Tamil Nadu 8th Standard English Book Term 3 Special Hero Solution | Lesson 1.2

Lesson 1.2 Special Hero

8th Standard English Book Term 3 - Special Hero Back Answers

Lesson 1.2 > Special Hero

Warm up:

What are the sacrifices made by your father for your family.

உங்கள் குடும்பத்திற்காக உங்கள் அப்பா செய்த தியாகங்கள் என்ன?

My father gives me food and shelter.

என் அப்பா எனக்கு உணவு மற்றும் தங்குமிடம் தருகிறார்.

My father gets us clothes.

என் அப்பா எனக்கு துணிகள் வாங்கித்தருகிறார்.

My father gives me education.

என் அப்பா எனக்கு கல்வி தருகிறார்.

My father helps me in my home work.

என் அப்பா எனது வீட்டு வேலைகளில் உதவி செய்கிறார்.

My father takes me to different places where I relax and have fun.

என்னுடைய அப்பா நான் ஒய்வாகவும், வேடிக்கை பாக்கவும் கூடிய வெவ்வேறு இடங்களுக்கு என்னை அழைத்து செல்கிறார்.


  • tenderness (n) – gentleness and kindness
  • everlasting (adj) – lasting forever or a very long time
  • special(adj) – diff erent from what is usual

B) Find a line from the poem to match the statements given below and write it in the blank.

1. He always saves me from harm ………………

Ans ; keeping me safe from harm

2. Tam so lucky to get you ………

Ans ; How did I get so lucky

3. The affection between us has no end ………….

Ans ; our love is everlasting

C) Answer the following questions.

1. Who is the speaker?

The poetess is the speaker.

2. Who is the special hero mentioned in the poem?

Her father is the special hero mentioned in the poem.

3. How did the child feel when it was hold by its dad?

The child felt love and tenderness when its father held the child in his arms. ‘Seems it was sent to me from someplace up above.’

4. What do the above lines mean?

These lines mean that the love of a father is heaven-sent.

5. What did the child want to tell its dad?

The child wants to tell its dad that its father is the special hero of the child.

D) Work in pairs and answer the questions below.

I. “There is something special

about a father’s love”.

Identify the alliteration in the given lines.

Something, special – alliteration

2. Pick out the rhyming words from the poem.

arms – harm, see – me, love – above, know – so


E) Write a paragraph on the father’s love as described in the poem.

Father holds the baby in his arms. The child feels the love and tenderness of its father. The child feels security from harm when the father holds the baby. When the child looks up at the eyes of a father, the child is able to realise all love in the eyes of its father. The child thinks she is very lucky to have a father. Her father’s love is not an earthly gift. It appears to be a gift sent from heaven. Father’s love is a permanent one. It is an everlasting love. The child considers her father to be her special hero. The child wants her father to know it. The child wants to tell her father that he is the special hero of the child.


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