Tamil Nadu 9th Standard English Book Term 1 Little Sarah Solution | Lesson 3.2

Lesson 3.2 Little Sarah

Little Sarah Book Back Answers

Lesson 3.2> Little Sarah


  • Johnny-cake (n) : an early American staple food, corn meal flat bread
  • barrel (n) : a cylindrical container
  • closet (n) : a cupboard or wardrobe
  • yellow meal (n) : corn meal ground from dried maize
  • miller (n) : a person who owns or operates a mill that grinds grain into flour
  • plough (v) : to turn up the earth with a plough, especially before sowing or cultivating or tilling
  • maiden (n) : an unmarried woman or a young girl
  • ground (v) : (past participle of grind) reduced to fine particles by crushing or mincing

A. Fill in the blanks to complete the summary of the poem .

One day fair little Sarah stood by her grandmother’s bed and asked her (i) What she would bring for her breakfast. The grandmother replied that she wanted a (ii) Johnny cake and also told her (iii) to make it quickly. So Sarah went to the cellar (iv) to see if there is cornmeal to bake the cake. But unfortunately there was no flour in the barrel and so (v) she went to the shop to buy some corn flour. Since he had no flour, he (vi) asked her to go to the miller. There she could get some corn and (vi) grind it so that, she could get some nice yellow corn flour in a minute. When Sarah came to the miller, (viii) he said that he had no meal that day because he had no corn with him. He asked her to go to the cornfield (ix) over the hill and  asked her to fetch (x) it to the mill. Little Sarah ran to the cornfield but she could find that there was no corn in the field also. She (xi) asked the sun if it could make the corn grow but the sun replied that it cannot do that right now. Sarah asked the farmer to sow some grain so that she could get some corn. But the farmer (xii) laughed out aloud if, he had to sow the seeds. So Little Sarah went to (xiii) the ploughman and asked him (xiv) to plough. At last the ploughman (xv) ploughed, the farmer (xvi) sowed the seed and the sun (xvii) shed his rays so that the corn would grow fully. Once the corn was grown, she (xvi) took the corn and (xvii) gave it in the mill. When everything was done, she (xviii) went and stood (xix) In her bed. Again her grandmother asked her to get her a Johnny cake as quickly as possible.

B. . Read the lines taken from the poem and based on your understanding, answer the following questions briefly.

1. So Sarah she went to the closet to see If yet any meal in the barrel might be…

a. Why did Sarah go to the closet?

Sarah went to the closet to see, if there was some meal.

b. What is a ‘closet’?

A closet is called a cupboard.

c. Why was Sarah looking for some ‘meal’?

Sarah was looking for some meal to make some Jhonny cakes.

2. For he has a mill, and he’ll put the corn in it, And grind you some nice yellow meal in a minute;…

a. Who will grind the corn for Sarah?

The miller will grind the corn for Sarah.

b. How will he grind the corn?

He will grind the corn with the help of a mill or grinder.

3. “Pretty sun,” cried the maiden, “Please make the corn grow.” “Pretty maid,” the sun answered, “I cannot do so.”

a. Why did the maiden ask the sun to make the corn grow?

The maiden asked the sun to make the corn grow because only the sun helps produce their food.

b. Did the sun accept her request?

No, the sun did not accept her request.

c. Who is the ‘pretty maid’ here?

Sarah is the pretty maid here.

4. You shall get me a Johnny-cake quickly go make it, In one minute mix, and in two minutes bake it.

a. What are the two main steps involved here?

The two main steps involved here are ………………………………

b. Who is asking for a Johnny-cake?

The grand mother is asking for a Johnny cake.

c. Who is making the cake now?

Sarah is going to make the cake now.

5. She asked of the farmer to sow her some grain, But the farmer he laughed till his sides ached again.

a. What did ‘she’ ask of the farmer?

She asked the farmer to sow some grains (seeds) for her.

b. How did the farmer laugh ?

The farmer laughed till his sides ached again.

c. Why did the farmer laugh?

The farmer laughed because the field was not yet ploughed. But Sara had come to procure grains.


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