the terrace every day and looked at the crows. After a week, the courtiers asked him how many crows are in Agra. Birbal replied him that 156757 crows are in Agra.Then Akbar asked the courtier to check the crows. Finally Akbar laughed at for his foolishness.
Moral : Slow and steady wins the race.
3. A wood cutter – cutting wood – dropped his axe in the pond – started weeping – angel appeared – asked what the matter was – brought a golden axe – from the pond – wood cutter did not accept – brought a silver axe – not accepted – brought an iron axe – accepted – pleased with the honesty – offered all the axes to him.
A Wood Cutter
A wood cutter was cutting the wood in the forest. Suddenly he had dropped his axe in the pond. He started weeping. At that time an angel appeared before him. The angel asked him what the matter was. He told her that he had dropped his axe in the pond. So she brought a golden axe from the pond. The wood cutter did not accept it. And then she brought a silver axe. He did not accept it again. Finally she brought an iron axe. Now he accepted the iron axe. So the angel was pleased with the honesty of the wood cutter. So she offered all the axes to him.
Moral : Honesty is the best policy


I. Use polite request when we seek help from others.

a) Fill in the blanks using would you or could you.

1. ________________ please close the door?

Ans ; Could you

2. ________________ please open the window?

Ans ; Could you

3. ________________ mind going to the back bench?

Ans ; Would you

4. ________________ please bring some water for me?

Ans ; Could you

b) Use the phrases could you or would you in the following situations with your friend.

1. Ask the policeman for directions.

Could you please direct the Post Office?

2. You need to borrow your friend’s bike.

Could you please borrow your bike?

3. You would need to exchange the book purchased.

Would you exchange the book purchased?

4. You want to open your classroom window.

Could you please open the classroom window?

II. Prepositions

1. We go to school ______ Mondays, but not on Sunday

Ans ; on

2. Christmas is ____ December 25th.

Ans ; on

3. Buy me a present ______ my birthday.

Ans ; on

4. Families often argue ____ Christmas time.

Ans ; at

5. I work faster ____ night.

Ans ; at

6. Her shift finished ____ 7pm

Ans ; at

Language Check Point

Work hard lest you will fail.Work hard lest you should fail‘Lest’ must be followed by ‘Should’
I know to cookI know how to cookBefore using infinitive, use how/what/when after the word ‘know’.
You will never see a man like he.You will never see a man like him.A pronoun takes objective case after like or unlike.


சில பயனுள்ள பக்கங்கள்