9th Std Science Solution in English | Lesson.28 Hardware and Software

Lesson 28 Hardware and Software

Hardware and Software Book Back Answer

I . Choose the correct answer.

1. Find out the part that is not found in CPU?

  1. Mother Board
  2. SMPS
  3. RAM
  4. Mouse

Ans: Mouse

2. Which of the following is correct?

  1. Free and Open source
  2. Free and Traditional software
  3. Passive and Open source
  4. Passive and Traditional source

Ans: Free and Open source

3. LINUX is a

  1. Paid Software
  2. Licensed Software
  3. Free and Proprietary software
  4. Free and Open source software

Ans: Free and Open source software

4. Find out the Paid and Proprietary software from the given list

  1. Windows
  2. MAC OS
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  4. All the above

Ans: All the above

5. ________ is an Operating System.

  1. Android
  2. Chrome
  3. Internet
  4. Pendrive

Ans: Android

IV. Match the following.

Column AColumn B
1. MAC OSFree and Open source Software
2. SoftwarePaid and Proprietary Software
3. HardwareInput Device
4. KeyboardRAM
5. LINUXGeogebra
Ans : 1 – B, 2 – E, 3 – D, 4 – C, 5 – A

III. Answer in brief.

1. What is Hardware and Software?


Hardware is the parts of a computer which we can touch and feel. Hardware includes Input and Output devices, Cabinet, Hard Disk, Mother Board, SMPS, CPU, RAM, CD Drive and Graphics Card.


Software are programmed and coded applications to process the input information. The software processes the data by converting the input information into coding or programmed language. Touching and feeling the software is not possible but we can see the functions of the software in the form of output.

2. What do you mean by Operating System? How it Works?

System software (Operating system) is a software that makes the hardware devices process the data fed by the user and to display the result on the output devices like Monitor.

Without the operating system, computer cannot function on its own. Some of the popular operating system are Linux, Windows, Mac, Android etc.

3. What is Free and Open Source Software? Give any two examples?

Free and open software is available at free of cost and can be shared to many end users. Free software is editable and customizable by the user and this leads to updation or development of new software.

Examples of Free and Open source software are: LINUX, Open office , Geogebra etc.

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