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Lesson 1.3 The Woman on Platform 8

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Lesson 1.3 > The Woman on Platform 8


  • inferno (n) – region that resembles hell
  • heaving (v) – to raise or lift with force
  • dismally (adv) – cheerless
  • serenity (n) – reverence
  • encounter (v) – brief meeting
  • clutched (v) – grasped (something) tightly
  • imposing (adj) – grand and impressive in appearance
  • embarrassed (v) – felt awkward, self-conscious, or ashamed
  • nuisance (n) – causing inconvenience or annoyance
  • staggered (v) – walked or moved unsteadily, as if about to fall
  • wagging (v) – move rapidly to and fro
  • resentfully (adv) – feeling or expressing bitterness or indignation at having been treated unfairly
  • grinning (v) – smiling broadly
  • squatting (v) – crouch or sit with one’s knees bent and one’s heels close to or touching the back of one’s thighs
  • hustling (v) – push roughly; jostle
  • shrieked (v) – uttered a high-pitched piercing sound
  • mowed (v) – moved slowly into the crowed station
  • patronizing (adj) – treat in a way that is apparently kind
  • obviously (adv) – in a way that is easily perceived or understood; clearly
  • jolted (v) – moved with sudden jurk

Answer the following questions.

1. Where was arun sitting?

Arun was sitting on the platform No.8 in the railway station of Ambala.

2. What was the expected time of train’s arrival?

The train would arrive at the midnight.

3. What were the sight Arun had seen on the platform?

Whenever a train arrived there was an inferno of heaving and shouting of people.

4. What did the vendors sell?

The vendors were selling curd, lemon, sweetmeat and newspapers.

5. How did the woman appear?

The stranger was a woman with a pale face and dark kind eyes. She wore no jewels and was dressed very simply in a white saree. She seemed poor but she looked dignified. She commanded respect. She was neither young nor old.

6. Where was Arun travelling to?

Arun was travelling to his board school.

7. What did the woman buy for him?

The woman bought tea, samosas and jelabies for Arun.

8. What was the advise of Sathish’s mother?

The mother of Sathish advised him not to talk to the strangers.

9, What were the Arun’s last words?

Good bye, mother, These were the last words of Arun.

10. What was the reaction of the woman at the end?

The strange woman held the hand of Arun and she smiled in a gentle understanding way.

Sentence Rearrangement Common Example:

  1. Miss Sullivan arrived at the Keller home when Helen was seven.
  2. The deaf and blind Helen learned to communicate verbally.
  3. But, eventually, Miss Sullivan’s effort was rewarded.
  4. Before Helen Keller was two years old, she lost her sight and her hearing.
  5. Miss Sullivan worked closely with Helen, her new student.
  6. At times the teacher became frustrated.

1. DEFACB             2. DAEFCB             3. ACFDEB             4. CFDABE             5. FDACEB



Think you are in the following situation and write what would you do and why?

Will you ignore/take and give to its owner/ take and keep it yourself

I will take the purse and give it to the owner of the purse. It is the duty of an honest citizen.

Will you ignore/go and help him/ stand watching him feeling shy to help

I will go and help him. I will try to free him of heavy luggage. I will aslo help him in carrying his heavy luggage.

Will you ignore/try to stop them fighting / be afraid and go away from there

I will try to stop them fight. If I am not able to stop them, I will inform the police.

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