9th Std Science Solution in English | Lesson.26 Computer – An Introduction

Lesson 26 Computer – An Introduction

Computer – An Introduction Book Back Answer

I. Choose the correct answer

1. ________ is an electronic device which stores data and information.

  1. Telescope
  2. Television
  3. Computer
  4. Radio

Ans: Computer

2. _________ belongs to the generation IV of the computer

  1. Microprocessor
  2. Artificial intelligence
  3. Transistor
  4. Vaccum Tubes

Ans: Microprocessor

3. Data processing involves________ steps.

  1. seven
  2. four
  3. six
  4. eight

Ans: six

4. 1. Abacus belongs to the first generation of the computer.
    2. ENIAC was used in the American military.

  1. Both the statements are correct
  2. Statement 1 is wrong but 2 is correct
  3. Statement 1 is correct but 2 is wrong
  4. Both the statements are wrong.

Ans: Statement 1 is wrong but 2 is correct

IV. Match the following

1. III generation computerintegrated circuit
2. Text, numberinformation
3. TransistorFather of computer
4. Directly usedData
5. Charles BabbageII generation
Ans : 1 – A, 2 – D, 3 – E, 4 – B, 5 – C

III. Short Answer Questions

1. Define computer

Computer is an electronic device which manipulates and stores data and information through commands or program codes.

2. Differentiate data and information.

1. Set of values of qualitative and quantitative variablesProcessed data
2. It cannot be used directlyit can be used directly

3. What is data processing?

The data processing in a computer is collecting data and converting it into information according to our needs and requirements.

IV. Answer the following in detail 

1. What are the different steps involved in data processing?

  • Data collection
  • Data storage
  • data sorting
  • the data processing
  • Data analysis
  • Data presentation and conclusions

2. List out the generations of computer.

PeriodGenerationDigital device used
1940-1956FirstVaccum tube
1956-1963Second Transistor
1964-1971ThirdIntegrated circuit
1972-2010FourthMicro processor
After 2010Fifth Artificial intelligence

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