Tamil Nadu 9th Standard English Book Term 3 Mother’s Voice Solution | Lesson 1.3

Lesson 1.3 Mother’s Voice

Mother’s Voice Book Back Answers

Lesson 1.3> Mother’s Voice


  • chores (n) – a routine task, especially a household one
  • orchards (n) – a piece of enclosed land planted with fruit trees
  • expedition (n) – a journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, research, or war
  • quartz (n) – a hard, transparent mineral substance, used in making electronic equipment
  • exotic (adj.) – unusual and exciting
  • void (n) – a completely empty space
  • confronted (v) – to face, meet, or deal with a difficult situation or person
  • departure (n) – the action of leaving, especially to start a journey
  • pears (n) – a sweet, juicy, yellow or green fruit with a round base and slightly pointed top
  • galaxy (n) – one of the large, independent groups of stars in the universe

A. Choose the correct answer

1. Mother was excited because _________________.

  1. her son would be home in the spring
  2. her son was coming back to earth
  3. it was her first visit to the moon
  4. her son was going to another galaxy

Ans : it was her first visit to the moon

2. On weekdays, as Mother went about the chores____________.

  1. she constantly thought of her son
  2. she was always tired
  3. her singing would be soft and almost inaudible
  4. her singing was muted and a little sad

Ans : her singing was muted and a little sad

3. ___________ occupies more than a hundred square kilometres on the moon.

  1. Selenopolis
  2. Metropolis
  3. Astrodrome
  4. Orchards

Ans : Selenopolis

4. The Community of Nations Square is where people__________.

  1. live on the moon
  2. work on the moon
  3. walk on the moon
  4. of different nationalities come after work

Ans : of different nationalities come after work

5. They are planning an expedition to a neighbouring _________.

  1. galaxy
  2. country
  3. planet
  4. star

Ans : galaxy

6. The mother was not able to understand why people wanted to leave the moon because ________.

  1. it was better to remain as a part of solar-system
  2. it was better to remain on the earth
  3. it was not possible to come back
  4. it was a place to enjoy life

Ans : it was better to remain as a part of solar-system

B. Identify the character or speaker of the following lines.

1. It’s so easy to walk here, son!

Ans : Mom

2. They’re planning an expedition to a neighbouring galaxy.

Ans : Son

3. Why should people go off into the unknown?

Ans : Mom

4. I don’t know when we’ll see each other again.

Ans : Son

5. Operator on duty, …… report to office.

Ans : Operator

C. Answer the following question in about 100 – 120 words.

1. Write a paragraph listing all the sentimental and the scientific reasons given by the mother

against the expedition to neighbouring galaxy.

The following are the sentimental and the scientific resons given by the mother against the expedition to neighbouring galaxy. The mother was against the expedition of his son to neighbouring galaxy. So she gave him some sentimental reasons to stop his journey.

She sentimentally told that the orchards were in bloom and there would be lots of fruits in summer. In autumn there would be apples, pears and watermelons. She also told that their pond was deepened and full of fish, since he liked fishing. She reminded him that the snowcapped pole and the glittering ocean was the cradle of life.

And also she wanted to give him some scientific reasons. She told that it was sensible to settle in the moon first and then at the other plants of the solar system. She felt that the people should settle in the moon because it is in the gravitation field of their native Earth and Sun. She feared that if we left the sun, anything might happen and it was the space allotted to us by nature. Thus giving these reasons, she tried to stop his journey.

D. Think and answer.

“The explorer in this story is travelling to another galaxy. The final destination is an unknown planet in another galaxy. The travel will take many years”. What qualities and life skills do you think an explorer like him must possess? Why? Do you have any of these skills and qualities? Explain.

Going to another galaxy is really a challenge in one’s life. The explorer in this story has got strong
determination and grit in life. He has got deep love for his mother. Doubtful of his trip, his mother
persuades him to come for the vacation. He is very strong in his determination. So he does not come
down from his decision. I don’t have such skills and qualities. I have strong love for my Earth. So I
will never leave my mother Earth.

E. Based on the understanding of the story, discuss in groups and make a note of the following.


  • Moon
  • Selenopolis
  • Earth
  • Snowcapped Pole
  • Oceans


Planning to go to the other galaxy


  • Narrator
  • Mother


Travelled to the other galaxy.

Paragraph for slow learners

  • The explorer wanted to travel to another galaxy from the moon.
  • But his mother opposed it.
  • She argued him with many sentimental and scientific reasons.
  • She said, “If we leave the sun anything might happen.”
  • But the explorer left with strong determination.


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